What I am going to say will not set well with the censors of today, but I feel that it is needful that I voice my concerns regarding distraction and defeat.  I do not care if you have been a fan of Donald J. Trump or not.  I don’t care if you are a fan of Joe Biden or not.  I don’t care if you loved or detested Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, or any other President.  I do care, but I cannot and will not let someone’s personal bias or animus prevent me from sounding the alarm when I see danger.

There are many things being used to distract us in today’s America and all of them working to defeat us and transform our Republic into something undesirable to all who love freedom.  We have made this present struggle Republican vs Democrat and that is a mistake.  We have focused on ethnicities and stirred the pot inciting the desire for retaliation and vengeance, and that is a mistake.  We have diverted our attention from the economy and focused on political agendas, and that is a mistake.  Those are just a few but others are even more ominous and dangerous. 

One of the dangers lurking in the shadows is the desire of the jihadist to destroy America and Israel.  The present political distractions have diverted needed attention away from the followers of that religion and ideology.  The present distractions allow the formulation or readopting of the Leftist view that appeasement is the best way to deal with Islamic terrorism.  That is a very dangerous mistake and will result in damage, destruction, death, and possibly defeat if continued.  It failed under the Obama administration and will fail under Biden. 

Those in the Islamic world do not respect weakness.  Let me press that further and say, no terrorist or bully respects weakness.  The argument that holding those seeking to destroy accountable provokes anger, resentment, and violence is misguided.  It may well do those things, but that action and a show of strength is a powerful deterrent.  Peace is never attained through weakness and appeasement but strength.  Strength does not have to be cruel or tyrannical but can be compassionate and committed to right.

Pandering always elicits more demands from those demanding appeasement. The Bible makes it clear that the desire of the heart, especially the heart that is never held accountable is never satisfied.  The argument that we need to ‘understand’ rather than demand that those engaging in terrorism or destruction engenders disrespect, not respect.  We must not lose sight of the stated objective of those following that religion to dominate and exterminate all ‘infidels.’

That is one of the many dangers, another is the ‘Cancel Culture’.  Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, “Unlimited power in the hand of limited people always leads to cruelty.”  The COVID pandemic and paranoia opened the door for the power-hunger to amass incredible power and the ability to infringe upon our inalienable and constitutional rights.  Our essential freedoms have been crippling to the economy, education, and the psychological if not physical well-being of millions. 

The communist tactic that was exposed in books such as Koestler’s ‘Darkness at Noon’, Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Gulag Archipelago’ and Orwell’s ‘1984’ is prevalent and visible in the antics of today’s powerful politicians.  The silencing and censorship by Big Tech are disturbing and reveals the desire of the Left and the Power Hungry to ‘reeducate’ and ‘indoctrinate’ the masses shaping a worldview commensurate with their views and values.

We are distracted by the hatred for Donald J. Trump and the vengeful desire of the Left and some on the Right to obliterate him and forever render him incapable of affecting the political scene again.  The despots such as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao all ruled with iron fists and fear.  Disagreement with them meant internment camps, prison, or execution.  Truth took a back seat to the politically correct and politically desired rhetoric and ideology. 

Individual freedom was anathema to those dictators and appears so in today’s Leftist political world.  The Chinese communist of today use concentration camps and it is reported that almost one million Uighurs live in camps in China.  In those regimes, human rights are denied, and people are forced into slave labor, subjected to organ harvesting, and become guinea pigs for medical experimentation.  Is that where we are headed?  We are distracted by what we want that we do not have and the wag the dog tactics of politicians to distract us.  If we continue to be distracted, we will be defeated and lose our Republic.  Maybe we already have.

The Democratic Party has been advancing its own brand of population control.  Control not necessarily in numeric size but in ideology.  Our institutions of higher learning have become prisoners of political correctness.  A wrong word, idea, or use of gender pronouns means cancellation of your rights and possibly your existence.  It is mandated that you comply or be destroyed.

I do not suggest that Donald J. Trump is a saint, but he has been vilified like no president in American history.  The incessant vitriolic hate and attempts to remove him from office and delegitimize all he has done has been incessant.  We get distracted by the political wrangling and lose sight of the freedoms being infringed and targeted.  If we continue being distracted, we will be defeated.  That is the plan!

The Left loved the rights in the streets during the summer but the riot in DC following a Trump rally is the worst thing since 911 and is being used to further target Trump and anyone who supports him.  The events at the Capitol are inexcusable and not justifiable.  I don’t know how many Trump supporters participated, how many BLM or Antifa activists were participants.  I don’t know how much this was orchestrated by those who want to hurt Trump and Conservatives and how much was stupidity by those who support Trump.  The problem is that distraction of the rioting, looting, mayhem by the Left or that at the Capitol is endangering our Republic and opening the door for the nefarious to gain control.

The Obama administration and now the whole of the Democratic Establishment is distracting us so they can implement their purge of the military of all conservatives.  It is under the guise and ruse of fighting ‘hate crimes.’  Anything that is outside the liberal leftists’ ideology is a ‘hate crime.’  The Pentagon is reportedly cracking down on ‘Right-Wing Extremism’ but totally silent on ‘Left Wing Extremism.’  The diversion and justification are based on the participation of a retired senior Air Force officer who allegedly took part in the riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.  There was also a Navy veteran and one of the participants killed was an Air Force veteran.

The assault on everything conservative is being pursued by the media, social media, Hollywood, Pro Sports, the Democrats in Congress, and even some in the judiciary.  Where will it end?  It will end in the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America and the total abandonment of the Constitution and the trampling of our inalienable rights if we do now awaken to the various distractions and stand in the Gap and demand it cease.  How can we make it stop?  That is the 64 Thousand Dollar Question. 

We must become engaged with more and more who hold conservative and traditional biblical values to run for office, become engaged in the political debate, and teach our kids the Truth about American history!  We must return to God and become people of prayer and those who truly make God first in our lives.  We can preserve the Republic but not without definitive action at the polls and on our knees.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Tammy says:

    We have preached II Chronicles 7:14 since we began praying for nearly 8 months on BPN and it’s as if people have gone deaf and blind it’s about Gods people turning things around by repenting being humble and praying instead so many are doing the blame game or just mesmerized by the dog and pony shows it’s feeling heavy and so sad …… thank you for the truth and the much needed TRUE history we love you and Ms. Bonnie!!!!

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