Today it seems to be fashionable to trash the Constitution if you are a member of the Ruling Class Elites or among those on the liberal left, progressives, socialists, and so-called reformers.  They don’t even try to hide their disdain for the document that has helped to preserve this Republic for over 240 years and has been the basis by which we have enjoyed the freedoms, liberties, and success that we have as America.  But the United States Constitution is a “road-block” to the ideology of a futuristic Big Brother mentality that is completely totalitarian. 

Those anti-Constitutionalists do not believe that we have God-given individual rights and that whatever rights we have are been granted or restricted by the Benevolent State or its appointed Czars.  They want to strip from it the intent of the Founders and make it a fluid, mobile, evolving, living document that can be easily altered and interpreted at their whims and according to their agenda.  Those of us who believe that the Founders said what they meant and meant what they said are considered threats and even enemies of the State and are being carefully watched.

Just a few short years ago appearing on a political talk show on ABC, Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson declared that there are “some gaps, some holes, lacunas, gulfs, abysses” in the United States Constitution.  He then followed that up with this comment, “When it makes the transition from parchment to pavement, there again is the rub. The reality is when I talk about the document being living and vital, I’m talking about the interpretation of it. I’m talking about the meaning of it.” Do you know why elitists love to talk about the Constitution being a living document? It is because they feel like they have permission to change and reinterpret a document that is living and breathing.

At about that same time Michael Klarman of Harvard University’s Law School made a blistering speech on Constitution Day at Johns Hopkins University entitled “A Skeptical View of Constitution Worship.”  He made four major points about what he called Constitutional Idolatry.  He said that he had four points concerning the misguided tendency to blindly worship the Constitution and give it credit for all the things that we have and love, love, and honor in this country.  His four points were:

  1. The Framers’ Constitution, to a large degree, represented values we should abhor or at least reject today.
  2. There are parts of the Constitution that are still stuck today even though we would never freely choose them, and they are impossible to defend based on contemporary values.
  3. For the most part, the Constitution is irrelevant to the current political design of our nation.
  4. The rights protections we enjoy today, the importance of which I do not minimize, are mostly a function of political and social mores, which have dramatically evolved over time and we owe relatively little to courts using the Constitution to protect them.

To that, I say, WOW and Balderdash!  Professor, you are a constitutional illiterate!  For anyone with your supposed credentials to be so blatantly open about your hatred for the document that has been the cornerstone along with our Faith in God to holding this country’s moorings in place and keep us free is a sign of the danger we face. 

The Economist, one of the main mouthpieces for global banking, picked up on his speech and published an article supporting Klarman’s ideas.  Their article was entitled “The Perils of Constitution Worship.”  In that article, anyone who supported the Constitution was called infantile and they sought to discredit us making us dim-witted blind followers of an outdated ideology and out of touch with reality.

My friends, the devil knows no bounds when it comes to attempting to destroy everything good and right about America.  Because this country has been a launching pad for the Gospel to travel around the world.  In addition to that, I would declare that if we do not STOP THIS RUNAWAY TRAIN toward the Radical Transformation of America that Barack Obama promised, we will perish.  He and the current slate of Democrats believe it is their mandate to destroy the America of our founders.  That makes it incumbent upon those of us loving freedom to show them the door!  If we fail, America, as we know it probably, cannot survive and be restored. 

I believe this is far more critical than the haters believe.  You can call me an alarmist, a fanatic, or whatever you want but if their agenda is allowed to proceed, we are doomed. 

I spoke with a liberal-leftists and a Trump hater recently and asked them, “But What If I don’t Want to Give Up My Liberty?”  They lashed out at me with incredible vitriol and called me everything but a human being.  I was called a cultist, an ignoramus, a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe, and other derogatory names.  But I believe my question is valid and worthy of consideration in light of the Constitution hating that is transpiring.

Today we have a government being run by a group of swamp denizens that are deeply embedded in ideological lunacy.  Those on the Left surround themselves with progressive, socialist, ideologues whose agenda is to strip every American citizen and the citizens of the world of their individual and personal liberties.  I say that with no fear of being proven wrong based on what they have written, spoken, and done.  We have watched much of Europe realize that the path toward socialism was an error and they are amazed that we are driving the bus or train at breakneck speed trying to get to where they no longer want to be.

Until President Trump, we were attempting to placate our enemies, and frequently alienating our allies.  We were on a path toward even more dangerous and destructive governmental regulations and restrictions that made operating a small business impossible.  Many mom and pop stores were driven from the market and off our shores.  We were on a path to becoming mere pawns of the Nanny State run by this bunch of ideologues and radicals. 

The Leftists desire to control everything including what we eat, our medical care, where and what we drive, where we live, and how much we can make or keep what we make.  That is not America that the founding fathers envisioned, fought for, labored to develop a Constitution to ensure would never be, and offered their lives to resist the present Tyranny they battled.  We were facing a soft tyranny that was rapidly expanding into a hard tyranny.  Now we appear to have opened the door to full-blown tyrannical governance.  How can we be so blind?

I posted a quote from Thomas Jefferson that I post again, I’m sure I will be attacked with extreme vitriolic hate.  He said, “If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny.”  God forbid that you should grow old under the system they seek to impose or become vocal in opposition to what the State deems best for you.  As in every despotic government of history, you will find that either prison or death will await you. 

Consider me an alarmist if you choose, but I am telling you that we are dangerously close to the point of no return in this nation and world.  If we do not summon the intestinal fortitude of the Founding Fathers and Colonists that secured America’s Independence and STAND UNITED FOR LIBERTY, we will lose this country. 

I believe there are three things that are the minimum that we must do:  Pray as never before, become vocal as never before, and VOTE!  I am fully cognizant that the 2020 elections are history, but we have those in 2022 and 2024 that need our immediate attention.  If we fail to secure victories in those, we are truly up the proverbial creek without a paddle.  “I do not want to give up my Liberty and will do whatever I can to see to it that you fail in your objective to take it from us!”

May God bless you and God bless America again!

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