Let me apologize for using an upside down American flag in this post. That is a symbol of distress and should only be used in the most dire of circumstances. I mean it as no disrespect for the flag nor do I mean it as an abandonment of hope.

I could approach the question, “Is America Lost,” from numerous ideological positions, but I am referring to the Constitutional Free Representative Government that constitutes the Republic for which we stand.  The erosion of our liberties, freedoms, and the shift of much of the populace toward a Socialistic mentality is real.  It is not new, but it has increased exponentially and the process toward transformation is moving too rapidly for comfort for this veteran patriot. 

The Democrats, those following the toxic agenda of the Liberalism, and the spineless Republicans are demonstrating the intent to totally erase any memory of Donald John Trump and the MAGA movement that aligned itself with him and his agenda.  This move to erase from American history everything Trump or his America First Agenda has spanned much of the political, academic, and entertainment world. 

Recently there were more than 250 authors, editors, agents, professors, and other individuals in the American literary community who signed an ‘open letter’ opposing any publisher who signed a book deal with President Trump or any member of his administration.  That is beyond censorship, it is a tyrannical attempt to punish political enemies and destroy their lives.  It is a visible demonstration of the view and demand, “Comply or Die!”  That is a position taken by despots in history and is now prevalent in America.  That, among other incidents, is the reason for my question, “Is America Lost?”

A Congressman from my home state, announced that he was prepared to introduce legislation to prevent any federal buildings or property from being named after President Trump.  Who was that Congressman?  He is Texas Democrat Joaquin Castro.  His views and those of the Toxic Left are following the path of tyrants and use the January 6, 2021 incident to insist that Trump is worse than any despot in world history and maybe worse than Lucifer himself. 

The infamous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has touted the idea that she and her allies are the rightful arbiters of what any American will be allowed to access.  They believe they have the right and moral duty to control what we think and say.  Those demigods believe they are God.  They are not!  She said, “We have to figure out how we rein in our media environment so that you can’t just spew disinformation and misinformation.  It’s one thing to have differing opinions, but it’s another thing entirely to just say things that are false.  And so that’s something that we’re looking into.”  Hey, I agree but it is largely your side that is spewing out misinformation and disinformation. 

I hope you remember and fact-check me that in 2019 she told Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes that she was less worried about making a factual statement and more focused on prioritizing morality.  What?  Wouldn’t a moral position desire to be factual and truthful?  I guess that depends on your definition of ‘moral’.  Maybe they learned that from Bill Clinton, and we are still attempting to define “if.”  We are watching the lessons taught by Josef Goebbels and Saul Ayers demonstrated by the Leftists.  Thus, my question, “Is America Lost?”

The calls to “deprogram” people who supported Trump is not an idle threat.  They are serious and if they thought they could round us up and place us in reeducation camps today, it would be transpiring.  If they believed they could effectually confiscate our firearms without a full-blown revolution, they would.  If they believed they could implement the United Nations Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Initiative, they would.  America, we are in a very serious and dangerous time and millions are oblivious to the dangers.  Ignorance of history and the absence of personal responsibility has brought us to a dangerous place.  The diminishing of the importance of Faith and Family has weakened us dramatically.

We have lost freedom of speech on college campuses, in the workplace, on Social Media, and other venues.  Some universities, such as Harvard, are threatening to revoke the degrees of those who supported Trump or the conservative agenda.  We need to be aware of history and recent events in Communist China where the Chinese Communist Party CCP has issued rules that prohibit people from criticizing superiors in public.  Imagine how much good criticizing them in private will do.  Dare we remember that Joe Biden said that the Chinese communist were not bad folks.  Imagine that!  Trump was vilified for any remarks on bad people coming from Mexico, but Biden is the savior of the planet and ‘our democracy’.

The Left has an incredible predilection for Soviet-style authoritarian governance.  I suggest that you get and read Arthur Koestler’s 1941 novel, Darkness at Noon.  He details much of the disaster of Stalin’s governance.  Let me give you a quote that relates the grim tale of one of Stalin’s operatives being sacrificed on the altar of ‘unity’.  The quote: “The line proposed by the party leadership was clearly defined and utterly consistent. Its tactics were determined by the principle that the ends justify the means — all means without exception. In the spirit of this principle, the prosecutor will demand your head, Citizen Rubashov. The arguments put forth will of course be different. But in the background of this fairground performance, as you call it, you will know just as well as the prosecutor what is at stake — the restoration of party unity.”

Biden repeats the word ‘unity’ frequently, then takes actions that preclude that as a possibility or a desire.  The Democratic Party has continuously moved in the direction of Stalinism and authoritarianism.  In today’s America, anyone under the age of 50 has been indoctrinated by the leftism deeply rooted in our educational system.  We have the tenured radicals of the 1960s taking over academia and anti-Americanism is rampant as they rabidly spew forth their rhetoric and ideological beliefs. 

I predict that many who voted for Joe Biden will regret their decision sooner rather than later.  They may never admit it, but they will rue the day they cast their ballot out of hatred from Donald Trump and allowed the dark horse of destruction to arise in America.  Biden and the Democrats have weaponized COVID-19 and will not relinquish their stranglehold on America and American business.  No matter the source of COVID it has imprisoned millions of Americans and much of the world.  It has proven an effective tool of the diabolical to gain total control and infringe upon our inalienable rights. 

Whoever was responsible for the eviction of National Guard troops from the Capitol and relegating them to a parking garage acted in a way prohibited by the Geneva Convention for prisoners of war.  They were placed in a facility with no beds, no heat, and no bathrooms.  That is cruel and inhumane but reflective of how the Left views our men and women in uniform. 

Unity is the buzzword of the Left but much like Stalin’s insistence that he was seeking unity we are and will realize that the ‘unity’ they offer is not commonality but compliance.  It is not working together but a demand for obedience.  We may well discover that as with Stalin, they will be willing to kill some of their own to achieve the objective.  They assuredly will have no qualms about killing or destroying those of us who disagree and resist. 

The dictionary definition of unity is, “the state of being united or joined as a whole.”  Who in their right mind would expect conservatives, patriots, and lovers of God and Freedom to align themselves with the regressive, America-hating actions of the Left?  How could we agree and comply with the push to shred the constitution and produce a veritable police state?  I believe that “unity” is the Left’s code word for submission.  I say as Patrick Henry in 1776, “Give me liberty or give me death.” I will not comply with the anti-God, anti-America, and anti-Constitution objectives of the Left. 

I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom!  God bless you and God bless America!

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