I remember a few years ago there was the saying, “Chivalry is dead.”  Today we’ve been told that we’ve seen the end of conservatism and are not in the enlightenment of progressivism.  I echo the words of one of our founders a very religious man, Benjamin Rush: “Patriotism is as much a virtue as justice and is as necessary for the support of societies as natural affection is for the support of families.” 

Consider his words and I believe that you will realize that in the minds of our founding fathers the commitment required in a patriot was considered so vital that they could not envision a successful free America without it.  We are castigated for standing for liberty and freedom.  Preachers are told to remain silent in the pulpits and churches are barred from participating in the political process and yet groups like the New Black Panthers, Media Matters, Society for the American Way, ANTIFA, BLM, and groups like ACORN are not only given a pass but encouraged to organize, promote, and wage war to push the Progressive, Socialist, Left-Wing Agenda.

The Founders stood in open resistance and rebellion when faced a similar situation in the days of this nation’s founding.  Dare we be silenced for fear of reprisal from a tyrannical government?  Dare we allow those who desire the destruction of the core values of the Bible, and the American people to be eroded to the point of extinction?  Dare we be intimidated by those who push their anti-American, anti-Capitalist, anti-Freedom agendas and follow meekly like sheep to the slaughter?  I say NO!  It is time that we stand and do Whatever is Necessary to reclaim this great nation, restore her honor, and send a Loud Message to Washington that we have had enough.

If you share this view then please become engaged and participate in the reclaiming effort to send every politician home that does not support the Constitution as it is written, honor the core values and principles that this country was founded upon, and respect the will of We the People. 

As I contemplate the role of Patriotism I also must ask, “What Role Did Religion Play in the Founding of the Republic?”  I know that I am sounding like a broken record, but the question must continue to be asked.  We are facing the total loss of our liberties and if we do not unite and rise together, we will fall before the agenda and ideology of toxic liberalism and globalism.  I cannot do that without a fight!

It would be a virtual impossibility to recount the number of times I’ve been told that I should keep my faith and politics separate because they go together like oil and water.  The more I study the American Revolution and the role that the ministers, churches, and Christians played I find that argument to be invalid.  If you have studied Colonial History, you have no doubt seen just how active the preachers and churches were in the entire process.

I don’t believe that anyone can honestly argue that the colonist, patriots, politicians, or ministers of that era believed that religion had no place in the political arena.  Preachers far and wide preached from their pulpits the righteousness of the cause of the revolution.  Today, they’d be told (unless they are on the left) that they would lose their status by doing so.  But there was no IRS then either and should not be one now, but that’s another topic. 

The ministers of the revolutionary war era assured the people that resistance to tyranny was a righteous cause and effectively built a fire of patriotism in the hearts and minds of most colonials.  Ministers served as military chaplains, penmen for committees of correspondence, and as members of state legislatures, the constitutional convention, and the national Congress.  Some even took up arms and led troops into battle.

Jonathan Mayhew, pastor of the West Church in Boston wrote and preached of the diabolical nature of the Crown and of God’s desire for all men to be free.  Peter Muhlenberg was called “The Fighting Parson” threw off his clerical robes after a fiery sermon concerning the revolution and donned a military uniform and led troops into battle.  James Caldwell, a Presbyterian minister at Elizabeth, New Jersey, was one of many chaplains in the army. 

John Witherspoon was possibly the most important “political parson” of that era as he represented New Jersey in the Continental Congress from 1776-1782 and signed the Declaration of Independence all the while preaching in support of the cause.  Even Quakers who called themselves “Free Quakers” took up arms.

For anyone to assume that the founding fathers and the religious leaders of that day wanted to keep religion out of the political arena is to ignore the facts.  It is beyond my comprehension why preachers today shy away from speaking out in support of truth, standing for biblical principles, and standing against those things that are in direct conflict with the Bible.  There is only one way to silence me and unless God tells me to stop speaking out, I will continue to proclaim the message of Christ, the Love of God, and the cause of Liberty and Freedom.  I am not a cat, I do not have a bunch of lives, I have a LIFE and it is the sum total of everything that touches me, and politics touches me too.

It is my plea for everyone to stand for the right and biblical principles in this day and join in the fight to restore America and keep those who would destroy her from succeeding.  If we do not unite and stand firm America as the founders intended and as we have enjoyed, and desire will be no more! 

God bless you and God bless America!

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