Millions of my fellow Americans are fed-up with politicians playing God and disrupting, if not destroying our lives.  Some things are beyond the scope of possibility for man and yet our current set of political morons seems to think they can do what only God can do.  In fact, if you disagree with them, you are not simply persona non grata but a threat to mankind and must be destroyed if not annihilated. 

Am I being overly dramatic and extreme?  I hope so, but based on what I see coming out of the Biden White House and the Democratic controlled Congress I am not sure that I’m not being overly optimistic.  One of the recent calls by Senator Chuck Schumer for President Biden to use the path of Executive Fiat to declare Emergency Powers regarding the most dangerous threat to the planet and America.  What is the ominous threat that would warrant that abuse and overreach?  It is Climate Change, the new golden calf of the Leftists. 

Senator, Mr. President, and every other rabid follower of the ominous foreboding threat, you believe is embodied in Climate Change, Global Warming, Climate Disruption, or whatever you are calling it is a matter that only God can solve.  Personally, I do not believe that there is a genuine threat of Climate Change endangering the planet with imminent doom.  I believe it is a concocted scheme ‘cash cow’ for the diabolical to reap trillions of dollars and impose more and more control on humans.  If you disagree, that is your choice.  There is no settled science that validates their claims.

The empirical data and the Bible give me confidence that God did not create a fickle planet in need of man’s super wisdom to save.  He designed it with resilience as he did man.  I take great comfort in the promise of our Creator in Genesis 8:22,“While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, Cold and heat, Summer and winter, and day and night Shall not cease.”  Also, in Ecclesiastes 1:7 we read, “All the rivers run into the sea, yet the sea is not full; to the place from which the rivers flow, there they flow again.”  God is still in Charge and the Earth is the LORD’S and all that is contained in it.  He has not resigned and is not an absentee landlord.

The COVID pandemic and paranoia has been used by the political class to rule with an iron-fist. It is another example of politicians playing God.  Their mandates, edicts, lockdowns, rules, and demands have not reached their zenith but opened the door to totalitarianism.  When the cure becomes more deadly than the disease, we need to rethink our acceptance of the prescribed cure. 

COVID is real and in some cases deadly.  Those who have contracted the virus know well its power.  Many who have been infected took all of the prescribed precautions, practiced social distancing, wore masks, sanitized, washed their hands, and tried to be safe. Yet, somehow the unseen virus managed to invade their immune and respiratory systems and they were infected.  But, the infection, as bad as it is, is only part of the equation.

Stanford University epidemiologist John Ioannidis cited some dangers in the approach America and the world have taken regarding COVID.  He suggested it could be viewed as a “fiasco in the making.”  Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch rejected that view and insisted that “we know enough now to act decisively against COVID-19.”  I believe, in a measure, both are right.

Many, including this American, believes that the world has rushed with a knee-jerk reaction far too fast and created additional problems while not solving the COVID problem.  I believe, as do some renowned epidemiologists, that we need more and better information to guide the decisions that have monumental significance and we need to carefully monitor what is transpiring.  Not just with the virus but the collateral damage done to people, economies, and nations.

When we do not have the needed information and we operate from a mindset that is ‘worst-case scenario and prepare for the worst mentality’ we expand the possibilities of opening a Pandora’s box.  The extreme measures in the lockdowns, mandated social distancing, disallowing public gatherings, and destroying businesses and lives have not proven to defeat the virus.  One epidemiologist said, “We do not know if those measures work or not.”  

Epidemiologist Ioannidis has expressed concern over the measures in place and those that appear to be forthcoming.  He said, “Put a stall on the entire economy.  Tell people to stay in their homes resulting in increased depression, increased numbers of suicides, and domestic violence is problematic.  There has been documentation of increased teenaged suicide, child abuse, diminished education, businesses, and lives being destroyed, and yet the virus is still here, expanding rather than decreasing.” 

One epidemiologist said, “You cannot make a virus stop being a virus by making people stop being human.”  That is a powerful statement and can be applied to so many areas of life.  You cannot legislate evil into non-existence.  The virus, like all viruses, runs its course, and this virus, like all the others, has begun mutation.  What will that do to the proposed salvation through the COVID vaccine?  There are so many strands of the seasonal flu that vaccines are, at best, minimally effective.  I am not a doctor and do not play one on TV, so I speak from a concerned heart not with medical expertise.  Therefore, take my opinion as just that, opinion!

With regard to Climate Change, the ludicrous idea that you can solve the so-called global crisis and save the planet with things like a Carbon Tax is beyond ridiculous.  Taxing it does not change the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.  It provides a windfall of funds for the politicians to use for their purposes but does nothing to rectify the problem they claim exists.  I believe in being a good steward of our environment, but I do not believe we are in danger of sea levels rising and reducing Miami to a lake.  There is scientific evidence that the melting of the polar ice caps in one area is offset by increased ice in another.  It is shifting not a cause for panic.

The assault on everything and the use of every perceived crisis by the political class allows them to play on the fears of people and infringe upon our rights and liberties.  Most have learned that when the government takes away a right, even when it is supposedly temporary, they NEVER give it back. 

We are spending money that does not exist and mortgaging the future of successive generations as well as burying this one.  We, the people, have abdicated our responsibility as guardians of the government and allowed politics to be handled by politicians.  We did this to ourselves and the questions now become, “Can we regain control?  Will we force politicians to stop playing God and return to be representatives of the electorate?”  If we fail, we will not only lose our Republic but our Freedom, Future, and Hope.  If a society becomes hopeless, the only realistic outcome is a state of total chaos and an unleashing of evil beyond imagination.

God bless you and God bless America!

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