C’MON MAN – Just A Dictator…

Snopes.com insists that Biden did not say, “You can’t legislate by executive order.”  They then acknowledged that he said, “there are things you can’t do by executive order unless you are a dictator.”  I’m not sure I see a significant difference, but I know, and I heard him say what he said as he was attempting to criticize Donald Trump’s actions.  Isn’t that peachy?

Joe Biden issued more than 40 Executive Orders and/or Executive Actions in the first days of his administration.  That smells of a mentality that says, “I am president, I can do whatever I want.”  I do believe that during Obama’s time in the White House he arrogantly declared in 2014 that as president “I can do whatever I want.”  Donald Trump was criticized every time he said anything about doing what he wanted but both Obama and Biden were given a free pass.  I wonder what is different. 

During the first ten days of the Bill Clinton Presidency, he issued 2 Executive Orders, 7 Presidential memos, and 2 Proclamations.  George W. Bush issued 2 Executive Orders, 2 Presidential memos, and 1 Proclamation.  Barack Obama issued 9 Executive Orders, 10 Presidential memos, and 1 Proclamation.  Donald J. Trump issued 7 Executive Orders, 11 Presidential memos, and 2 Proclamations.

Joe Biden, in the first ten days, issued 25 Executive Orders (now even more), 10 Presidential memos (now even more), and 4 Proclamations (now even more).  With those things in mind, who seems to be attempting to be a Dictator?  C’mon man!  By January 31, just 11 days after the Inauguration Biden had issued 39 Presidential Actions.

The Republicans in the Senate, including several RINOs, attempted to appease Biden and offer an alternative Stimulus package.  Biden and the Democrats said, “NO Thanks!”  The report out of the White House is that Biden and the Democrats will press full bore into achieving their agenda WITHOUT the GOP.  So much for Unity!  Unity clearly is not finding common ground but the Republicans bowing at the altar of liberalism and agreeing with the destruction or fundamental transformation of the Republic.  Republicans please do not comply, if you do, we die as a Republic. 

The Democrats have made it clear that they want to put Donald Trump on trial as a private citizen with the singular objective of preventing him from ever running for President again.  Why do they fear him so much?  Why do they fear those of us that supported him?  Why?  Because they know that we are unwilling to sheepishly follow the pied piper over the cliff like lemmings.  We have tasted freedom and nothing short of maintaining our Inalienable and Constitutional Rights, Liberties, and Freedoms is acceptable.  Therefore, the Dictator and his party, as have tyrants throughout history, must silence all opposition and destroy us.

Their willingness to use any government agencies to achieve their purpose was witnessed under Barack Obama and will be even more evident under this administration.  I am curious why Biden and company are acting as if they believe they have only a few days or weeks to implement their agenda rather than four-years.  I believe the reasons are multiple.  One is they know that once the full impact of the devastation to the economy is felt by the working class there will be a revolt.  The canceling of the Keystone Pipeline and the 11,000 jobs was only the tip of the iceberg.  The peripheral casualties are, to them, nothing more than collateral damage, and their unconscionable disregard for our plight is horrifying.

The potential threat of the Democrats in the next two-years packing the Supreme Court and adding one or more Leftist States to the Union is more than a remote possibility.  Someone said, “They’ve tried to add DC for decades and failed, this too will fail.”  I say, “Balderdash!”  It will not fail UNLESS we are able to put pressure on enough Republicans and Democrats in Congress to see the handwriting on the Wall regarding their political careers, they vote no.  The likelihood of that is slim. 

I keep hearing that Joe Manchin of West Virginia will hold firm and defend his workers.  However, Senator Manchin has voted in a bloc with the Democrats so often, I would never put my eggs in that basket.  With the Democrats in Republican clothing such as Romney, Murkowski, and the Trump-hating Nebraska Senator, I would not count on it.  When Biden is challenged, he makes his favorite argument, “C’mon man…”  The media fawns over it and defends him like a mother bear defending her threatened cubs. 

With the inconsistent and spineless John Roberts sitting as Chief Justice on the Supreme Court, the ineptitude of the GOP leadership, the propaganda arm of the Left, and virtually every Democrat holding elective office we are facing stormy weather.  I wonder how far down the tubes our economy will have to go, how rampant the breeching of our borders causing an increase in COVID and robbing citizens of jobs we will have to endure before people wake up?

If you hated Donald John Trump so much that you voted Democrat or didn’t vote you helped create this monster.  The monster is growing, and the finale of the devastation is not yet seen.  I am convinced it will take divine intervention and divine protection for America to survive.  We are, once again, in the clutches of the World Powers that want to advance the Agenda 21’s Sustainable Development Initiative.  We are watching America destroyed and people who hoped for a different outcome are either disillusioned, discouraged, or so defeated they are pulling back from the war.  WE CANNOT DO THAT!

I fully agree with those who are saying, “This is not a natural but a spiritual war.”  I agree that we will not defeat the diabolical designs of the Leftists at the ballot box alone.  We must become people who pray and people who know how to utilize the spiritual weapons we have been given.  We must be those who demonstrate the ability to enforce the Victory of Calvary through the Power of God.  Yet, we also must stay engaged in the battle and educate, illuminate, and seek to prevent the desired destruction. We are laborers TOGETHER with God!

C’mon Man, Biden is not just a senile old fart with a diminished mental state incapable of doing harm.  He is and will do harm by doing what he is instructed.  His diminished state makes him doubly dangerous because he appears totally devoid of reason.  He believes that he can do whatever he wants and knows that his 47 years in government have bought him much insulation.  He, like Hillary, knows too much on too many for the Elitist in Washington to turn on him.  He is a protected species and it is only as God pulls back the veil and exposes the designed destruction and criminality that people become incensed to the point of rejection will we find hope. 

C’mon man, he is attempting to be a Dictator, so what’s the problem?  That is the problem! It is time that we realize how near destruction we are and commit ourselves to God and America.  I plead with everyone to be informed, attempt to articulate your concerns to family, friends, and neighbors, and VOTE! 

God bless you and God bless America!

2 comments on “C’MON MAN – Just A Dictator…

  1. markone1blog says:

    As much as Snopes wants to cover for socialists and torpedo conservatives, records of Biden saying essentially what they are denying are on too many platforms for me to do anything but say “C’mon, man.”

    .@JoeBiden in October: “I have this strange notion, we are a democracy … if you can’t get the votes … you can’t [le… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
    — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) January 26, 2021

  2. Tammy says:

    As always you NAILED IT!!!!! Bro. Roy where I’m haveing a tough time I’d so many are let’s TAKE THIS HILL!!! (Just and expression ) and you hear GOOOOOOOOO WITH TOTAL INTENSITY TOTAL FOCUS !!!! So much so you don’t hear the people falling back and you get to the top of the “hill” and you look back and it just Jesus and you is there victory in that YES!!!! But it’s tough for me to listen to people that when it’s GAME TIME they are GONE WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU !!!

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