I sense and believe that there is coming a ‘Damascus Road’ type encounter for some in high places in America.  It may be political officials, but I sense that it will begin first with religious leaders. I sense that many will have that encounter.  The Bible tells us that judgment first begins at the House of God and then extends to the world. 

Some religious leaders have been taken captive by the ‘Woke’ mentality, the Politically Correct ideology, and are enslaved by what can only be called the politics of religion.  I did not say the religion of politics but the politics of religion.  The religion of politics is an ideology devoid of God but makes man and government the supreme.  The politics of religion is where religious views are modified and adapted to fit a political ideology.

The person who had the “Damascus Road” encounter in the Book of Acts was a man who was a religious zealot, deeply invested in the politics of religion.  He was a defender of the Law, which implies government.  His encounter with Jesus on the Damascus Road transformed his life, freed him from ideological slavery, and emboldened him to become one of the most powerful witnesses for God and the Kingdom in the Bible.  I am declaring that is going to happen again, and it will touch men and women in all denominations, sects, and walks of life. 

There are those in the Church today who are drunk on the hallucinogenic illusion of the Woke Philosophy.  I don’t know if they have adopted that view based on their interpretation of the Bible or out of a personal preference, but God is going to address it.  When that Damascus Road Encounter transpires, those so touched will realize that they have been living their lives like a tumble bug or a dung beetle.

TUMBLE BUG or DUNG BEETLE – Reflection of the Woke, Politically Correct, Leftists Politicians of Today!

What is a tumble bug or a dung beetle?  It is a bug that rolls up balls of manure.  It laborers tirelessly rolling a ball of manure larger than itself and will deposit its eggs inside the ball of crap.  When you see one at work you watch as it places its hind legs on the manure and rolls backward.  It is upside down and backward.  That is what some are doing in the Woke Mentality of today, they are living their lives upside down and backward.  At the end of the day, all they have is a ball of crap, no substance.

The Spirit of God is moving in the midst of the chaos.  I am sensing that the seat of satan is where the revival is going to be the most powerful and visible.  I believe that both coasts are going to be impacted supernaturally and dramatically.  The contrast of good and evil is most visible in California, along the West Coast, New York, New England, and is highly visible in some parts of the midsection of the nation such as Chicago.

I sense that those in the Bible Belt may not see the dynamic move initially, because many think they have it.  They are not expecting it because they are not desperate.  A move of God that contrasts the evil is beginning and will expand powerfully in the coming months.  If the Body of Christ returns to focusing on God and His Kingdom, we will turn the world upside down.  If we continue in sectarianism and division, evil will prevail, voices will be silenced, and darkness will cover the land.  We are in a Winter of Darkness but God desires to give us a Springtime of Light.

It is up to us!  God is calling a people to fully yield to His Spirit and Seek Him.  We are to occupy till He comes!  We are to Work while it is yet day for the night is coming when no man can work.   We are Co-laborers with Him.  We are the Enforcers of His victory.  

Despair, discouragement, and distraction must be guarded against.  No matter what appears to be happening we MUST trust and obey.  We MUST hear Him, say what He says and do what He does.  We MUST believe we are commissioned to destroy the works of the devil, pull down strongholds, and bind the strongman.  When we bind something, we must replace it with something else.  Binding demons must be followed by releasing the Spirit.  Love for God manifested in love for people is a mark of this move of God’s Spirit.

It is Harvest Time!

Motives are being exposed in every sector of our society.  The political, spiritual, and societal, in every sector!  Everything that can be shaken is going to be shaken.  That which repents and returns will be restored.  That which resists will be destroyed.  We decide the extent of the move and blessing in our lives.  God will give us as much as we will surrender to.

I am excited and encouraged regarding what I see God doing.  He wants to use us and if we, the people called by His name, will humble ourselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from wickedness He Will not only Hear us but Heal us.  America does not have to be surrendered to evil.  Until Jesus returns, it is our mission and commission to take the message of Hope and the Cross to every man, woman, and child on the planet.  We have not only been commissioned we have been given weapons of warfare that are mighty through God and are supernatural.

It is time to suit up in the armor of God, take up the weapons He has given, and destroy the works of the devil.  We must invest ourselves in Prayer. We must give ourselves to Truth and proclaim His Truth so that those who hear, and heed will be set free from the chains of darkness.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Galatians 6:9). 

God bless you and God bless America!

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