I wish that were simply a rhetorical question filled with sarcasm and parody, but I am earnestly serious.  I have, with enormous chagrin watched the sweeping moves of the Biden administration, the Democratic Establishment, and the RINOs posing as patriots.  Virtually every action they have taken, their rhetoric and spin have been destructive, divisive, and dangerous.  The anti-Republicanism and pro-Totalitarianism and Oligarchism are painfully evident. 

If it were the politicians alone engaging in these acts, I would be less concerned and have greater hope for the nation.  Unfortunately, there are millions of people who either do not think or do not think past their personal animus and the immediate who not only buy the spin but spread it like manure on a garden.  I truly wonder if there is hope for the nation and if the Whole World has gone mad?  I hope I am being overly dramatic and overreacting, but I have a sense I am not.

There are so many things being advanced and implemented by the Left that I hardly know where to begin and find it impossible to enumerate them all.  Therefore, let me cherry-pick a few and see if they give you cause for angst and concern. 

Joe Biden is committed to the agenda of granting amnesty to the 11-40 million illegals living in the United States.  Imagine that? During a time when there are over 17 million legal American citizens jobless, this is his plan!  The CNN town hall event led by Anderson Cooper in Wisconsin was incredibly revealing.  It was not encouraging but revealing of the true agenda and the willingness to openly pursue it by Biden and the Left.  I did not watch it all, but saw portions of it and have read the transcript.  It makes me tremble with deep concern for my beloved nation.

The plan is to immediately grant ‘green cards’ to all the illegals who will step forward.  He wants to and has ordered the immediate implementation of reversing the order for the hundreds of thousands of illegals to be turned away or deported.  He chooses, as did Obama, to ignore those that evade the federal authorities or release those apprehended into the interior of the country.  Give them a court date and expect them to show up, is the plan.  While we are at it, why don’t we simply order criminals to stop committing crime and I’m sure that since it is a Democrat ordering it, they will comply, right?  Watch out for the Unicorn poop where you are walking.

Not only is he desirous of the eradication of our borders and thereby our national sovereignty but he has made other ludicrous statements.  Joe Biden says, “White Supremacy” is the greatest threat to America, not ANTIFA, BLM, ISIS, or any other Leftists or radical Muslim or foreign groups. 

The incredible reality is that Mr. Biden believes that ‘White Supremacy’ has resulted from actions by military veterans and former police officers.  That’s right, Mr. Biden believes that the men and women who served in uniform and wore the blue as police officers are threats, not protectors.  He calls for Unity but that is nothing more than ‘hot air’ when he casts dispersion upon our veterans and our police officers.  He claims to have gotten into politics because of civil rights, but history reveals that some of his closest allies were Klansmen and devoted racists.  His political actions did damage to blacks and hampered racial relations more than they helped.  I believe Mr. Biden speaks with a forked tongue and he got into politics for fame, power, and money.

Mr. Biden insists that former President Trump refused to denounce the ‘Proud Boys’ and that has been debunked so many times it needs no mentioned.  Mr. Biden has trashed police and our military while former President Trump praised and honored them.  We are a nation of laws and without those who protect our national security and provide national defense and enforce our laws, we become a lawless society dangerous for everyone.

I don’t like to use this language, but I remember Mr. Biden referring to American service personnel as ‘stupid bastards.’  We watched the Obama administration use our intelligence agencies and the FBI to screen our troops under the pretense that those loyal to Donald J. Trump were potentially dangerous and domestic terrorists.  How much effort has gone into screening those loyal to Islam, ANTIFA, and BLM?  Biden’s new Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has launched an effort to purge the military of all conservative, constitutional supporters.  When we have a military that is filled from top to bottom with Leftists, what will prevent them from becoming the muscle of a Fascist Dictatorship?

I am going to say this, and it may get me kicked off social media and make me anathema to many.  Joe Biden is despicable and unfit to be commander in chief!  His disdain for our military and our police makes him a threat to our system of government and the safety and security of our Republic.

Joe Biden insisted that he would not speak to the Chinese Leaders regarding the genocide in that nation.  He said, “Every nation has a different set of cultural approaches to things.”  He considers the Uighur genocide as part of “China’s different norms.” Seriously?  Genocide is okay if it is a cultural norm?  Well, I can understand that since you and your family are owned by the Chinese government and you support abortion on demand.  Genocide and infanticide, to you, seems to be a normal way of life.  I’m sure if it touched you personally, you would view it differently, but you envision yourself as a protected class.

The architect of Obamacare, Ezekiel Emanuel has been tapped by Joe Biden as a ‘health care advisor.’  Emanuel has declared his view that senior citizens who are not actively contributing materially to society and the government’s coffers, should ‘get out of the way.’  Out of the way?  Yes, he meant DIE!  He believes that anyone living beyond 75-years-of-age is atrocious.  Therefore, he disdains medical care that prolongs life and is opposed to aggressive measures such as chemotherapy.  However, he is also against the widespread use of antibiotics for basic care.  I guess, he believes that if one gets sick the best thing for society is for them to die.

Joe Biden and the Democrats want to destroy the fossil fuel industry and make us totally dependent upon foreign oil and the alternative energy sources advanced in the New Green Deal of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Left.  He wants to tax us into oblivion and implement regulations and restrictions that make it an impossibility for a mom-and-pop small business to operate.  His plan will make energy unaffordable for many, healthcare virtually nonexistent, jobs scarce, and our inalienable rights revoked or infringed upon to the point we all become criminals for speaking our minds. 

The Left finds everything about God and the Bible offensive.  They want to force us to comply with the gender lunacy and allow men to go into the bathrooms and locker rooms with women and girls.  They want to make political correctness the law of the land and everything that does not coincide and comply with the toxic liberal ideology will be hate speech.  They want reparations for those who were never slaves paid by those who never owned slaves.  They want to divide this nation to the point that such civil unrest breaks out that imposition of martial law and total control becomes acceptable to millions.

I ask again, “Has the Whole World Gone Crazy?”  America, please wake up and help those of us who are putting our lives on the line in speaking out reclaim the republic!

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Tammy says:

    This sadly Bro. Roy is ALL true my heart and spirit are heavy for this nation and this world thank you for continuing to speak when it “fees” as if no one is listening……. there are those out there like me in total agreement with you because it’s true and we need God to rescue us ………. MAY AMERICA BLESS GOD!!!!!

  2. Law Student says:

    Well written article in my opinion. Did you know Australia also supports Genocide in fact the High Court of Australia held that in Kruger v The Commonwealth [1997] HCA 27; 190 CLR 1 that Genocide was lawful primarily as it was not explicitly prohibited in the Australian Constitution, and to a lesser extent the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty. God Bless America, as he would appear not to have blessed Australia. To reiterate, in Australia, the bar has been set – genocide has held to been lawful since 1997.

  3. Bee says:

    Your headline speaks of ‘the entire world’, yet you only mention the USA. But the entire world has gone insane. The leaders of the Australian government have gone insane. Israeli leaders have gone insane. China was always insane. The list goes on. And, yes, the majority of people support them. No matter what you say to them, they want to believe the lie.

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