AMERICA DESTROYED – By Hate, Fear, and Apathy…

I have lived long enough to see the America I have known and loved literally destroyed and is in the process of being ‘fundamentally transformed’ into a Socialist nation.  I acknowledge that we are not fully there yet, but with the whole of government in the hands of the Leftists, we will be in a very short time.

I predict that, within the next two years, there will be, at a minimum, an attempt to add Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico as the 51st and 52nd States in the Union.  That would mean an immediate increase of 4 Liberal Leftists Democrats in the Senate.  It would also mean the reapportionment of Congressional Seats affording them their allotted number.  That would mean states such as Texas and Florida would lose at least one Congressional seat.  The balance of power would be shifted to the Left possibly irreversibly.

I also predict that there will be an attempt, which will likely become a reality, to increase the number of Supreme Court Justices.  With the Democrats in control of the Senate, the likelihood of any Democrat breaking from the Party Line is remote.  That would mean that those new justices would be political activists calling themselves jurists.  That would shape the agenda for America leftward for the next several decades if not permanently. 

I am stunned that the America I have known and loved has drifted so far Left and appears blinded unable to comprehend the damage and danger coming.  The question that is echoing in my mind is, “What Caused This Condition?”  Although I am incapable of fully expounding on why I do see several things that are key elements that helped bring us to this place.

On January 5th or I should say in the wee hours of January 6th I was awakened to the thought in my mind and words in my spirit that made me weep.  As I awakened from sleep I heard in my heart of hearts, “America has been destroyed by Hate, Fear, and Apathy.”  I sensed that the LORD was speaking to my heart and mind and as I mused on that statement, without the benefit of any news I knew the fate of the Georgia Senate Elections. 

Godlessness and greed have plunged this nation into a deeper state of darkness than I would have believed possible.  Yet, I have been watching it transpire over the past few years so it should not have come as a surprise, yet it has.  I believe that this election was more a referendum on God than Donald Trump, Conservatism, Constitutionalism, Liberalism, or anything else.  That may not resonate with you, but it is what I believe.


If you will give me the liberty, I will take these one at a time, then collectively, and hopefully offer a small ray of hope.  I see those three elements or conditions as incredibly powerful.  The Bible directs us to Love but love is not the norm today.  The Bible leaves no doubt that a person cannot call him or herself a Christian and hate other human beings.  We are told in 1 John 4:20, “If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for the one who does not love his brother whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.”  There is nothing ambiguous in that statement.  If we love God, we also love others and if we do not love others, we do not love God.

I am stunned at the level of Hate prevalent in America today.  Hate blinds and is the culprit in virtually every discord between people, groups, and ethnicities.  Hate is a learned condition!  There is generational hatred taught in the homes, schools, and even churches.  The reality that there have been abuses of any people by others of a different ideological position or ethnicity is undeniable.  However, that never justifies hate.  It cries for repentance and reform but not hate.

Politicians and the nefarious souls who seek to control and dominate the world have learned that fanning the flames of hatred is a method of winning elections.  I suggest that there would be no ‘racism’ if love had a stronger hold on the heart than hate.  The Democrats, Media, and Activists have spent the past four years engendering a level of hatred for Donald Trump that has blinded millions to truth and reality. 

Hate has created coalitions politically for the express purpose of defeating Donald Trump.  The potential or real dangers presented in allowing those following the toxicity of liberalism and Socialism are unseen because of the blinders of hate.  Unfortunately, for them, those who joined the seekers of American Transformation to defeat Trump will suffer like those of us who supported him.  Most Americans will suffer the same fate and be subjected to the tyrannical agendas being advanced.  We will suffer in more ways than I have time to enumerate but suffer we will.

Fear is another element in the disintegration of our Free Constitutional Republic.  The Fear of which I speak has many elements.  It is a Fear birthed out of the blindness of Hate.  It is Fear that has believed the lie that Trump and Conservatives are seeking to eradicate them because they are different or disagree.  It is the Left that has sought to punish people for disagreeing, not the Right.  Then there is a Fear that grips the hearts because of an intense desire and the need to be accepted.  Many Fear being labeled a racist or some other derogatory designation.  That Fear blinds them to the dangers and forces otherwise rational people to comply fearing that if they do not, they will die.

Hate and Fear are incredibly powerful elements that imprison a person and doom them to a life of defeat, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and despair.  The prison of Hate and Fear prevents a person from attaining the stated objective of our Founding Fathers, Life, Liberty, and Happiness.  Hate is reactive and seeks to crush those disagreeing or look different.  Fear keeps everyone and everything at arm’s length and makes trust and cooperation a virtual impossibility. 

The third element is Apathy.  In some ways, this is the most destructive of all.  When I speak of Apathy in America, I speak of it from several fronts.  One is a mental attitude that helped produce the condition existing today politically.  Many, for decades, adopted the attitude of “Let the politicians handle the politics.”  They have but have not handled the political in the interest of We the People but the interest of Partisan Ideological and Personal Agenda.  We have, are, and will pay the terrible price for that failure.

Another aspect is Apathy on the part of the Church.  I blame much of the condition in America on the Clergy.  Preachers, Pastors, Teachers it was and is our responsibility to be ‘Watchmen on the Walls’ and sound the alarm when danger comes.  It is our responsibility and assignment from the Father to teach and train people in righteousness and God’s Law.  By Law, I mean His Word of God, not some list of rules and regulations but the Heart of God.  Jesus taught in John 15 that we are to abide in Him and His word in us.  We are told in Proverbs that as parents and shepherds we are to train the young in the right way. 

Apathy toward the politician has allowed the enemy to blind minds in the church and opened the door for evil to advance.  Any preacher that supports Abortion, speaks of hatred for people of different skin pigmentation, or advances causes that are in direct conflict with God’s Word is not a true shepherd.  Any preacher that refuses to address the wrongs in society and politics breeds Apathy and creates a slumber in the Church that leads to inactivity and opens the door for evil to advance.

I cannot adequately address any of the three, Hate, Fear, or Apathy in a short article but I pray that you will ask the Father to forgive you and me if we embrace Hate for any kind people.  You can genuinely dislike, disagree, and detest what they do but you must learn to Love as God Loves and resist the temptation to Hate.  If you are filled with fear and that fear causes you to distrust, embrace hate and block your openness and willingness to view reality, pray for forgiveness and deliverance.  If you are apathetic I remind you of the Words of Jesus to the Church at Laodicea, “…you are neither cold nor hot… because you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.”

My prayer is, “Lord, help me to Love, not Hate.  Help me to be Courageous, not Fearful.  Help me to be Hot and Invested in Life not Apathetic or Lukewarm.  Help me to seek You first before and above everything.  Help me to forgive everyone and forgive me of everything.  Make me a vessel you can use and use me to manifest You to those around me.”  We can save America but only with repentance and prayer!

God bless you and God bless America.

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