As I attempt to post another blog I am struggling with the loss of my wife.  Her homegoing has left an emptiness that is impossible to describe.  However, I know that her desire and God’s is for me to pursue His purposes and do what He has called me to do.  I believe that God called me to be a Watchman on the Walls and sound the alarm when I see danger or hear a directive from the Spirit of God and the Word of God.

If we make our focus the political and what is happening, we will likely experience a sense of despair and desperation that the Child of God should not fall prey to.  If we make God and His Kingdom our primary focus and although we remain conscious of the issues going on in the world and the government we can pray and work with Hope and focus on the specifics that God would have us focus on. 

I believe in specific prayer and do not like to pray random or general prayers. I cannot explain why some of our prayers are not answered in the way we desire but I know that God is trustworthy, and nothing is impossible with Him.  I am a Christian and therefore my first priority is the Kingdom of God.  Within that scope of determination, I want to spread the message of Hope (Jesus) to everyone and seek to bring our nation and world into harmony with His Word and Purposes.  It is through my determination to “seek first God and His Kingdom” that I am able to see what is going on in the world through eyes, not of this earth, and thereby target my prayers and efforts in a way that will hopefully produce healing and restoration. 

It is from that view that I write and identify a problem in today’s political world and hopefully offer you a target to pray against a target to pray for, and a focus that will enable you to become engaged and involved for God and Country.  Let’s see if we can achieve that.

Back to my title, “Ain’t No Business Like Showbusiness, Unless…”  Unless it is Leftists politics, then it is show business of a sort.  No, it is not entertainment, but they do so many things for show.  After the show, the jackboots of tyranny are placed on the necks of legitimate legal citizens.  In my view, as a person that has lived on the planet for over 70 years, I believe that the Leftists of today have a desire to create a permanent majority in Washington and thereby create two Americas.  They seek to relegate all of us who disagree with their agenda to shadow living or eliminate us from the equation in any manner possible. 

Many are insisting that 2022 must now be our focus since the elections of 2020 are in our rear-view mirror.  I say, ‘tap the brakes,’ we must deal with some things in 2021 before we can focus on 2022 or 2024.  I fully agree those are critical, but if we fail to deal with the realities and dangers present in 2021, there will be no 2022 or 2024 for a Free America. 

The Left and the Democrats have launched a type of pincer movement in their multi-pronged strategy and agenda to enable them to cement a permanent majority in Washington.  I borrow from William Levin in the apparent agenda and the desires of the Left going forward in America:

  • They seek to Enable Congress to determine who can and cannot run for President.
  • They seek to Eliminate the Electoral College without amending the Constitution.
  • They seek to override the state’s constitutionally mandated authority to determine presidential election rules.
  • They seek to Grant statehood to the District of Columbia and possibly Puerto Rico.
  • They seek to Rewrite the First Amendment to limit political speech to be what they determine acceptable.
  • They seek to Enable Open Border Immigration through Executive Agreements rather than Congressional action.

If you blend those together the stew you achieve is a program that challenges, if not destroys our Republican form of Democracy.  It is imperative that all lovers of Freedom understand and become aware of the agenda and its dangers.

According to our Constitution, if you have attained the age of 35-years, are a natural-born citizen, and a 14-year resident, you have the right to aspire to the nation’s highest office.  The recent overreach of the Democrats and a few RINOs in seeking to bar former President Trump from running again under the 14th Amendment is dangerous and must be addressed.

The tyrannical authoritarian desire to prevent individual states from the inherent benefit and protection of the Electoral College System is designed to allow Congress to decide who holds office.  No sane American should be willing to allow that to transpire.  If they decide who can run, and who can hold office what would prevent them from naming a Dictator for Life and totally eradicating our Constitution and its guarantees and protections?  An incredibly dangerous and diabolical move by the Liberal States and National Democrats to subvert the Electoral College is fully visible in the NPVC. 

The NPVC is the so-called National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.  Under that agreement, the signatory states would obligate themselves to appoint electors based on whoever wins the popular vote in the nation regardless of the outcome in their state.  That voids the will of the people in any state and allows the imposition of the will of East and West Coast pockets of toxic liberals.

One problem with their compact or agreement is it violates the Constitution.  The Constitution forbids states from entering into agreements or compacts with other states without the explicit consent of Congress.  The danger lies in the fact that the Democrats control Congress and therefore could make it all legal and shaft the Constitution and every state that is not a part of the liberal consortium.  That would also endanger the 10th Amendment and each state’s plenary, but not limitless power, to determine rules for elections and equal protection.  The sovereignty of states would become an afterthought of history.  The power would be vested in the All-Powerful Central Government, run by the Leftists.  Welcome to the United Socialist States of America if that transpires.

The Democrats have advanced a bill that few seem to be aware of and its intrinsic dangers.  It is H.R. 1, entitled ‘For the People Act of 2021.’  Seriously?  For the People?  For what people?  It is a 600-page list of Leftist wishes for voting legislation that would make the outcomes of 2020 permanent.  That is just the surface portion and the tip of the iceberg.  It is anti-American to its core, yet it is entitled, “For the People…”  It covers all federal elections, not just congressional races but includes EVERYTHING!

Incorporated in the bill is a call for statehood for the District of Columbia, which would guarantee two more liberal Leftists Senators permanently.  The District of Columbia votes Democrat at a rate of 90% or more every election.  I cannot forget the words of Congressman Phil Hare who once said regarding statehood for DC, “I don’t worry about the Constitution on this, to be honest.”  Well, honesty may be the best policy but, in this case, it reveals an evil that must be thwarted.

The Left is working diligently to overturn “Citizen’s United”, which protects the First Amendment right to air political speech.  If they pass this and it becomes law, then there would never again be any criticism of Leftists on the public airwaves.  That would ensure that Mark Zuckerberg and Big Tech can legally censor all speech they deem to be unacceptable, meaning Conservative or Christian Speech. 

Their desire to destroy our Immigration System and allow immediate amnesty for 11 to 40 million illegals and change voting laws to allow them to vote even if not legal citizens is deadly.  The Biden administration is becoming Obama’s fundamental transformation on steroids and it will only get worse if we do not deal with the dangers immediately. 

If allowed to succeed in advancing their agenda they will destroy our economy, return us to depending on foreign energy, shred our national sovereignty and decimate our military.  They will plunge our healthcare system into the dark ages and the result will be long lines, waits, and denials for millions of Americans needing and desiring treatment.  Only those deemed ‘essential’ will be given first-rate care and those of us who are viewed as expendable or deplorable are sent to the back of the line or given ‘end of life’ counseling and a pill by which to die.

America, I am not painting a pretty picture, because the picture is not pretty.  We have allowed the erosion and capture of our political system and we are paying the price.  What can we do? What must we do?  We must return to God and ‘seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.’  We must Pray in intercessory prayer and with life or death earnestness.  We must build fires under the feet and seats of our elected officials making them aware of our awareness and displeasure with the direction.  Then, if we have the opportunity we must Vote!

God bless you and God bless America!

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