Once again, I am trying to fulfill my calling to be a watchman on the walls and sound the alarm where an alarm is needed and point to the truth and freedom.  Today is the 40th day since my Bonnie went home to heaven and it is a most trying day.  I miss her more than words can express and in the midst of my tears, I will try to do what she continually encouraged me to do, WRITE what is in my heart!  She supported me and gave me the strength to continue when it would have been easier to quit and give up.  She was an inspiration when I had her in the flesh, and she continues to be as she lives in my heart.  My love for her grows deeper every day!  One day, I will see her again.  Until then, I will endeavor to do what she and God would desire and stand in the gap and attempt to make up the hedge. 

I can imagine some of the responses or thoughts that come to mind when people read my title.  However, I am concerned that we are not being honest with ourselves, others, or with God at this time in which we live.  I am concerned that we are not being honest politically, socially, or spiritually.  I do not mean that a railing indictment but an expression of concern and a plea for us to honestly reflect on what has, what is, and what is likely to happen in America in 2021 and beyond.  I believe that honest reflection can provide some wonderful answers that will enable us to chart our course for the future.

Honesty is not a political characteristic in our modern times.  Politicians are like the stereotypical used car salesman they say whatever needs to be said to close the deal.  Honesty and politics seem to be diametrically opposites and that reveals one of the glaring problems in today’s political climate.  If no one is ‘honest’ then there is both delusion and denial prevalent and that prevents reaching valid and constitutional objectives.


That is not a justification for their seeming innate propensity to ‘lie’ but a reminder that they, like the rest of us, are flawed vessels.  Albeit some are more flawed than others.  Some are sincerely misguided and have believed the lies of liberalism that have been advanced for decades.  Some are simply not of the intelligence to comprehend the problems, dangers, and damage of advancing a view that is wrought with factually inaccurate arguments.  Some are honestly desirous of achieving constitutional governance but have been beaten down by the system and adopted the view that you must play the game to get anything.  There are still others who are devious and diabolical and knowingly advance lies for their nefarious purposes and agenda.

Yet, they are human, and humans need guidance.  Sadly, far too many are unwilling to acknowledge what our Founding Fathers acknowledged – The Divine!  The Divine for me is Jehovah God, the One True God, the Living God of the Bible.  Without a moral foundation, we all drift into selfishness and become obsessed with our own ambitions.  Without honesty, as a moral absolute in our lives, we shade the truth, misrepresent, or manipulate facts to achieve our purposes or gain favor.  We make everything about ourselves and believe that trampling on others to achieve our objective is both justifiable and acceptable.

There was a time in our American history when those seeking elected office had a desire to serve not simply advance themselves.  Of course, there have always been those who were filled with themselves and held the view that they were Number One and Number One was the Prime Objective.  The only true leader has a servant’s heart.  Don’t object to the usage of the term ‘leader’ for that is what they should be.  Yes, they are elected to represent us but the position they hold is one where leadership is desired and required.


If we are brutally honest, we realize that the media, academia, and politicians have skewed the truth about every societal disagreement.  Those following the toxic view of liberalism seek to skew it to make the issues systemic and universal. They target a segment of society or political ideology and attempt to make them heinous villains. 

Modern society has been conditioned to believe that if you are black you are a victim and if you are white you are privileged and oppressor.  I am a white male.  I grew up in rural East Texas and, yes was racism displayed.  I was poor by most standards and everything in my life that I have gained was not the result of my whiteness but hard work and the grace of God.  I have served in the military, ministry, and labored with people of many ethnic backgrounds and skin pigmentations.  Those who believed they were entitled worked with less diligence and created conflict and controversy.  Those who believed they were victims of reverse discrimination were angry and frequently uncooperative. 

However, those who believed that they should be promoted based on their performance, disregarded ethnicity, skin pigmentation, or political views and produced.  There were times when they were not rewarded adequately for their views and labors. because those in positions of authority were of the same ethnicity and deeply embedded in the victim mentality.  They viewed those of their own ethnicity as traitors if they did not advance the call for entitlement and engage in passive if not overt racism.

I have witnessed problems on both sides of the issue but never believed that the problem was institutional or systemic.  I believe that cry has become a weapon of the media and the followers of toxic liberalism and globalism to divide.  It is through the division they stir up emotions and create distrust and discord.  People who are disgruntled frequently vote out of fear, not faith or fact. 

We have been manipulated and I believe we were making great advancements in the area of race relations until the Obama administration and the Race Card once again became the weapon of choice of the Left.  The media has become Freedom’s enemy rather than reporting the news and allowing people to formulate their own opinion based on fact.


That sounds like defeatism and I do not mean it as such.  I believe that the ideals and safeguards of our Founders have been abandoned by politicians and much of the public.  We have lost sight of the extended good and become incredibly short-sighted.  We have become selfish and focused on “ME”. 

I heard an interview that Mark Levin conducted with the late Dr. Walter Williams and Dr. Williams made some astounding but accurate statements.  One of the things he said, and I have contended for a long time, is that both politicians and the public focus on the immediate not the future.  Politicians are voted on for 2, 4, or 6 years depending on their elective office.  Therefore, for them to focus on the best path for 20 or 30 years down the pike is a virtual impossibility because the voters want what they want NOW! 

We have lost control of the federal government and there is no foreseeable fix.  Any politicians who seriously fought to balance the budget and make the necessary adjustments to all expenditures and programs of government that would ensure the stability of the Republic down the road would lose in the next election. 

I am over 65 and draw Social Security.  I do not consider it an entitlement although I am entitled to the money that I put into the program.  I do not lump it into the same basket as welfare or many other entitlement programs.  However, Social Security is in trouble because of government mismanagement and waste.  Fixing it would likely require some austere belt-tightening and that would cause a majority of seniors to vote that politician out of office immediately.

I believe that fiscally we MUST, not should, adopt a ‘Zero-Based Budget’ and stop the insanity of the ‘Base Line Budget’ that we now have.  Every bureau, agency, and any foreign aid should begin the year with a budget of ZERO.  As long as our nation is in the fiscal constraints and the general public, small businesses, and our veterans are suffering fiscally there should be little to no foreign aid from tax dollars.  Some must be spent, but it should be after careful evaluation and with the guarantee of a positive return on our investment.  National Security should be issue number one in our foreign aid.

America, we can salvage our Republic but not without some serious and difficult decisions being made politically.  We must also experience a return to our moral moorings and recognize as did our Founders that Divine Providence and Guidance helped us become a Republic and only that will keep us one.  That is my rant and hopefully, it is not so discombobulated that it is incoherent.

God bless you as you join the Fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

2 comments on “CAN WE BE HONEST?

  1. Sorry about the loss of your wife I know that pain as it nearly destroyed me, had it not been for God and the call to preach it might have, the only thing that helped was to get closer to him. I agree with much of what you said a lot of what I say is to try to wake some up and get them to do something before we lose everything, I don’t know I stand for right no matter the cost, and it has cost me everything a few times, but I can’t give in to evil like the Dem party and big Tech, as I was locked out of Twitter for 7 more days for answering a question a woman ask: [ Ramshaofficial it cures nothing, it prevents nothing, its gene Theop. it has baby parts in it, and its not approved for anything, and people are dying at large numbers from taking it and many others harmed. when Covid has a 99% survival rate. WHY TAKE IT AND PUT YOUR LIFE IN DANGER] so we must stop Big Tech if we are ever going to keep free speech or have a chance at another fair and honest election, new people must be voted in and many others out or we are going to lose the Republic all because of some little shots with money who think they can rule the world, and are and we must stop them if America is to ever have a Chance, and stop there crazy spending spree, 128 trillion in debt, most given to other nations while the people here are hurting that is insane, if the Republician party don’t do it, it won’t be done we are doomed at the hands of Dems, they want to give medicare to all, crazy I am 63 but not in good health, and they want to give what we worked for and qualify for to people able to work who do not diserve it illegals and thats crazy, hard work is what got us to place’s when I was young some butt kissers got promoted as head butt kissers, but most of us got where we did by hard work, and would like to see a lot of good values come back to this Nation, and the Republic are the only hope we have. well be Blessed sir

  2. Tammy Logan says:

    We are honored to pray for you and so blessed to read your writings Ms. Bonnie KNEW she could count on you you two are amazing and yes SHE IS STILL AND ALWAYS WILL BE AMAZING!!!!!! Keep on keeping on and hug the pup!!!! We love and appreciate you Bro. Roy!!!!!

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