As I continue to battle through my grief at the loss of my earthly angel, my bride, my wife, and the love of my life I write.  My focus is not as keen as it should be because I find myself drifting into memory land and the absence of my bride is sometimes overwhelming.  I am not seeking sympathy only prayer and understanding.  I am 100% confident she is in the presence of the LORD.  I am 100% confident that she is totally free of pain and cancer.  I am 100% certain that she has no tears and is enjoying the presence of the LORD and the reuniting with family and friends who journeyed there before her.  However, her absence leaves me empty and I am seeking the LORD daily and almost constantly asking for His presence to fill that void left by her homegoing. 

I know with certainty both because I know her and because of what she said to me during her life, that her desire is for me to continue pursuing the calling of God on my life.  She loved for me to preach, teach, sing, pray, and write.  She told me once that she liked hearing me more than any other preacher.  I know that she heard better preachers and her view was biased, but it moved me deeply and made me love her all the more.  We took a vow that said, “Until death do us part.”  But I can tell you that death has not diminished my love for her and never will.  She is my eternal love.

We can focus on what is happening in this world and miss what God is doing and wants to do.  If we focus solely on the political and the news of the day, we will almost assuredly become depressed to some degree.  We will limit the vision God desires for us to have because of the hopelessness of the world today.  However, if we place Him first and seek Him with our whole heart, we can see His Kingdom come and His will done on earth as it is in heaven.  We can impact our culture rather than our culture impacting us.  We are to be salt and light.  So, let’s be the preservative and flavoring that the world needs.

I wish I could say that I have not become somewhat cynical regarding the politics of the modern politician, but I cannot.  If I listen to and accepted the lies (I mean diatribe and rhetoric) of the Liberal Leftist Globalist, Socialist politicians I would believe that they are in the process of creating Utopia.  I’m sure there are unicorns and flying pigs in their fantasy land as well as money trees.  In fact, I would think there must be a place you can go and all your wishes and wants are made realities.  After, all, they… Well, they are…

Utopia could be defined as the state, land, or nation where the government provides for all your needs.  You do not even have to become a citizen to reap the benefits of the benevolent gravy train.  You only need to be here and vote in the way they desire.  You are not allowed to voice disapproval, that would be heretical and heretics are burned at the stake.  You can hate America, God, patriots, and devise plans to destroy this nation and her people and you will still be the beneficiary of the Utopian Freebies.  After all, if you get enough free stuff and we appease you enough, you will love us, right?

In this Utopian creation of the followers of toxic liberalism, the legal citizens happily work to provide for those who choose not to work and are not citizens.  After all, it is our moral duty to be the sugar-daddy for the world, right?  How dare we, expect anyone to work for their keep and carry their fair share of the load, that is not who we are as Americans.  No, no, no, we are the caretakers of the entitled, those who feel threatened and feel they should receive some form of reparation for some past sin on someone.  It does not have to be them, just someone who looks like them, that’s sufficient.

When, the demands for this benevolence exceed those working legal citizens’ ability to care for their own too, and object, then ‘reprogramming’ is a necessary action.  The state is in dire need of the tax dollars and wages of those legal citizens, so they must be re-indoctrinated and forced to get their heads right and be compliant.  We, the legal working-class Americans, may not be able to afford the energy to heat our homes or to buy the food to feed our families, but it is a small sacrifice to ensure the healthy lifestyles of those who are on the dole.

If you object to the agenda, ideology, and rhetoric of the Leftist you are a threat to the Utopian Democracy and therefore must be dealt with.  In the Utopia that is being created by the Left, the American Dream only applies to the Dreamers and the Entitled, not the working stiffs who have to work two jobs to get by.  There is Free Everything, paid for by the American Taxpayer.  Free Education, Free Healthcare, Free Cell Phones, Free Abortions, Free Food.  If you don’t have it, just quit your job become a liberal voter and you are immediately granted your heart’s desire. 

There could never be a problem convincing doctors, nurses, and others in the healthcare industry to stay in that profession that provides free care for everyone, right?  The government regulations and salary requirements could never cause a shortage of healthcare providers, could it?  It would be un-American and un-Christian to want to better yourself and follow the advice of John Kerry to the Pipeline workers and make better choices and get better jobs, right?  There could never be the potential of delays and denials of healthcare in the Utopian system, could there?  Fewer healthcare works, fewer hospitals, and fewer medications could not possibly be a factor, after all this is the ideological utopia of the Left.

They insist that we should trust the government, the so-called experts such as Dr. Fauci, and the WHO.  Their contradictions and failed efforts must not become part of the equation.  After all, in Utopia the benevolent benefactors who govern are incapable of making errors, right?  We should trust the media and drink the Kool-Aid they offer and accept their propaganda as truth and light, right?  They have never deceived us, misled us, and sought to propagandize, have they?   Utopia is such a grand place.

In the Utopia, the Left is creating there is no more concern about the imminent destruction of the planet and life on earth due to Climate Change, Global Warming, or Climate Disruption.  Nope, carbon taxes and the destruction of the fossil fuel industry solves that problem, according to the Utopians.  Those dastardly CO2 emissions will be offset by the glorious carbon tax and the problem is solved.  The fact that the insiders will make millions if not billions on the green energy focus is just a byproduct and a reward from their leadership, right?  The rest of us will pay exorbitant amounts for energy and everything else but that is a small price to pay for living in Utopia, right?

The sovereignty of the United States is no longer needed in Utopia because we are all citizens of the world therefore, we are supposed to have no border restrictions.  Being a citizen is not necessary to vote in the elections, receive benefits provided by the taxpayers, and have the full protection of the constitution.  Wait, what constitution, Utopia does not need the United States Constitution so relegate it to the trash heap and stow it away in the archives of outdated relics.

Also, there is no need for prisons.  They won’t call them prisons but re-education facilities for those of us who resist.  Homeowners are not allowed to question the motives of any unwelcome intruder because, after all, this is Utopia, and whatever anyone wants they have a right to it.  If you attempt to use, the soon to be outlawed, ‘castle doctrine’ and protect your person and property you will be violating the civil rights of the thief. 

The government will pay everyone the mandated minimum wage of $15 or $20 per hour.  A rate that will destroy free enterprise and make it impossible for small businesses to operate.  But, have no fear for in Utopia there is no such thing as hyper-inflation and the national debt is simply paper accounting and nothing to be concerned about.  The fact that China and other foreign governments own much of our property and hold our debt is not threatening for none would dare threaten Utopia.

In Utopia, there is no right and wrong for there are no absolutes.  Each person gets to decide what is right in their own eyes.  Absolutes infringe upon a person’s thoughts and demand accountability and personal responsibility and that is taboo in Utopia.  The antiquated idea of Life, Liberty, Personal Property, and the pursuit of Happiness are not permitted.  The more I consider what they declare is reality and what I know to be, I am not sure they are creating a Utopia but a Hell on Earth.  If you believe that there is a Free Ride that costs no one anything, you are a prime candidate for the Utopian Society of the Democrats.  If you realize that nothing is truly Free and that somebody has to pay for the Freebies, you are unwelcome.

As for me and my house, we opt to follow the King of Kings, not some earthly would-be potentate who believes he or she has the right to dictate how we live and seeks total control of everything.  I know that someday I will live in the only Utopia possible, God’s Holy Heaven!  I will seek to live on earth in a manner that reflects His goodness and righteousness.  I trust God, not the government.  I will bow to no man or woman, only to the Living God, the Creator of All Things.  Hey, Alice, Joe, Kamala, Nancy, Chuck, etc. there is no UTOPIA!

God bless you and God bless America!

2 comments on “THIS AIN’T UTOPIA, ALICE…

  1. fantasy land utopia it doesn’t exist except in their minds, if you have a grocery store and give everything away, even if your rich you keep giving the stock away and you won’t be long, things just have to be run a certain way or they do not keep existing, God designed things a certain way, the only way man doesn’t die out is He made the male and Female and gve the woman reproductive orgins, or man will cease to be, a farmer who don’t sow seed will never get a harvest, those seed do not plant themselves, and just pop up, and a free ride is only good for the rider as long as it last, which is never to long unless the system of Utopia is in place, but it will run out to just like in V. and all the other countries who tried it, its a system designed to destroy everything, and thats what it does, its deceiver satan, and so many are deceived because they do not honor God and his word any more, we have the most brainwashed people ever today, and growing by the minute, because they have polluted the men and women in the pulpit they live in fantasy Island of their minds, and want it to manifest. Be Blessed sir, and again so sorry about your wife, father give him the strength as you did me in those horrible days, and hold him as you did I closer even than ever before, and let the Holy Spirit comfort and guide in Jesus mighty name

  2. Tammy Logan says:

    Amen and amen!!!!

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