Before I begin my discussion about liars and telling lies by politicians let me once again reiterate that it is imperative that all believers set their heart to “Seek God First!” If we allow the policies of the world to shape our thinking we will develop stinkin’ thinkin’ and adopt a mentality that is rooted in defeat. We are more than conquerors through our Lord Jesus Christ and as a believer, I refuse to be shaped by the world but desire to shape the world by being salt and light.

I struggle becoming involved in the political since Bonnie has gone home to be with the LORD. My heart is to seek God first and foremost in all things and at all times. I believe the Bible and believe that God is GOD! I believe that all things are possible to those that believe and all things are possible with God. I believe that he can and will bring us help and freedom if we will make Him first in our lives. However, we cannot ignore the political and in being forewarned we become forearmed and able to pray specific, targeted, and fervent prayers to defeat evil and advance the cause of Freedom and the Kingdom of God.

Let’s begin this discussion. Honestly, I don’t know whether to accuse President Joe Biden of being a pathological liar or feel sorry for him as a person suffering from severe dementia or both.  I recall and have documented that Joe Biden then-presidential candidate in one of the Democratic debates called for what he claims is untrue. 

It is a fact that he called for an immediate surge of illegals to the border when he becomes president.  That was during the first Democratic debate.  He said that when he is president, illegal immigrants should IMMEDIATELY surge to the border.  Let me quote him: “I would, in fact, make sure that there is, an immediate surge to the border, all those people seeking asylum the deserve to be heard, that’s who we are, we are a nation that says if you want to flee and you are fleeing oppression you should come.”

Now, he has gone on ABC News and claimed he never told anyone to come and now he is telling them ‘don’t come, don’t leave your homes.’  Too late, sir!  We heard you during the campaign and so did the thousands of illegals who are heading for our borders and have crossed our borders.  Your administration may claim they have not rolled out the welcome mat but when you reverse the Trump policies of border security and reimplement the ‘catch and release’ program of Obama you are rolling out the welcome mat.  When you restrict our border security agents from enforcing our laws, you are throwing open the doors.  The crisis at the border cannot be blamed on Donald Trump, this crisis is yours, so own it.

I develop an additional cause for concern about the mental state and honesty of Mr. Biden when I heard him tell ABC News that he is in favor of changing the filibuster rules but does not want to completely get rid of it.  Oh no, he wants to return the Senate to the ‘talking filibuster’ like it was when he first got to the Senate. 

I wonder how long Mr. Biden thinks he was in the Senate and when he first arrived.  It was 1917 when the Senators adopted a rule (Senate Rule 22) that allowed the Senate to invoke cloture and limit debate with a two-thirds majority vote.  That rule was put to the test in 1919 when the Senate invoked cloture to end the filibuster against the Treat of Versailles.  Over the next four decades, the Senate invoked cloture only five times. 

In 1975, the Senate reduced the number of votes required for cloture from two-thirds to three-fifths, or 60 votes.  The reason the Senate created the rule to invoke cloture, in the beginning, was because the ‘talking filibuster’ blocked the Senate from getting anything done and they wanted a means of ending debate.  What Biden is proposing possibly arises out of his continual state of confusion or maybe it is even more nefarious. His plan sounds worse than what we now have.  If the Senate did what Teleprompter Joe suggests, they would essentially get rid of cloture completely and have endless debate and take us back to 1917. 

The man occupying the Oval Office is advancing plans, agendas, and ideas that will destroy our Republic, economy, healthcare system, and national sovereignty.  Most of the Democratic Establishment and Leftists have never met a tax hike they did not like.  They mistakenly believe that higher taxes put more money in the federal coffers allowing them to do their dirty deeds and advance their agenda.  In a backdoor sense, it allows them to advance the agenda of enslaving the American people and making us dependent upon the federal government.  That gives them power and power is the end game for the Leftists.

I agree with Representative Nancy Mace, the Biden tax hikes would be damaging to ALL Americans, not just the wealthy as the Democrats like to claim.  The Trump tax cuts did not benefit only the rich but were beneficial across the board.  Ronald Reagan knew that and in our economic history, we find that lower taxes result in more dollars in the federal coffers.  Lower taxes increases, investments, and spending by the citizens. 

I am fed up with buzzwords such as ‘fair share’ and targeting corporations and the wealthy.  If we strip corporations and the wealthy of more of their money, they will invest less and that results in fewer jobs and lower wages.  The cost of goods and services increases, and everyone will feel the pinch.  I guess Economics 101 was not taught in the schools they attended.  If it was it was taught by a Socialist not someone who understood the Free Market’s power and value.

The government has a SPENDING PROBLEM not a REVENUE PROBLEM! The COVID-19 package incentivized more unemployment.  In the state of South Carolina and others, there are employers desperate to find employees.  What happens when Biden and the Democrats raise the corporate tax to 21-28%?  Jobs will be shipped offshore rather than remaining on U.S. soil.  I guess, Biden and the Democrats believe the future is in the past and want to restore economic policies that crippled our economy and increased unemployment.  Vice President Harris is calling for that to happen as she urges corporations to create jobs in Central America to ease the immigration problem (Illegal flood of people). What about securing the border and creating jobs in America, madam?

One of Democrats’ very own, the ultra-liberal activist representatives, Ilhan Omar wants to bring Agenda 21 to the American people.  She is doing it in the name of humanitarianism.  She introduced H.R. 1847, a bill “To suspend obligations of residential renters and mortgagors to make payments during the COVID-19 emergency, and for other purposes.”  The ‘for other purposes’ is a new insertion in their rhetoric and is so open-ended it is frightening.

That bill would allow real property tenants to stop paying their landlords.  That is not America.  We were founded upon the moral code that a person is responsible for their obligations and debts.  The bill is fraught with dangerous problems and issues.  It provides for a COVID suspension period ending April 2022, but the landlord relief fund runs for five years.  Is the plan to give the tenant’s the ability not to pay rent for 5 years? 

Another problem is that tenants can simply stop paying rent under the bill with no restrictions.  There is no means-testing to determine I rent relief is warranted, simply stop paying, with impunity.  The bill does not require the tenant to notify the landlord, just stop paying.  However, if the landlord pursues their legal remedy to collect the rent or evict the non-paying tenant, they can lose their property under the provisions of this bill.  The tenants can withhold their rent, but the landlord has to wade through the mountain of red tape to qualify for relief for unpaid rent. 

The landlord, in applying for rent relief, must include Personally Identifiable Information.  What is this designed to do?  It gives the federal government a database of a complete listing of all rental property in America.  Why?  That enables them to target those entrepreneurs with a wealth tax.   It gets worse and I won’t take the time to detail the many nuisances but basically, it is designed to press America into an Agenda 21 type housing plan and pave the way to Socialism and the destruction of our Free Market Economic system.

Let me add this little footnote:  Omar’s bill fails to acknowledge that H.R.1319, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (i.e., $1.9 Trillion boondoggle bill) that Biden signed into law on March 12, 2021, makes her bill unnecessary.  The ARPA contains a provision for housing assistance, essentially for every category of need, under Subtitle B Housing (sections 3201-3208).  That assistance continues for 18 months meaning Omar’s bill is unnecessary.  But, if you are a proponent of Agenda 21 – Affordable Housing for All, her bill is desirable.

God help us to wake up and realize the danger we are in with Joe Biden in the White House and the Democrats in control of Congress. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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