In my time of introspection, prayer, and recommitment to God in the aftermath of my wife Bonnie’s departure for heaven just over 8 weeks ago, I have come to some renewed conclusions.  I believe that the most important things in life are God and Relationships.  The problems manifested in this world on all fronts are not what we make them out to be but outgrowths of a problem with the human heart and mind.  What we focus on consumes us.  If we make politics our focus, we will become tainted by the corruption, deception, and disappointment of that world.  If we make money our focus, we will become dissatisfied and greed will consume us.  But, if we make God our focus, we can rectify many of the issues of this world through His Word, Grace, Spirit, and Power. 

If we truly loved God with all our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls and our neighbors as ourselves we would see most of the problems of this world disappear.  It is only through God that we can overcome evil.  We do not do it through war or legislation.  I am not saying those are not required but they cannot be deemed the solution.  The new birth and becoming that new person through Jesus is the only real solution to the world’s issues.  I thank you for your continued prayers for me and my family in our time of loss and ask that you consider what I am going to write in the light of God first, and everything else second.

Sometimes, I reflect on the actions and antics of politicians with a sense of bemusement and find a certain amount of amusement in them.   Many of those politicians are lauded as being extremely intelligent.  When I consider that declaration, I am brought to an awareness that simply having college degrees and being measurably smart does not make one wise!   It is possible to the IQ of a genius and be a virtual moron when it comes to common sense.  I have known people who are smart according to their test scores but are incredibly deficient in the area of wisdom.  I have known some who are not measurably smart but incredibly wise.  I also know people who are both.

In my life, I have only been intimidated by one person intellectually and because of who that person is that was short-lived.  He is smarter than me and we both know it.  That person is my brother.  He and I agree that just because someone is deemed smart based on measurable scores does not mean they are wise.  The fact that I am not intimidated by people who are deemed incredibly smart does not mean that I think I am smarter than others, heaven forbid.  What I’m saying is that I am not afraid to think, examine, and express my thoughts. 

If measurable scores determined wisdom, my earthly father would have failed miserably. However, he was one of the wisest men I have ever known.  He was astute in applying knowledge, using common sense, and demonstrating rational thought making him very wise.  I know people who are far more intelligent than me, but that fact does not intimidate me because I am totally comfortable within my own skin and person.  I am not afraid to acknowledge that I do not know something when I do not.  I am not afraid to converse with people holding multiple doctorates in various disciplines.    

When I listen to arguments today or ideological presentations of politicians, activists, university professors, and others I often think, “Measurably smart practically dumb.”  Having the ability to use ‘legalese’ and write legislation that is larger than most novels does not mean you have demonstrated wisdom.  It may well mean that you practiced deception and are attempting to hoodwink the public and even your colleagues in congress.  Making something complicated is not demonstrating wisdom but the opposite.  How can you expect people to follow a directive when they do not understand it?  I learned in raising my children that the less complicated I made my instructions the more likely they were to be followed.

When Congress produces legislation that even they do not understand we should immediately realize that we are not being governed wisely.  Wisdom would insist that laws and regulations be easily understood.  People often fear what they do not understand.  Tragically too often it seems that is exactly the objective of some legislation and legislators. 

It is almost like the religious hierarchy of ages gone by when the person in the pew was not allowed to have a Bible or read it for themselves.  The hierarchy wanted to explain to the people what was intended and thereby control the people.  I believe we have much the same situation in Washington today where the vast majority of politicians want to tell us what the legislation means rather than producing bills and laws that we could easily decipher for ourselves.  It seems to give them a sense of power and importance to have us in the dark and confused. 

It appears many politicians truly believe they are smarter than the rest of us and therefore because they are smarter, we must consent to their control.  That is a demonstration of the lack of wisdom. When people become frustrated enough, they revolt. When they revolt those in power are deemed the enemy whether they truly are or not.  We elect officials to be our representatives, not our Lords and Ladies. 

I see a rebellion coming upon this nation.  I see a time and condition where the people will become so fed up with the politicians they will refuse to submit.  I am not suggesting or calling for an armed insurrection but saying that dissatisfaction with politicians and politics is growing among those of varying political stripes.  What will be the tipping point?  I really don’t know but I know that if you corner an animal, even one that is normally passive there is a point where it will fight back, and when it does it fights for its life.

I hope the voting public sends a message to all politicians in every future election that we are tired of being cornered and manipulated.  I hope that there will be enough bad politicians given pink slips that the others will take note of.  I pray that We the People will make our voices heard and send the message that we are no longer willing to be told what to say, think, and do.  I long for a time when we hold politicians accountable for the laws and legislation they pass.  We just might return to citizen representation and a Republican Democracy if that were to happen. I pray that the masses will awaken and return to God and our moral moorings.

If you are a lover of Liberty, lover of God, and believe in the American Constitution, then you must become involved.  If you believe, as the Declaration of Independence declares that we have certain inalienable rights given to us by God, then you must become involved.  If you want the Free Constitutional Republic known as the United States of America to continue, then you must become involved.  We must pray, seek God’s Face, and give oversight to the government rather than allowing it to continue operating unsupervised. 

May God bless you and may God bless America.


  1. Tammy says:

    Well said as always and I pray for wisdom!! I left home at 14 quit school at the beginning of the 10th grade recieved my GED when I was in my late 40’s I’m so blessed to have had God as my ultimate teacher!!! He has blessed me with the Holy Ghost keeping me showing me things that I need to avoid telling me things that are not true so avoid those and people that are not who they say they are! We love and appreciate you Bro. Roy !!!

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