Before I launch into my discussion (some will consider it a diatribe and rant) of the subject matter of my title let me express my deep appreciation for your continued prayers for me.  My wife’s departure for heaven has left me empty in so many ways and yet full.  I have her in my heart but miss her in the flesh.  I am pursuing the purposes of God with all that I am and all that I have as would be God’s desire and Bonnie’s. 

Let me also contend, as I do repeatedly, that the number one problem in America and the world is the condition of the human heart.  It is a heart issue, not simply a political one.  We cannot legislate right relationships even though we may regulate behavior to a degree through laws.  Basically, laws are for the law-abiding and those who view the repercussions as too costly to risk doing the crime.  Locks are to keep honest people out not criminals.  Those who disregard the law, personal property, individual rights, and ignore God have no qualms about breaking any law enacted by the government.  With that in mind, let’s consider my view on the topic of liars and lies.

I have reached the conclusion that a majority of politicians must have been trained at the school of distortion, fabrication, deception, and learned to become pathological liars.  Yes, I said, a majority, and there are members of that fraternity in both major political parties.  No, in all political parties.  The modern politician gives the stereotypical used car salesman a bad name. 

I am amazed at the willingness of the public to believe the lies and the politicians advancing them.  Rush Limbaugh classified some as ‘low information voters’ but I am reaching the point that I am not sure it is ‘low information but no information.’  Better, a complete absence of the ability or willingness to cognate and use the grey matter inside the cranium for what it was designed – THINKING! 

I would like to think that most people believe that truth is supported by facts.  Yet, every day I encounter people who, like Joe Biden and most of the Establishment Democrats have opted for what they deem to be the truth over facts.  I cannot imagine how anyone could assume that the truth would be contrary to the facts, but that seems to be the mentality of many in today’s world.

Joe Biden, during his campaign in Iowa, said, “…We choose unity over division.  We choose science over fiction.  We choose truth over facts.”  WHAT?  The first two are wonderful but the last one is either a massive Freudian slip or an identification of the ideological position of him and his political party.  Either way, it should be of concern to everyone, but it is to only a few.  He even said that America could not stand “eight more years of Trump.”  Since Trump was limited to eight years total and the first term was almost over, eight more years would be a constitutional impossibility.  But I guess that was one of his ‘truths over facts’ revelations.  That is the man in the White House America, if that makes you feel comfortable, I am more concerned about you than him.

The Cancel Culture the Left is pursuing and the Historic Revisionism they desire is part of that mentality.  They seem to believe that if you erase something from the history books and refuse to teach future generations America’s true history it somehow changes that history.  The attempted sanitization of history to the liking of the Woke Crowd who are devoted followers of Political Correctness wants a history that reflects their agenda and demonizes truth and facts.

Some of the multitude of lies told by the Left include:

  • Trump is a white supremacist; he admitted so with Charlottesville. 
  • Trump incited an insurrection on January 6th in an attempted coup.
  • Impeachment was not solely intended to preclude something Trump might do in 2024, by convicting him of something he did not do in 2021.
  • Climate change is an existential crisis that requires the elite to have total control.  People desire and are demanding oligarchic rule because rule by correct thinking experts is ‘Democracy in Action.’
  • Riots by ANTIFA/BLM were ‘mostly peaceful’ demonstrations of justified anger over systemic racism.  However, the breaching of the Capitol on January 6th was a coup and the worse thing in American history.
  • Censorship protects ‘free speech,’ and CNN is a real news organization.
  • Lockdowns and masks work with such efficaciousness that the nation needs to embrace more of both in this dark time we are experiencing.
  • The election was not stolen.  Eighty million people voted for Joe Biden who is not in the grips of senescent senility hiding in the basement of the White House surrounded by his new Praetorian (nee National) Guard.
  • Executive Orders are a legitimate way to change the constitution of the nation.
  • America needs a 9/11-style investigation and a Truth Commission where conservatives can confess their sins but not a peep on the Corruption of the abnormalities in the election or the Biden, Obama, or Clinton crimes.

Those are just a few of the many blatant fabrications advanced by the Left.  I will likely be unfriended and trashed because of my assertion that these are devoid of truth and facts.  These lies are a threat to our American System of Representative Government.  They are a threat to our Liberties and Freedoms and our Constitution. 

We are entering, no we have entered, the dark days of a political oligarchy in America.  Joe Biden is nothing more than the figurehead front-man for this destructive effort.  The nation is being pushed to the brink of civil war and that seems to be the desire of those seeking total dominance and control.  They want chaos, anarchy, division, and violence.  They seem to envision a condition so dire that the majority of Americans call for and are willing to submit to TOTAL CONTROL thinking it will be short-lived and a return to normalcy will transpire.  Freedom lost is never willing restored by those in power. 

Joe Biden has issued many economy-destroying edicts with his pen that we may never fully recover even if we oust him in 2024 or before.  The efforts of the Left to eradicate our borders and allow millions of un-vetted people to enter the United States unimpeded.  The likelihood of that causing a dramatic spike in the coronavirus and other diseases, destroy our economy, place a burden on our health, education, and unsustainable welfare systems is beyond doubt.  Is that part of their plan?  Destroy us in every way and then insist that if we allow them total control, they can rectify our ills and bring to us the Utopia they preach!

I don’t like to use colorful language and some of the descriptive adjectives that are not personally palatable as a Christian, but I agree that we must “fight like hell” or we won’t have a country.  By that, I do not mean to take to the streets with arms and have a shooting war but fight in every legal and legitimate way to protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution and the Republic.    I am not calling for sedition, but for a pledge from Americans and Christians to forego violence and utilize the weapons afforded us biblically, spiritually, and constitutionally to combat this coup against our republic.

I have long urged people to ‘become vocal.’  Silence is not golden and sometimes it is yellow when evil is present, prevalent, and rampant.  Our moral obligation is to speak up and speak out giving warning of the dangers and pitfalls we see.  We must become knowledgeable and seek to articulate the values of conservativism and constitutionalism as we decry the failures and negatives of progressivism and socialism. 

I don’t know if it is time for a Third-Party to be formed to rival the Republican and Democratic Parties, but something has to be done.  Conservatives of all stripes and previous political affiliations must find a basis to unite and fight.  We have to do this with our voices, votes, and pocketbooks.  We must invest ourselves in protesting both in groups and as individuals the atrocities being perpetrated on this nation.

The lie of the Left and the RINOs that if we fight back against the perfidy of the Left, we are inciting violence.  We are doing the exact opposite and as Edmund Burke is reported to have said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  America, it is time that we do what is required to reclaim our republic.

God bless you and God bless America!

One comment on “LIARS LIE AND PROJECT…

  1. Tammy Logan says:

    Amen and amen!!!!! I hold onto the word and what is in the darkness will come into the light …… sadly even some of the most elect of God will be deceived 😦
    I’m holding on to the word and the promises of God!!!! We love you Bro. Roy and thank you for ALWAYS speaking TRUTH!!!!!

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