Go ahead and yell at your computer and call me names, but the 2020 election was so fraught with fraud, corruption, irregularities, and illegalities it can only be called a ‘stolen election.’  Yes, I said it and if you disagree, that’s your prerogative.  You have the right to believe what you believe as do I.  You do not have to issue pejoratives and insinuate that I am both an idiot and out of touch with reality.  I believe that I have a clear understanding of what has transpired, what is transpiring, and what will transpire over the next days, weeks, months, and years in my beloved America.  I bring this up halfway through the first year of the Biden administration because AMERICA NEEDS TO KNOW THE TRUTH and We need to ensure fair elections in the future.

I have been asked if I think that many who voted for Joe Biden, like some that voted for Barack Hussein Obama the first time, will acknowledge their mistake.  My answer is, “almost none will.”  I believe that those so adamantly anti-Trump will find it beyond their ability to admit the error of their hate and acknowledge Biden is and will be a disaster.  Nope!  They are content to label Donald Trump and his supporters as evil, Neanderthals incapable of reason and clear thinking.  Those in the religious ranks that joined that movement claim they are the ones standing on biblical principles when virtually everything Biden and the Left is advancing is anathema to biblical truths.

I have acknowledged numerous times, that leading up to Trump winning the nomination in 2016, Trump was not my first choice.  My choice was eliminated.  The more I listened to Trump I was drawn to him.  When I realized he was going to be the nominee I threw my support behind him.  I am not ashamed to say, “He surprised me.”  He kept his promises as best he could with ZERO Democratic support and precious little GOP backing.  The Establishment on both sides remained thorns in his side for the entire four years he was President.  What could we have achieved if the GOP had had the backbone and constitutional fiber to have backed the agenda?  There would be no Joe Biden in the White House!

As a minister, a veteran, a patriot, and a lover of Freedom, I have been amazed at how much people ‘compartmentalize’ virtually everything.  Our naval vessels are constructed to provide numerous water-tight spaces.  This is designed to aid in survival.  If the crew did their jobs and properly sealed the vessel then only a few spaces would be flooded and increase the chance of staying afloat exponentially.  If they failed it would be a quick trip to Davey Jones’ Locker for them.

That principle is utilized by our intelligence agencies.  There is what is called, “informational compartmentalization” to prevent the leak of information or should one of the assets be capture limit the amount of possible information extracted.  The need to know comes into play in many aspects of military life.  I was made keenly aware of that in Vietnam and the value of not allowing everyone to know everything.  That most assuredly includes the media.

I read something that I had heard in various forms before regarding the Diffusion of Responsibility.  It was the protocol for firing squads.  The quote:  “…Sometimes, one or more members of the firing squad may be issued a weapon containing a blank cartridge. In such cases, members of the firing squad are not told beforehand whether or not they are using live ammunition. This is believed to reinforce the sense of diffusion of responsibility among the firing squad members.”  And “…In more recent times, such as in the execution of Ronnie Lee Gardner in the American state of Utah in 2010, one rifleman may be given a “dummy” cartridge containing a wax bullet instead of a lead bullet, which provides a more realistic recoil.”

That provides an out for the members of the firing squad to embrace the perception, if not the hope, that it was not him or her that actually killed the person being executed.  Is it possible that the dual usage of Compartmentalization and Diffusion of Responsibility transpired simultaneously in the 2020 election?  Is it possible that those low-ranking players in the various swing states or cities had no knowledge of the overall plan only what they were doing?  Is it possible that they thought this was an isolated occurrence affecting their locale, not the entire nation?   I have watched people compartmentalize their lives and I tell them, “You are not a cat you do not have nine lives; you have a life!”

If that was the case, that only the top brass in the organization knew the overall plan and people in Georgia, Detroit, Philadelphia, etc. were discovered it would be like a low-ranking little informed soldier or sailor being capture in war.  They could not reveal much and thereby would not pose a threat to the Establishment.  The information they could provide would not be deemed sufficient to change the outcome of the election and thereby give the courts an out and the politicians plausible deniability. 

If you recall, they bragged about doing it in a Time Magazine article in January 2021.  The brazenness and feeling secure in the belief that they were and are insulated from prosecution, screams that they did it and are beyond dangerous.  But we are asked to dismiss the claims of fraud and deemed sore losers and eaters of sour grapes. 

Constitutionally, America has the ‘right to know’ what transpired in the election and what is happening in the attempts to create a voting system that will forever destroy the integrity of our elections.  We have that right!  We have the required security clearance constitutionally as citizens to KNOW.  But, those in control of the government say, as does the military and other agencies from time to time, “You do not have the need to know.”  They decide what we need to know and what we do not.  If we knew what they had done and are doing, we would be up in arms and they know it.  Therefore, we must be kept in the dark and silenced. 

I can predict, with no fear of having to eat my words, which I would gladly do if proven wrong, the Biden presidency will prove to be far worse than we feared and far sooner than most expected.  They are determined to eradicate our borders.  They are determined to shut down our oil and gas industry.  They are determined to force political correctness upon us.  They are determined to make all conservative, constitutional whites pay for our conservatism, constitutionalism, and ethnicity.  Even the illustrious Governor of New York’s brother declared that he was ‘black on the inside.’  WOW!

Let me make a statement that is intended to be sarcastic but true.  Sir, if you or anyone else is ‘black’ on the inside you have a very serious health issue.  I am not saying, black as having an ethnicity but black as being the color of your internal organs.  I know that was not what he meant, but if he can make a stupid statement, I can make an equally dumb retort. 

If we survive until the mid-terms in 2022 and can somehow wrest the control of Congress from the Leftists, we must do so with people who have the courage and constitutional ideological principles to DO WHAT IS RIGHT!  We cannot simply replace Establishment Socialist Democrats with Establishment Republicans.  That is what has produced the problem we now have.  We must return to the founding principles and return to God if we are to save the republic.  We must make stealing, cheating, and fraud costly.

God bless you and God bless America!

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