I believe in Freedom of Speech for everyone!  Not just those I agree with.  I believe that all of our inalienable rights come from God, not the government!  I believe that everyone has the right to think what they please and express it.  I would hope they find it within themselves to do so civilly, non-personally, and peacefully.  If they do not, then they may find themselves violating the constitution and thereby the laws of the land.

Now to my title, “Kick me to the curb if…”  If what?  Thank you for asking.  In Amos 3:3, we read the declaration, “Can two walk together, except they are agreed?”  That could be a rhetorical question but let me answer it this way before I get to the if of my title.  Can two people walk together?  In Hebrew, the word for walk is ‘yalak’ which conveys the idea of literal walking as well as working and fellowship or pursue the same purposes.  The word together is the Hebrew ‘yachad’ which means united and is from a root word that means to become one.

In that light, the answer is No!  If there is no agreement in purpose, principle, and ideology, two cannot walk together.  However, I believe that the Bible teaches, and life is filled with examples of two people, not in agreement on many things being able to work together up to a point.  So, in that sense, the answer is Yes!

Now to my title statement and the if contained therein.  What is the if that ‘if that transpires’ I suggest or invite you to kick me to the curb or withdraw from me?  The if, cannot be defined in one statement but requires a very extensive list of things political, religious, social, economic, etc.  However, I will only focus on the political but everything I say and do is directly connected to my core convictions of faith.  Therefore, there is and will be overlapping between the political and religious.

If you support Abortion and Abortion on Demand, we have no basis of agreement from which to work or walk together.  I believe that life begins in the womb!  No, I believe that Life begins in the heart of God but as soon as that baby is conceived the purposes of God are set in motion and any violation of that plan is wrong.  I believe that life, all life, is valuable to God and therefore should be to us.  I believe that killing an innocent unborn baby is as reprehensible as any murder.  It is genocide and infanticide and that is foreign to my faith and therefore my politics.  If you believe that abortion is acceptable then you might want to kick me to the curb, because I believe it is murder. 

If you support Gay Marriage and believe that ministers and churches should be forced to perform those ceremonies with no regard for their core religious convictions, we have very little area to find common ground.  Let me make a statement that some may find compromising or confusing, but it is how I see things at this juncture of my life.  If two people of the same sex want to get married in a civil ceremony, they can or should be able to.  I believe their sexual preference and practice are violations of God’s moral and natural law. 

I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman.  If you believe that ministers and churches should be legally forced to perform ceremonies for same-sex couples, then you might want to kick me to the curb, because I believe that is a violation of biblical truth and the Constitution.  You have the right to believe what you believe and what you do in your own home in privacy is a matter between you, your conscience, and God but if you drag me into it, you have violated my rights and we have no common ground.

If you support gun control, gun bans, or gun confiscation stripping legal law-abiding citizens of their constitutional and biblical right of self-defense we are on opposite sides of the issue and have no common ground.  The 2nd Amendment was not written to protect hunting or with hunting in mind.  It had nothing to do with deer but the right and obligation of citizens to defend their homes and families and to give the citizens a means to defend against a rogue tyrannical attempt of the government. 

If you insist on calling the AR-15 an assault rifle, when it is nothing of the sort, we have no common ground.  A military assault rifle has the capability and capacity to be either one bullet at a time or fully automatic.  The AR15s that citizens can legally own do not have that capacity. 

The statistical data does not support the need to ban long guns and the constitution prohibits banning all guns.  We have imposed laws that restrict and limit the ability to own a fully automatic weapon.  Your diatribe, rhetoric, and paranoia will only lead to more crime, more gun violence, and render citizens targets from abuse.  If that is your position, as is held by politicians such as Robert Frances O’Rourke the would-be next governor of Texas, we have no agreement. 

If you believe that it is justifiable to punish people for success and tax citizens into oblivion in order to provide entitlements and freebies for many who are unwilling to work, we have no common ground.  I begrudge no person anything they have earned or inherited.  If you were fortunate or misfortunate enough to have inherited a fortune that is your lot in life.  It is not mine and you owe me nothing. 

However, if I have earned it, developed it, and amassed it, or inherited it, I want no one and no government taking it.  They have no right to even one nickel of it without my consent and without proper representation for that money taken.  If you support the toxic liberal view of taxation, then you might as well kick me to the curb we have no path to walk together.

If you support allowing people who are not legally qualified to vote to cast a ballot in our elections, then we are polar opposites on that spectrum.  A deceased person is not a legitimate voter.  A person that is not a legal citizen is not a legitimate voter.  A person that is underage, a felon, or otherwise disqualified from voting is not a legitimate voter.

A person should be able to vote if they meet the qualifications such as identification and citizenship.  They should be able to vote in their state or precinct ONCE not dozens of times in various precincts or states.  If you find that acceptable then we have no common ground to walk together.

If you believe, as Joe Biden stated, that ANTIFA is just an idea and that the riots, looting, mayhem, and destruction over the past months if not years by BLM and other activist groups is justified, we have no agreement.  If you support the censorship being practiced by Big Tech, we have no common ground.  If you support the repeated attempts to make everything that disagrees with the Liberal Ideological position hate speech and banned, then we have no common ground. 

If you believe that America should coddle despots and terrorists hoping to appease them, then we have no common ground.  If you believe that pastors should be forced to submit their sermons to some government oversight board for approval before preaching, then feel free to kick me to the curb, we are in total disagreement. If you believe that being white is a mortal sin, then kick this Caucasian to the curb.  I will not apologize for my ethnicity.  God decided it and I celebrate who I am, and you should celebrate who you are.

If you believe that citizens must live under a mandate to satisfy the unverified claims of the Climate Change alarmists, then we have no common ground.  If you believe that America should adopt the United Nations Agenda 21 plan and embrace the Sustainable Development ideology, then we have no place for agreement. 

I believe that God created a very sturdy and viable planet and He knew all that we could and would do.  We should be good stewards of the environment, but it is not fickle as the alarmist would have us believe.  Fossil fuels are not the enemy but a blessing from God.

If you believe those things, I do not wish to strip you of the right to believe those things and will discuss them with you so long as that is done civilly, without personal insults and name-calling.  If you resort to insults and call for my destruction physically, emotionally, politically, and economically, we have no basis for agreement.  If you truly want to find common ground, we can discuss the matter but if you want me to cede to your views we cannot continue. 

As long as I have breath, I will stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom!  I will defend your right to enjoy your inalienable rights and not seek to censor you.  I will seek to defeat you at the voting booth and fight for legislation that protects and defends our inalienable rights.  I am willing to allow you to live your life and ask that you to allow me to live mine without having to fight a war to achieve that objective.  I have only scratched the surface and there are dozens of other things I could and probably should include.

God bless you and God bless America!

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