Sometimes, just looking at the headlines on various media sites or over the news networks is telling.  I have told people that one of the ways you can know what is happening in the realm of the spirit is to watch the movies coming out of Hollywood.  The devil is keenly attuned to what God is doing, probably more than most Christians.  The media, politicians, Hollywood, academia, and the activists are all driven by something that, if their diatribe is deciphered will reveal the real battle behind the scenes.

Some may turn me off at this juncture because I just became too mystical or too spiritually motivated in my comments.  Some Christians do not believe in the spirit realm and when talk of satan’s influence or demons is inserted into the conversation, they exit stage left.  I do not see a demon under every bush and do not believe that the devil is controlling all that is happening in this world.  His influence is present, and it behooves us to be aware of his tactics and deceptions.

I want to make a statement before I launch into the headlines I have observed over the past few days and weeks.  My declaration:  we are focused on the wrong things and therefore cannot hope to achieve the desired objective.  If one begins wrong, they will end wrong most of the time.  If the foundation is faulty, the building is unstable.  If the basic premise is flawed, then the targeted objective is unlikely to be achieved.  I believe that Christians, Patriots, and Lovers of Freedom in America are putting our eggs in the wrong basket.

That demands a bit more explanation.  We have largely focused on our divisions and differences politically.  We have done that religiously, socially, relationally, and in many areas of life.  Drawing the line in the sand and daring the other side to cross that line or knock the chip from our shoulders will never achieve the desired restoration of America that most of us long for.  It will expand the chasm of division and corrupt our vision, objective, mission, and hearts. 

I believe that the focus needed is GOD!  Yes, I said, God! I believe that our republic was founded on biblical principles. I believe it was founded with the desire to produce a republic as described in our Independence Declaration. It was founded with an awareness and acknowledgment of His Person, Power, and Providence. 

If America was established on godly and moral principles, not political power, and control, then if we make political power and control the objective we err.  We have been in a cyclical condition for decades politically and that will continue if we do not return to our foundational ideals and embrace the words of John Adams, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.  It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Let me give you a brief list of some headlines that caught my eye and then express what I believe they reveal. 

  • Mom Tells School Board Why Critical Race Theory is Racist and Will Destroy America.
  • COVID-19 Vaccines Are Causing Heart Problems in Healthy Young Men.
  • Trump Was Right:  Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Boosted Ventilated COVID Patient’s Survival by 200%.
  • After Inflation Earnings of Americans Have Declined in Every Month of the Biden Presidency.
  • Failed Bidenomics Threatens to Return Us to Jimmy Carter’s 1970s.
  • The Collective Insanity That’s Rapidly Erasing America.
  • To Survive, Republicans Must Become the Party of Liberty.
  • LEAKED CABLE:  Hillary Clinton Privately Warned France that Wuhan P4 Lab May Lead to Bioweapon Research.
  • ‘Pride’ Night at the Old Ballpark.
  • The Marxist Assault on America’s ‘Woke’ Military.
  • It’s Outright War on Conservatives.
  • I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar, Just not at the Olympics.

Some will read that list and say, “Disjointed and Unconnected.”  Some will question, “What’s the point?”  Those observations are not totally invalid, but I believe they are linked and provide a point worthy of consideration as to the condition of America.  The condition of this nation politically, morally, societally, economically, and spiritually.  That is why I say we are focused wrong. 

We are seeing the massive push of the Cancel Culture, Political Correctness, and the theoretical inclusiveness of the Woke Generation.  But there are sparks of encouragement here and there that Americans from many sectors are awakening to the dangers and pushing back.  I believe that we are seeing the beginnings of the rebirth of the Spirit of 1776 in America.  However, if we make the political our starting point and fight fire with fire hurling insult for insult, we will fail to achieve that revival and restoration.

The draconian efforts of politicians during the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to the demand that everyone become vaccinated as our only cure is opening the door to some glaring realities of the danger of rushing to produce a cure.  The data regarding COVID does not support the requirement for enforced shutdowns, mandated vaccines, and the other impositions that have transpired. 

The elimination of potential beneficial drugs and treatments because Donald Trump endorsed them is beyond insane and even diabolical.  I don’t care who endorsed a treatment, if the data indicates it is even limitedly effective, it is worthy of inclusion in the list of treatment options.  I believe those headlines indicate that there is a behind-the-scenes plan to achieve some of the Agenda 21 Population Control Objectives and Control through this virus or bioweapon, whichever it is. 

The economic policies, the inclusion of Marxist practices in our military, the forced acceptance of varied and even deviant sexual choices is revealing of the dangerous moral position of the Republic.  They also reveal the ineptitude of the politicians to effectively deal with problems without segregating America into camps and sects, pitting Americans against Americans.  Is that part of the plan to divide and conquer?  You have to answer that for yourself, but this American believes the answer is yes.

You cannot read the headlines of today or list to the news media presentations without realizing that our traditional, biblical, and moral foundations have been weakened if not eradicated.  When the courts, congress, and even some churches will not openly and affirmatively disavow the gender lunacy we place our children in danger.  We place the fabric of our society in danger and almost guarantee the unraveling of the basic fabric that has made us, arguably, the greatest nation on earth.

If you do not embrace the racial activism of the Left, the sexual preference agenda of the progressives, and the slaughter of the unborn, you are deemed the enemy.  Skin color does not make one a threat, but the attitude of the heart could. 

If we are going to see America restored, I believe we must return to our moral, spiritual, constitutional, and biblical values, principles, and positions.  We are flawed vessels and our republic has made mistakes but dismantling everything that made us great and produced the prosperity and freedom we have enjoyed is insane.  If we are going to see America return to being the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave and have any hope of becoming a nation where there is Liberty and Justice for All we must also become ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

God bless you and God bless America!

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