That seems to be the mantra, diatribe, rhetoric, and spin coming out of the media and the Leftists regarding past, present, and future elections.  We are not allowed to uncover forensic evidence that might debunk their claims of fairness.  We are not allowed to question polling locales having more votes counted than are registered in those districts.  We are not allowed to question the outcome unless it was in favor of a Republican or a Conservative, then it must be challenged. 

If you call for voter identification you are deemed a suppressionist, a racist, or some other distasteful name.  You hate women, homosexuals, blacks, and other minorities because you desire that only those legally allowed vote in elections.  How dare anyone ask for a photo ID to vote.  But, alas, you must produce one to enter the Democratic conventions, obtain food stamps, and various other entitlements.  You are required to have a Photo ID to board an airplane but when it comes to voting – THAT IS RACIST!

I want everyone regardless of their ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, religious ideology, or political persuasion to be allowed to vote if they are legally qualified to do so.  EVERYONE!  However, to open the elections to the possibility of fraud and cheating as we have over the past few years is an invitation for the nefarious to cheat.  No, it is a guarantee that cheating will transpire.  If you cannot see that or will not admit that you probably are okay with cheating.  Let me qualify that, you are okay with cheating so long as your side wins.  I am not!

Free Elections are a Corner Stone upon which Free Republics are built.  There are numerous things that are indispensable.  It seems to me that each of those I will mention are targets of the Leftists and because of the tampering with those foundational principles, Free Elections are a memory not a reality in 2021.

Every Voter should have the right to expect that his or her vote is kept secret.  Who I vote for is my business and mine alone!  It is not the business of any organization, government, or individual to reveal my vote unless I openly reveal it.  I am of the opinion that mail-in balloting eliminates that guarantee. 

This opens the door for intimidation, coercion, harassment, and even threats large enough to sway how of if a person vote.  It would be a colossal tragedy and assault on our Republic to demand a universal vote by mail.  The only possible way to guarantee privacy in voting is by ‘in person’ voting.  That must also include securing the ballots once they have been cast and having multiple checkpoints that are overseen by both political parties and all political parties involved.

Identity Theft is a real problem in 2021 America and posing as someone else in elections is easy if there are no concrete guidelines such as Photo ID requirement, and proper purging of the voter roles expunging those deceased or who have moved out of the district in which the vote is being cast.  I laugh when I hear the criticism of Voter ID laws from largely conservative states such as Georgia.  Why do I laugh?  Because the law provides for FREE Photo Voter ID for everyone!  That is Free as in it costs the person nothing! 

When the ballots are transported with limited, little, or no security, we invite fraud and cheating.  When last-minute ballots are allowed to magically appear without definitive proof of where and when those ballots were received, we invite fraud.  If we care about the Republic and want to keep America the Free Constitutional Republic, we MUST have a little touching of the ballots as possible.  Each person that touches the ballots must sign for them with witnesses and should be filmed.  The ballot should be treated as a super-sensitive document, not junk mail, and to receive a ballot in the mail, that address, and occupant must be vetted.

I still smirk when I hear how much local control is in local elections and ballot security.  In 2016, former President Barack Hussein Obama argued that our elections were beyond the possibility of being rigged because… Because is the clincher.  He said, “Because they are decentralized.”  Seriously?

In the COVID-19 dominated election of 2020 various state and local officials eliminated about 21,000 ins-person polling places.  That is out of the 116,900 that existed in 2016.  That is no small reduction.  They used alternatives such as extremely large early voting centers and more dangerous mail-in balloting. 

When you add the paranoia and lies proven false to the mix you invite chicanery and virtually guarantee oddities and abnormalities that can be deemed nothing less than magic votes and fraud.  I have seen the polls that indicate that a majority of Americans including 81% of self-described liberals who believed that Donald Trump committed treason for Russia.  That claim was resounding disproved even using the Democrat’s own special counsel. 

When you add the corporate media’s continual smear on a candidate, not their choice, you taint the outcome and render Free and Open Elections an anomaly and a fantasy.  People following paranoia are willing to accept the fraudulent and transparent attempts to cheat as somehow justifiable because, after all, the unwanted candidate is in bed with the enemy and of questionable character.  Did you bother to read the Democratic Platform and the history of their candidates?  NO!  Well, maybe you should.

Let me give you some things that, in my mind, guarantee illegitimate elections:

  • The DNC has controlled All Poll Watchers for over 40 years.  It has been asserted with justification that the 2020 election was the first time since 1980 that the Republican National Committee was prohibited, by law, from helping out with poll-watching efforts or any litigations related to how the voting was conducted.  (Anybody Smell a Rat?)
  • Engendering Laziness in Voting Heavily Slants the Election toward the Democrats.  The Vote by Mail system opens the door for fraud on such a massive scale that legitimate voters, if they vote at all, may find that they voted multiple times by mail without their knowledge.
  • I Believe that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Bought the Election for Joe Biden.  No, I am not discounting the overt cheating, but they influenced millions and I am still uncovering money under the table schemes that bought and paid for votes.
  • The United States Has Morphed into a Land Where There are Sectors a Conservative, Christian, or Republican dare not go.  Think of the ANTIFA riots and what transpired.
  • The FBI Has Systematically and Systemically become an Arm of the Left.  How do you explain the arrests and targeting of Conservatives and the Blind Eye approach to the Left including ANTIFA, etc?
  • The Media is Anything but Unbiased.  They are propaganda arms of the Democratic Party and often make no pretense they are other.
  • Mail-In Balloting Will Be the Downfall of our Electoral Process.  It is impossible to police and thereby opens the door to stolen election after stolen election.

We must maintain the integrity of the electoral process or we have surrendered control of the Republic to those seeking to fundamentally transform her.  I stand for faith family and freedom and will resist in every way I can to the destruction of America.

God bless you and God bless America

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