I used the proverbial we in my title, but I mean the Leftist and the Biden administration?  How far are they willing to go in their push to fundamentally transform America and make this nation a Socialist or Communist totalitarian state?  How much destruction will the American people tolerate?  How long before there is an uprising that blends with Thomas Jefferson’s declaration about the “Tree of Liberty and the Blood of Patriots?”  I hope we do not arrive at that destination, but I fear we are not far from there today.

Every time I hear something proposed by this administration, I think, “Surely, this isn’t real.”  But, alas, each time it is not only real but another nail in the coffin of freedom.  It is another gloat by the arrogant Leftists who hate America.  It is another “in your face” by the globalist and progressives.  How much more can, or will we take?

With the steadily rising inflation rate and the astronomical increase in energy prices I keep expecting to see those who supposedly voted for this debacle to acknowledge they made a mistake.  I keep expecting because I cannot fathom how any rational thinking person could not see the abyss into which we are about to plunge.  Maybe it is pride.  Maybe it is hatred for the hated Donald Trump.  Maybe it is the fruit of decades of propaganda and illusionary education.  Whatever it is, the destruction is becoming more visible with little hope of stemming the tsunami of destruction.

The lunacy of shutting down the fossil fuel industry and then lamenting over the rising prices at the pump trying to blame Trump or foreign nations for the price escalation is unbelievable.  Crude oil has climbed from about $40 per barrel to over $80.  We went from energy independence to being held hostage by the oil producers of the world.  We are, once again, at the mercy of OPEC and Russia.  That was a place few envisioned possible but in less than one year we are there, and it is getting worse.  How bad can it become?  The limit is only to the extent they are willing to destroy us.

The so-called science that produced the lockdowns and now the call for vaccine mandates is only rivaled by the pseudo-science regarding man-made climate change or global warming.  The hypocrisy of those calling for the rest of us to reduce our carbon footprint while continuing their emissions is evident.  Destroying our economy and our lives because of paranoia is unacceptable to me.  Ignoring nuclear energy while pursuing unreliable and doubly expensive wind and solar is not problem-solving it is destructive.

Tyrannical control via the mandates for a vaccine that does not prevent the disease it is designed to prevent is a bit perplexing.  I don’t care if you have or have not been vaccinated. It should be your choice, not a government mandate.  It should not jeopardize your ability to make a living or to live your life.  I tend to believe the doctors who insist that real vetted vaccines actually prevent disease.  This is a non-traditional vaccine with a non-traditional approach and seems to smack with the desire to control than to prevent disease. 

The unwillingness to allow the usage of safer and cheaper therapeutics already in existence such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine has been puzzling.  To hate something because Donald Trump supported it is beyond lunacy.  To allow the drug manufacturers to advance a much higher profitable vaccine than the cheaper treatments is ridiculous.  Playing on the fear and fanning the flames of paranoia is diabolical and will prove destructive.  How low will they go?

Scheming to tax the savings of working Americans and weaponizing the IRS to spy on expenditures of citizens while allowing the government to go rogue should have everyone up in arms and marching on capitols around the nation.  The debacle of the withdrawal in Afghanistan by the Biden team leaving Americans in harm’s way is treacherous if not treasonous. 

The support for abortion on demand by the Left is beyond belief.  I am deeply concerned based on what I have heard various members of that political party support and the stances of this and previous Democratic regimes.  It almost seems that the desire for euthanasia and planned reduction of the world’s population advances the idea that we may reach a place where we simply kill those weaker than us and call it progress.

I support the Second Amendment and all our Amendments that recognize our inalienable rights.  I believe that armed law-abiding citizens help keep us from becoming a murderous society that aggressively mauls, maims, and murders others simply because we can.  If a person approaches me and they are not addled by drugs or filled with a sense of invincibility they have to consider whether or not I might be armed.  My home is my castle, and it is protected to whatever extent I can protect it.  You can charge me with a crime for protecting my person, property, family, and home if you please, but I will defend those portions of my life. 

The insane assault on all police officers because of a few examples of misguided or criminal action by a handful is doubly stupid.  It endangers everyone and especially the unarmed law-abiding.  The police help the citizens far more than the few who do harm.  I believe that taking the Bible out of the public square and prayer out of the schools has opened the door for evil to prevail. 

The home and family have been systematically transformed by the Left seeking to diminish the role, responsibility, and respect of the father.  Dysfunctional families are factors in the rising crime rates in various communities.  It is reported that among black children 43.3% live in two-parent homes.  In the Hispanic community that number is 67.9%, whites 78.6%, and for Asians, it is 89%. 

If we are taught to distrust people of differing skin pigmentation and the police, we will gravitate toward being rebellious, disrespectful, and develop a sense of entitlement.  The rise of relativism and nihilism has produced a diminishing of self-restraint, moral goodness and decency, and respect for the property and rights of others.  We have become a “ME” society.  That is the product of political lunacy, academic poisoning, and the unmooring of family values.  We have done this to ourselves and the election of people who pursue moronic agendas as the Biden team is evidence many do not care what happens to anyone but themselves.

Someone said, “A civilization should be judged not just by its wealth and power, but by the protections it affords the weak – its children, the disabled, and the elderly.”  The increase in child abuse, domestic violence, and the diabolical attacks against the disabled and elderly are railing indictments of our increased depravity. 

We cannot legislate morality, but we should be allowed to present its values.  It is time that we demand a return to the moral principles and the protection of our inalienable rights in America.  It is time that we reject the runaway train of spending and debt.  It is time that we reign in the government and prevent it from throwing money at every problem or nation trying to buy answers.  We are the answer and until we rediscover who we are designed to be we will continue in our decline and administrations like this one will do their dirty work of destruction.

God bless you as we fight for faith, family, and freedom.  God bless America again, I pray!

One comment on “HOW LOW CAN WE (They) GO?

  1. They don’t care how far they have to go to get us to a socialist society: provided they are in charge.
    We shall see what it takes for
    #WeThePeople to stop them.

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