No nation or people can thrive or even survive the catastrophe of blurring many moral and ethical lines in society.  There are lines that, if blurred or removed, will result in the total collapse of that Republic or Society.  No nation, community, church, family, or individual can achieve the designed and/or desired greatness intended if some lines are allowed to be blurred.

What lines?  There are so many, it will be impossible for me to address but hopefully, I can deal with a few to help us see the dangers of America’s Blurred Lines and the collision course with destruction.  This did not happen overnight, nor did it happen with the last election or several elections.  It has been in the works for decades and some insist we are too far gone to recover.  I hope they are wrong.  I hope but have incredible angst in my heart unless we see a massive return to some foundational principles quickly.

It is easy to demonize the opposition and make them worse than Genghis Khan or other despots in the annals of world history.  I have insisted for a very long time that the problem is not, in and of itself, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, Right or Left.  I believed and believe that the problem, engendered and developed through the political jangling of the past 50 plus years, is the Human Heart.  The Condition of the Human Heart or Mind.

There has been a planned erasing of moral principles, God, the Bible, and absolute truth from the public square. The media has been heavily complicit.  Corrupt godless politicians have been deeply involved.  Education has been the tool used by those seeking to ‘fundamentally transform’ America from being a Christian nation to a godless self-serving one.  The followers of communism and socialism have long sought to control the education of their children.  Why would education be so important?

Every corrupt government will use its power and control of the education of its future citizens to shape them into what those in power desire.  The endgame is Control and Compliance.  Therefore, there are blatant omissions in education and the teachings of history, etc. to facilitate a false view of America, Constitutionalism, Freedom, Capitalism, and Christianity. 

If people are allowed access to and taught truth and facts, they tend to become more committed to the idea of Freedom and the limitation of government.  Corrupt governments control the education of the children for their political ends.  We see this glaringly in Communist Countries such as China, Russia, etc.  But we also see it, in the educational system of America. 

A more recent example was the PBS documentary “The Roosevelts” in which FDR and Elanor were presented as non-Christians.  Some will immediately contend that is factual, but some things we know that are not taught was that FDR was a member of the Dutch Reformed Church and professed his belief in the Bible and the God of the Bible. He even wrote for Christian publications an article entitled, “Why Men Should Go To Church.”  He gave lectures at Berkley University on the Christian’s role in modern society.  He gave five lectures and spoke extemporaneously on the subject for 90 minutes. 

Former President Barack Obama sought to remove any reference to God from FDR’s speeches recorded on plaques at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC.  Roosevelt may not have been the best Christian President, but he understood the role of God in government.

Some of his quotes should remind us that at the time of WWII America was very conscious of God’s providence and hand in America’s beginning and survival.  He said, “We cannot read the history of our rise and development as a nation, without reckoning with the place the Bible has occupied in shaping the advances of the Republic.” 

Regarding the Constitution, he said, “I hope you have re-read the Constitution of the United States.  Like the Bible, it ought to be read again and again.”  He also said, “Those forces hate democracy and Christianity as two phases of the same civilization.  They opposed democracy because it is Christian. They oppose Christianity because it preaches democracy.”

We began allowing the lines of our moral mooring to begin blurring in the early 1960s.  In the Engle v. Vitale case (1962), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-1 against New York’s “Regents’ prayer”, a “non-denominational” prayer that state education officials had composed for public schoolchildren to recite.  One year later, a case originated by a Philadelphia-area man named Ed Schempp challenged mandatory Bible reading in Pennsylvania schools.  That case reached the Supreme Court and in 1963 the court ruled 8-1 that devotional Bible reading or other government-sponsored religious activities were unconstitutional.

We took prayer and the Bible out of the public schools, allowing a somewhat sanitized and skewed history to begin to be taught.  The words of Thomas Jefferson come to mind, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.”  John Adams, the 2nd U.S. President declared, “the constitution is made for a moral people.”

When you remove the Bible from education and the public square you suffer negative consequences.  Since 1963, we have witnessed a decline in academic achievement, including SAT scores.  We have seen an increase in out-of-wedlock births.  We have experienced an increase in the use of illegal drugs and an increase in juvenile crimes.  We have witnessed the decline in respect for authority and the abysmal deterioration in-school behavior.

We have blurred the lines on what true Christianity means and watered-down commitment to Christ to the point that anything is acceptable and there is no right or wrong.  We have made ourselves the center of our universe and blurred the lines of absolute truth.  We have blurred the lines of DNA and the biblical declaration of gender. We have made abominable practices acceptable and a matter of choice blurring the lines of moral rightness.  We have created a society where there is no fear of God, no reverence for morality, no recognition of authority, and made self-gratification the prime objective. 

Our blurred lines in society have not created the desired utopia but a world in which everyone becomes a law unto themselves.  Our truths become the Truth rather than determining what we believe true to based on and rooted in God’s Truth.  We have justified evil and turned a blind eye to the deterioration within society and watched our liberties dwindle to nothingness.  We created this world ourselves by allowing the Lines of Truth to become blurred.  Once blurred the line of demarcation between good and evil, right, and wrong becomes easy to erase.

America, I fear for you and I am committed to interceding for my nation and her people.  I am committed to working for Faith, Family, and Freedom in every legitimate way I can.  I will work, speak, teach, pray, and vote.  Will you join me in the crusade to save America from a further blurring of the lines?

God bless you and God bless America

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