Why would I ask such a question?  Why would I entertain the insinuation that was offered by the current occupant of the White House and those of his ilk that Americans who do not toe the Leftists line are suffering from psychological issues and are delusional?  Why?  Because the rhetoric and indoctrination are being spewed forth like a river and many who are not capable or willing to ‘think for themselves’ are buying it hook line and sinker.

I could and probably should turn that around and level it at them because I believe they are suffering from some serious delusional or diabolical issues. They appear psychotic and I would even argue that some of them seem to be demonically driven in their agenda and objective.  The brainwashed in today’s America truly believe that those of us who follow the Bible, Christianity, the Constitution, and are Conservative are evil people.  Therefore, they hang on every word that the propagandist offers and delude themselves with ideas that the only reason we are not tiptoeing through the tulips of utopia is us.

The Leftists, especially those in power, appear to be some of the most miserable people on the planet.  Yet, they use projectionism and claim that if we do not bow at the shrine of Baal and grovel at the feet of Biden and his Party, we have a problem with being happy.  I wonder how happy we should be with an economy that has been shredded?  How happy should we be with a border that is porous allowing disease-ridden people and terrorists free access to our country?  If what has transpired in the past 14 months is supposed to be awesome as Biden’s demented state of cognivity envisions, then please spare me of awesome. 

Awesome is not a word that I would ever use with a condition produced by man or any person, because the only awesome is God!  He is the only one I stand in awe of and the only one I will ever bow before. 

For Joe Biden to make ridiculous claims is nothing new, but he has gone beyond anything with his assertion regarding today’s conditions.  He said, “There’s a phenomenal negative psychological impact that COVID has had [COVID! Of Course!] on the public psyche.  And so, you have an awful lot of people who are, notwithstanding the fact that things have gotten so better for them economically, uh, that they are thinking, but how do you get up in the morning feeling happy?  Happy that everything’s alright.” 

WHAT?  I have concluded that the occupant of the White House along with many other politicians are pathological liars and they don’t even realize they are presenting fabrications of epic proportions.  They believe that they are infallible and therefore believe that anyone who questions or disagrees is suffering from delusion or a psychological disorder. 

Mr. President, I am not HAPPY with the damage you and your party have done to America and Americans.  I am not happy with the havoc that has ensued including the riots, the open border, the diminishing of our national security, the destruction of our economy, the inflation or hyperinflation that is destroying our ability to live the American dream.  I am not happy with the draconian mandates and the infringements upon our inalienable and constitutional rights.  If that makes me, in your mind, one who is suffering psychologically, then so be it.  May are suffering psychologically due to the destruction you have wrought. 

The ridiculousness of the claims of the media, the Leftists, and those who hate Donald Trump with blind hate insist that he and those of us who are conservative support Putin is beyond the pale.  Now, Biden, in his twisted mind, believes that COVID has made Americans so psychologically unbalanced they are unable to appreciate the miraculous wonders he has done for this nation.  If what he has done is wonderful, then I need to get a new dictionary and a new view of life.  Awesome or Wonderful are not words I would use to describe his administration’s work.

I hold to the belief that Americans are not idiots as the Left seems to believe.  We know that we are in hard times on many fronts.  The economy may be creeping back a smidgen, but it is nowhere near where it was pre-Biden and before COVID.  In 2019 our unemployment rate was 3.6% but soared to 6.7% in 2020.  It is still not back where it was and part of that may be due to the insane bribery by the government to induce people not to work, as they attempt to buy votes for the Left.

If you are in the workforce or even on Social Security, you realize that the 3.5% or so raise was quickly eaten up by the over 7+% inflation rate.  What effect is that having on the average American’s pursuit of purchasing life’s most basic necessities such as food, shelter, medicine, and energy?  I remember Ronald Reagan’s view on inflation, unlike Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden.  Reagan said that inflation is “as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber, and as deadly as a hitman.”

I do not believe people as concerned whether inflation is the result of man-caused supply chain issues or because of bad presidential policies, they want it fixed.  They care about the cost of goods and services as compared to their income.  They care that their money is losing value every day and they see the ominous clouds of depression rising rapidly.  Even those that did not like Trump should admit that we were far better off then than now. 

The threat of a Third World War due to weakness in the White House is real.  They called Trump a warmonger and a hawk, but we had a more stable world during his term of office than now or under Obama. Why?  Because Trump and the world knew that strength is the best guarantee of peace.  Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, or any other despotic regime knew that Trump’s willingness to confront them would end badly and they were restrained.  Under Biden, they have no fear of us, and the world is a smoldering cauldron of destruction.

Let’s compare notes and see who is delusional.  We have polls that indicate 62% of Americans believe Putin would never have invaded Ukraine if Trump were in the White House.  In 2019 Donald Trump threatened Erdogan in a jovial letter that said work with me for a good deal or I’ll destroy Turkey’s economy.  What happened?  The media sneered and hurled vitriolic accusations against Trump, but Erdogan retreated.  But Biden invited Putin to engage in ‘minor incursions.’  Put took that weakness and roared forth. 

Mr. Biden, I am not happy, and it is not because I am delusional and psychologically challenged making me unable to see your awesome display of wonders for America.  They are figments of your imagination.  Your handlers may be giddy at the train wreck of destruction your administration is bringing to our Republic but most of us are not. 

America, we either return to God and plead for His mercy, restoring sanity and morality to our country or we will perish.  We must return to Constitutional governance and Republicanism or we perish. We can unite and oust the destroyers, or we can divide into sects and become a house divided that has no chance of surviving.  It is up to us!  We either fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom or we watch as our Republic becomes a footnote in history.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Spot on! They want to claim the peace we had under Trump was because he snuggled up to and catered to Putin. Most, and those who “had” to investigate that know differently. It was because as you said……Trump showed strength. As crazy as Putin is, he respects and fears strength. Your post was stated truthfully…….very well said sir!

  2. markone1blog says:

    If we are Democrats, then yeah, we are delusional. But, sorry to disappoint you, I am not a Democrat.

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    How much longer are we going to take this “bluff” and abuse from the left’s leader? We must vote this water buffalo out of office and all of their evil. We sat by and let them put one over on us with the stolen election as history will prove; but, we can’t wait for history. We must stop this evil Biden because he has no inkling because either he had a double giving the Nation’s address. Something is not right with this situation. He can’t swing from ignorance to how he presented the address. Was that a double?


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