Sometimes the diabolical and pathological liars tell the truth unwittingly and unintentionally.  That is happening more and more all the time with the followers of toxic liberalism driven by satanic globalism.  They probably are unaware that they expose themselves, but then, they may not care.  They have succeeded for so long in duping the people and the followers of their rhetoric and diatribe keep electing them, so why worry about exposure, right?

The Biden press conferences have been nothing short of buffoonery and his ineptitude at even reading the teleprompter or regurgitating the words in his ear via electronic devices would be laughable were they not so serious.  What he says is not what he thinks he says, and those with ears to hear, hear the disturbing agenda of those driving that bus.

Putin seems to be concerned that Ukraine will join or be allowed into NATO.  He has issued his demands to that effect, that he be given a guarantee that NATO will not be parked on his doorstep.  Someone rightly said that would be like Mexico falling into the hands of China’s military control.  Ironically, NATO does not want Ukraine because of its historic corruption.  Therefore, this amounts to a bit of international one-upmanship and ego on Putin’s part.  He wants to embarrass Biden and the U.S. while flexing his muscle worldwide.

Amazingly, Joe Biden in his press conference acknowledged that Russia would probably invade Ukraine.  Wow!  What would be our response?  We will not enter into a full-blown war with Russia (a nuclear power) if Russia does a ‘minor incursion’ into Ukraine.  What does that mean, a minor incursion?  Imagine that, Ukraine ostensibly our allies and previously Hunter Biden’s funders are horrified at Biden’s response. Now, Russia has invaded and Biden keeps attempting to rebrand himself as a war president, a wag the dog move but ineptitude continues to be exposed.

That is disturbing and demonstrates weakness on the part of America.  However, something even more disturbing came out of that press conference.  Biden was asked, “Do you still believe the upcoming election will be fairly conducted and the results will be legitimate?”  Biden’s response, “It all depends, depends on whether or not we’re able to make the case to the American people that some of this is being set up to alter the outcome…”  What does that mean?  Of course, some of this is being set up to alter the outcome.  That was part and parcel of his voting rights or (voter fraud) bill.  It is more wag the dog and watch what happens to COVID before the 2024 election.

Reporter, Zeke Miller, dared to remind Biden of the problems currently facing his administration and Biden flared like a raging bull.  The problems listed were, the economy, COVID, failed bills, the divided nation, etc.  He was asked if he overpromised and underachieved and if he has plans to correct his course?  He snarled and said, “I’ve probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen.” 

Outperformed? Well, he has, in one short year, destroyed the American economy, eradicated America’s energy independence, sent inflation to the moon and beyond, erased our southern border, and come within minutes of a land war with Russia.  He has presided over more American deaths than any president in history, so I guess he was telling the truth.  He has done more than anyone thought even though what he has done was virtually all bad.

Then, Democrat Representative Hakeem Jeffries said, unintentionally I would presume, that the Democrat’s federal elections takeover bill is “inspired by Hugo Chavez…Cesar Chavez.”  Let that sink in.  This man is the fifth most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives and heir apparent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Doesn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy?  He is powerful and dangerous!

Of course, his assertion is utter nonsense since Cesar Chavez was a labor organizer and had little to do with voting rights.  Hugo Chavez, by contrast, is the late Venezuelan dictator who pioneered rigged elections under gaslighting claims, repeated by the American Left, of expanding democracy.  It was anything but democratic and was a means of cementing his position in power. 

He ceased absolute power through his corruption of elections.  He was done politically, but via the pathway of voter fraud, rigged elections, and despotism, he declared himself the victor and assumed absolute power.  That seems to be what the Democrats are seeking to do via their elections bill.  I might ask, if Joe Biden got more votes than anyone in history, then how are votes being suppressed?  If those were legitimate, then there is obviously no suppression unless it is suppression of conservative votes.

If Hugo Chavez is the inspiration of Congressman Jeffries and the Democrats, what does that mean for America?  Chavez left Venezuela a literal hell on earth.  Is that their plan for America?  Jeffries pronounced “Oogo Chavez” incredibly correctly.  That suggests to me that he highly esteemed Hugo Chavez and his policies and practices.  He tried to change it to Cesar Chavez but with his history of not making Freudian slips like Joe Biden, I believe he meant Hugo, not Cesar and that tells us everything we need to know.

Now, to one more thing where they told the truth without fully intending to.  The Biden mandates on businesses with 100 or more employees for either constant testing or vaccinations.  He has moved to impose mandatory vaccines on about 17 million who work for healthcare facilities that accept Medicare or Medicaid.  They are using an emergency rule under OSHA, which would apply to about 80 million people.

They literally admitted that the OSHA effort is an attempt to do an end-run around the Constitution.  Nice, huh?  The person that is frequently reported to be the power behind the throne in this administration, Chief of Staff Ron Klain, retweeted MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle, who posted, “OSHA doing this vaxx mandate as an emergency workplace rule is the ultimate workaround for the Federal govt to require vaccinations.” 

That is an overreach that is both illegal and dangerous.  It opens the door to all kinds of abuse and illegitimate control over America and Americans.  They know that and are counting on the Supreme Court to do what it has so frequently done, turn a blind eye to their abuses.  However, even when the SCOTUS rules against them, they ignore it.  He is signaling to his base that the party has no regard for the law. 

America, if we do not return to God in repentance for our sins and the nation’s sins and restore our moral moorings we are in for incredibly dark times.  If we do not unite to oust all the followers of toxic liberalism, those pushing this agenda, and the name only Republicans who are siding with them, we will watch our republic crumble.  What a heritage to leave to our posterity.  I do not wish to do that.  Therefore, I will fight for faith, family, and freedom with all I have and all I am.

God bless you and God bless America!

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