I hesitate to ask that question because it seems that some are taking it as a challenge.  Can what is happening in Washington become any more disconnected from reality and destructive?  The short answer would be, Yes!  The long answer would be, Yes!  The intermediate answer would be, Yes!  There needs to be more qualifying of those answers, but the politicians in DC have continued to prove that they can engage in more and more lunacy by doing one dumb thing after another. 

In all fairness, it is not just the Democrats that are acting stupidly.  There are plenty of Establishment types and Rhinos on the Republican side of the aisle.  I do not know what happens when a person is elected to Congress, but something changes once they are there for a fleeting time and they start ignoring their campaign promises and engage in the pursuit of power, position, and filling their purses with filthy lucre.  Maybe it is the money.  Maybe it is the power.  Maybe it is the prestige of being a Senator or Representative.  Whatever it is, it seems that quickly integrity exits stage left and corruption comes to center stage.

I remember Barack Obama’s world tour apologizing for America and denouncing American exceptionalism.  He seemed to take the wrong side of every issue and backed those who hated America, Israel, and freedom repeatedly.  Now, the illustrious Joe Biden is following his example.  He compared the Palestinians to the Irish under British rule.  Yes, I support Israel and its right to the Holy Land including Jerusalem. 

When I compare the Palestinians and the Irish, I find vast differences.  One of the most glaring is their treatment of women.  The Irish have a long history of strong women.  History records the Irish Pirate Queen, Grace O’Malley, and the pre-English Celts had Boudica, the queen who nearly drove the Romans out of Celtic Britain.  How does that compare to the Muslim Arabs including the Palestinians?

The Muslims (not all) mutilate their women with FGM and honor-kill them to keep them terrified and weak.  The Jews honor Deborah, a prophetess who had more courage than the warrior Barak.  Thus, the Irish are more like the Jews who produce strong women, unlike the Muslim Arabs who kill them and suppress them.  At no time during the English Rule of Northern Ireland was there a vocalized desire by the Irish to obliterate and annihilate all of the United Kingdom.  They never sought genocide against the English, unlike the Muslim Arabs including the Palestinians who want to push Israel into the sea and annihilate all Jews.

Joe Biden in his Middle East tour and begging the Saudis to produce more oil declared that he had gained their commitment to producing more oil.  The Saudi’s on the other hand when asked if President Biden asked them to increase oil production with the idea that it would help gas prices in America, their response stomped on Biden’s claim.  Al-Jubeir said, “Not in – with specificity because the president knows that the energy issue is an issue of supply and demand.  It is an issue of balancing markets.  Saudi Arabia’s committed to ensuring stability in the oil markets” 

Interestingly the Saudi Prince also said that Biden did not press them on the issue of increased oil production. Rather the president sought their counsel on various issues and how America and Saudi Arabia could move forward in order to ensure that the next eighty years are as positive as the previous eighty in the mutual relationship.  So, Biden is consulting with the Saudis on how to move forward.  So much for being the leader of the Free World, we are becoming increasingly subservient to those who hate us and use us for their benefit.

The Biden administration has ceased all pretense regarding their agenda and his Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg is openly boasting that high gas prices are forcing Americans toward electric vehicles.  Imagine that, admitting that the manipulation of taking advantage of the gasoline prices for political agendas is, in their view, a good thing.  With inflation, at a reported 9.1% (it is much higher) they want to force us to buy outrageously priced electric vehicles and plug them into an already taxed electric grid to advance the Global Warming, Climate Change, and Liberal World Order.  Can it be any crazier?  Yes, it can!

The COVID lockdowns, the overreaching mandates, the war on freedom of speech, religion, the right to self-defense, the attempts to force Americans to embrace Gender Blending, Sexual Orientation of the homosexual community, and allowing Drag Queens to address our children are having a negative effect.  The government has launched or is launching a new suicide prevention lifeline. Code 988 will be available for call or text as the Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Crisis Lifeline operates 24/7/365.  (Please note, I am in favor of preventing suicide, but this comes after their draconian measure and the spike in suicides.)

I believe that the draconian actions and forced isolationism by the government have created a new sickness in America that is far beyond sadness.  It is causing a state of depression that is causing an alarming number of suicides in every age group.  We are more addicted to antidepressants than any country in the world.  The nearest to us are Iceland, Australia, and Canada. 

I believe that every person has a God-shaped hole in their heart and without Him, we are all subject to deep depression.  If I were to ask most young people today and those not so young what is the meaning of life or even their purpose in life, most could not give a reasoned cognitive answer.  We need purpose to survive.  We are sick with brokenness and one of the key things that this administration and those back in the Johnson era are doing to exacerbate the problem is destroying the idea and ideal of the nuclear family. 

America is bearing the fruit of the government’s attack on the nuclear family, the implementation of entitlements that encourage deviancy, and the failure to assume personal responsibility.  We are being encouraged to embrace cultural Marxism and reject Christian values.  The Bible is being targeted as merely a book of history or myths rather than being the Word of God and authoritative for moral guidance and interpersonal relationships. 

Statistics reveal that children raised with fathers in the home are less likely to experience poverty, behavioral issues, and mental illness.  Most of the mass shootings of late reveal that the perpetrators of those horrific acts were young men on antidepressants or other medications related to mental health and were fatherless and often both.  I believe it is verifiable that the more fathers drop out of the lives of the children and are absent from the home the more this problem grows. 

I believe that the absence of fathers in the home is one of the great contributors to the spiritual sickness that is pervasive in America.  That sickness is manifesting itself in some very disturbing ways such as violence, poverty, rage, hate, depression, and no sense of accountability.  Is it the absence of fathers alone that is producing this, NO!  We have allowed the educational system to pollute the minds of our youth.  We have allowed politicians and activists to pollute our culture.  We drifted from God, moral rightness, and personal responsibility.  We need both parents in the home. Good fathers and good mothers, actively engaged in teaching their children and providing a godly example.

This administration, the national Democratic Party, and too much of the GOP seek to replace our self-sufficiency with dependency upon their benevolence.  They are attempting to make themselves virtual gods and as they shift our allegiance from the God of the Bible to self, we reach new levels of lunacy that make our survival almost impossible.  It is time that we rid ourselves of the virus of politicians who do not honor the Constitution and are devoid of integrity.

God bless you and God bless America!

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