That philosophy is about as valid as the Biden administration, the Democratic Establishment, and the RHINO Republicans in Congress’ plan to address inflation.  They seem to believe that you reduce inflation by creating more inflation.  This is the age-old lame-brained practice of politicians to ‘just throw money at problems.’  Money does not fix everything and fictional money that we are printing or the money we borrow will not resolve our fiscal crisis.  It requires sane political policies, which we do not currently have.

The plan that Chuckie Schumer and Joe Manchin agreed to is truly no better than the original plan of Biden’s team.  Both are insanely destructive and will only make the pain we tax-paying citizens feel last long into the future.  Their policies and plans create a black hole into which our economy is being sucked and from which there is little hope of recovery.  Yet, they insist, that this will fix the problem.  HOW?

It is beyond ludicrous to pass a $433 Billion Spending Bill, money that is not in our coffers, during a time of recession and runaway inflation.  Then to add insult to injury they desire to raise taxes by $739 Billion insisting this will fix the problem and everyone will be on easy street shortly.  We may be on poverty street but easy will not be the term to define it.

If we, the voting public, those who pay taxes and feel the pinch of inflation, the recession, escalating prices, and looming shortages do not take action, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  I am convinced that there must be something in the water in Washington that destroys brain cells and renders the members of Congress incapable of rational reason.  How else can we explain their lunacy? 

The spending bill alone will be disastrous, but raising taxes too is sadistic if not demonic.  Maybe the members of Congress, those who are largely immune from our pain economically, just enjoy seeing people suffer.  Maybe they are so desirous to acquire total power and control that they are willing to sacrifice millions of us to achieve their end.  Whatever it is, it is time that we step up to the plate and take our swings at the voting booths and show them the door.  If we do not, then who can we blame, but ourselves? 

The Left and too many in the Establishment on the Right are tone-deaf to we the people.  They do not feel our pain, because they are insulated from it and living off our dime high on the hog.  They are either economically uninformed or diabolical and have a sinister motive behind what they are doing.  They are far more committed to their political ideology than the needs of the country.  They do not seem to hear us or care what we think.  Therefore, it is time that we get their attention!

I fully expected them to manipulate the cost of gasoline downward, just as they manipulated it upward.  If they win in November, the prices we saw before this downturn will be low in comparison to what they will bring.  They have expressed a desire to see gasoline in the $9-$10 range and if they stay in control nothing will stop them. 

It seems that the Left intends to turn America into another Cuba, Venezuela, or some other failed communist-socialist nation where people are living in squalor and abject poverty. In such a short time, Joe Biden’s administration proved what many of us have been warning and Ronald Reagan prophesied, “We are one election away from losing our freedom.”  If we let this continue, we can expect nothing better than the loss of all our inalienable rights and freedoms. 

The Democrats and too many Republicans become giddy over a tax increase because it is more of somebody else’s money they can spend like the proverbial drunken sailor.  Politico is prophesying that Joe Biden is back in the game and he is experiencing a turnaround that will salvage the Democrat’s hopes in November and his presidency in 2024.  I believe they are wrong, but with the way people have voted in the past and the low level of political acumen existing today, I do not know.

Senator Joe Manchin is a Democrat.  Yes, he has held the line embracing views of most of West Virginia and the more conservative parts of our country on some things but not in this.  He is a Democrat and I have warned, do not put your hopes in him.  He is a Democrat. 

I hope you are aware that of the $439 Billion Spending Bill $369 Billion of it is dedicated to Climate Change!  Yep, they believe that they can buy the climate they desire with their insane spending.  If they believed in God, they would know that nature is not owned by any man and money will not change a drought into an oasis or lower the thermostat of the sun in the blazing heat of summer.  But they voted God off their national platform a few years back, so God is not part of their thinking.

Even some economists who are left-leaning if not uber-liberal acknowledge that the $3.1 Trillion COVID relief and infrastructure package was a major contributor to our current economic state.  When you are in a boat with water coming in, drilling more holes thinking that will allow more water to run out is a guarantee that you will sink! That is what the Democrats under Biden are doing.  How can they be so dumb?  Well, maybe they know what they are doing and doing it intentionally.

The Penn Wharton Budget Model [PWBM] has projected that this bill will cause inflation to increase for the next two years at a minimum.  They project that inflation will be peaking about the time we vote for president in 2024.  The increase in inflation is directly tied to the Inflation Reduction Act that Schumer and Manchin devised. 

Therefore, inflation is going to keep rising, and with the great wisdom (sic) of this Bill, the tax increase will guarantee that we have even less money to fend off the woes of inflation.  Thank you, Democrats and any Republican that votes for this, you are not our friend and do not have our best interest at heart.  It is time for you to go!

Before you buy the spin that this tax only impacts the rich, the Joint Committee on Taxation has admitted that it will touch every tax bracket.  More than half of the taxpayers make less than the targeted $400 thousand annually, and we will feel the brunt of the tax increase.  Those of us earning less were not to be impacted according to Biden.  Alas, another fabrication, distortion, or miscalculation, we will all be impacted.  That is not a new phenomenon.  It has been revealed that the largest increase will be on those making less than $10 thousand annually.  That’s right the bottom end of the tax bracket will be hurt the most.  How does that square with Biden’s promises and the claim of being for the little people? 

The National Association of Manufacturers believes that this tax bill will reduce the income of workers collectively by a minimum of $17.1 Billion in one year.  They also believe it will cost about 218,108 workers their jobs thus increasing the unemployment rolls and welfare costs.  In order to push the Green Energy Plan, they will give substantial handouts and tax credits to companies who spend on renewable energy sources.  [Wind, solar, critical minerals, biofuels, hydrogen, carbon capture, nuclear, sustainable aviation fuel, lithium-ion batteries, electric-vehicle charging stations, etc.]

Once again, the federal government will be picking winners and losers in the economic arena.  They will be in control of more of our lives and we will lose more freedoms.  If we do not wake up, we are drilling holes in the boat hoping the water will run out rather than in our boat and we will sink.

God bless you and God bless America!


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