That is a quote from ages past and no one is quite sure who originated it or when.  It appeared in a London newspaper in 1828 and was referred to as a Portuguese proverb.  It was used in Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 adaption of Romeo and Juliet.  The earliest known text resembling it occurs in Virgil’s Aeneid, “facillis descenus Averno” (the descent to hell is easy).  There is a slight resemblance in the non-canonized book of Sirach or Ecclesiasticus 21:10, “The way of sinners is made plain with stones, but at the end, thereof is the pit of hell.”  John Foxe quotes William Tyndale (1494-1536) as writing “Beware of good intents.”

Regardless of where it originated many of our founding fathers noted that the pathway to tyranny was through evil intentions disguised as good and benevolent.  Charles de Montesquieu said, “There is no greater tyranny than that perpetrated under the shield of the law in the name of justice.” Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear their government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there is liberty.”

Dan Bongino has a maximum: “Conservatives believe Leftists are basically good people with bad ideas.  Leftists believe conservatives are bad people with ideas.”  There is a stark difference between those two sentiments.  Today in America we are being bombarded with destructive tyrannical things that are touted as being with the good of all people at their heart.  Just because the person advancing an idea thinks it would be for the best good of mankind does not make it so.  Believing something does not make it true or right.

The Critical Race Theory is an example.  It is more than an ideology it has become a tenet of the religion of the Left.  No matter what anyone claims it teaches divisiveness and promotes hatred based on skin color, economic status, employment status, or virtually their ‘anything’ status.  Anything that does not comply with the demands of those claiming to be the victim is opposed and to be destroyed.  The intention may be to make everything better, but the result is to make the divide more pronounced.

CRT uses three fundamental tenets.  The advancement of the grossly exaggerated idea of white privilege.  This is the idea that by being white you are afforded privileges and therefore you are a racist.  It employs what could be called an unconscious bias, which is a bias or prejudice that even though you do not display characteristics of it, you still hold it in your heart, and therefore you are a racist. 

It advances the idea of systemic or structural racism.  Those extend to the economy, politics, education, religion, family, and the judicial system.  If you are of the wrong ethnicity, you are a racist and therefore must be transformed or forced to conform and repent of your wrong ethnicity. 

The objective is not to change your mind and make you believe as they believe but to modify your behavior and shame you into compliance.  That in itself is tyrannical.  I do not believe that those originating those theories and causes care one wit about fairness, tolerance, equity, or any of the other purported elements of their cause.  They use those who genuinely believe in the theories they advance as useful idiots allowing them to get bloody in the fight.  Sadly, those on the conservative side take the bait and many are willfully ignorant and therefore complicit.  Mark 8:18 speaks to this saying, “They have eyes, yet see not, and ears, yet hear not.”

Ceding ground without understanding the battle is the path where virtually all cultural, social, political, and spiritual human catastrophes become norms.  Aleksander Solzhenitsyn said, “To do evil a human being must, first of all, believe that what he is doing is good.  It is in the nature of the human being to seek a justification for his actions.”  Thus, the saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” applies.  The writer, M.B. Callaway in his book Crossroads of the Eternal said, “if you want to carry out evil on a large scale, turning from God’s authority to man’s as a society, you must cloak it within an ideology known by its nice sounding intentions.”  That is where we seem to be.

John Locke said, “And where the body of people, or any single man (person), is deprived of their right, or is under the exercise of a power without right, and have no appeal on earth, then they have a liberty to appeal to heaven.”  If we are not there, we are close, and it is time for every believer in God, follower of Christ, and patriot to appeal to heaven for deliverance from the impending tyranny that is being imposed.

As a Christian, a minister, a veteran, and a patriot I question where the church has been in its mandate to be an anchor for society to our foundations and moral moorings.  This will not make me popular, but I am concerned that much of the church has adopted the lies of the postmodernist and no longer have a firm enough foundation to be a biblical anchor.  The church is not a racist institution and America is not antithetical to the Kingdom of God.  The Bible’s addressing of sin is not hate speech!  It

Much of the modern church world is in a state of denial as to the actual condition of our society and politics.  The clarion call should be to immediately and fervently implement the directive of 2 Chronicles 7:14 but instead, we are told to keep the church out of the political discussion.  That is demanded even when the political discussion directly impacts the moral fiber of our society, goes contrary to biblical precepts, and seeks to force Christians to abandon their core biblical convictions to accommodate the popular ideology.

The founders never intended to establish a theocracy, and neither should the church.  Individually we should be ruled by God and if it becomes a question of obeying man or God, then we obey God.  The idea that quoting the Bible is to engage in hate speech is antithetical to everything biblical and reasoned.  The willingness to ignore our inalienable rights such as Freedom of Speech, Thought, Religion, Assembly, and Self-Defense supposedly with the good intentions of making life better and safer results in the implementation of the tyrannical. 

The founders recognized that no nation has ever existed or been governed without religion and that Christianity was the greatest of all religions and provided the most benefit for society.  Today, there have been so many abuses by the government that the voting public has no confidence in our elections or our government.  Some are turning to God in an appeal to heaven and others are throwing up their hands in disillusionment and disappointment and withdrawing from the process.  The latter opens the door to the tyrannical. 

Couple all this with the violation of the original purpose by Academia and we have generations devoid of a true understanding of our history as well as incapable of using rational reasoning and critical thinking.  That has resulted in the Cancel Culture being feared and allowed to erase historical monuments and force the name change of private and public institutions.  Where does it end?  It ends in chaos, anarchy, and those seeking to impose their brand of tyrannical governance in a position to carry out their objective.  Thus, the road to hell is continually being paved with good intentions. 

America, we can stop this!  God will help us, but He will not intervene without our return to foundational moral and biblical principles.  He will not replace one regime with another in which the only difference is what they perceive as the best good while both are self-serving.  Education should be challenging not made so easy there is no development of the mind and no reason to think.  Education, in its best environment, is confrontational, challenging, and often uncomfortable. That is life.  Students should be taught to think, reason, evaluate and come to logical conclusions.  If life is a bed of roses, it might be well to teach that roses have thorns. 

America, we can, but will we unite and return to our moral moorings and reject the tyrannical that is being advanced on the theory it is being proposed for the best good?  We must stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  America is worth fighting for and Freedom is a treasure once lost never to be regained without great sacrifice.

God bless you and God bless America!



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