Although the right of choice is under fire by those seeking to fundamentally transform America into something other than the Free Constitutional Republic we were founded to be, we still have a choice, sometimes limited but still a choice.  The PC Police and Thought Police, Censors, and vocal adherents to the Cancel Culture and Revisionism are hell-bent on stripping us of choice, but as of today we still have that right and option.

Politically, too many allow themselves to be sucked into the black hole of destruction due to a personal animus or bias toward a particular candidate.  We have seen this kind of animus before, to a lesser degree. The Trump hate has transcended beyond anything I have ever witnessed.  I acknowledge that Donald Trump can be caustic, abrasive, and even obnoxious, but I also contend that he did many good things for America.  Do not accuse me of being a worshiper of him or any man, but I believe he cares about America.  I cannot say that about Biden, Obama, Hillary, or most of the other Democrats and too many Republicans.

I was saddened recently when in my area one of the public-school boards voted unanimously to remove some books including the Bible from their school and library.  That district elected three conservative members backed by Patriot Mobile.  Some of the books should be questioned but why the Bible?  If that is an expression of conservatism, then I must be something else.

I am unashamedly a Christian and a believer that the Bible is the Word of God.  I am a patriot, a Vietnam Veteran, and a lover of Freedom, and proud to be an American.  I will not be bullied into silence and acceptance of lifestyles and practices that are anathema to my faith and the declared Word of God.  I have the right of choice and I choose to follow the Bible not the government or PC Police’s version of what is acceptable. 

In our modern times, there is a concerted effort to give a platform for the agendas of gender blending, homosexuality, abortion, critical race theory, cancel culture, revision of history, and forced compliance to those agendas.  I resist and encourage everyone who believes in God, the Bible, and Freedom to also refuse to be forced into silence.

I must warn that if we do not silently accept what they are pushing, we will likely be targeted by the new army of armed IRS agents willing to use deadly force.  We will be targeted by various government agencies possibly including the FBI and other arms of law enforcement.  We will likely be placed on the list of undesirables and branded as potential domestic terrorists and racists.  However, Freedom demands that we step up and make our voices heard for too many are ignorant of any view other than the liberal view. But, Freedom is worth fighting for!

I am saddened by how many of our primary, secondary, and higher education graduates are brainwashed by the liberal diatribe that is being fed daily in those institutions.  That is not a new phenomenon but one that has been advancing for decades.  Students today often are incapable of reading at grade level, unable to use deductive reasoning and think critically.  They are misinformed about our history and made to feel that disagreement with the liberal ideology is reflective of a flaw in their character and deemed in need of penance.

I believe that our modern society is rapidly becoming devoid of a moral conscience that is founded upon biblical truth.  We have abandoned the family structure.  Marriage between one man and one woman is becoming a dinosaur.  Hooking up, one-night stands, shacking up, and living together without the bonds of marriage is far more prevalent today than ever.  It has made its way into the church and too many are turning a blind eye to this violation of God’s prescription of marriage and proper sexual relations.

We are gravitating toward a society that does what is right in its own eyes and is completely devoted to self and the pursuit of riches.  We are allowing hate to become acceptable and thereby adopting a Pharisaical view regarding our neighbor.  They believed that they were to love their neighbor as themselves but that their neighbor was someone in their ideological and religious group.  They believed they could hate anyone not a member of their sect. 

I see liberals and conservatives hurling hate toward those who disagree with them.  Many of those engaging in vitriolic hate insist they are followers of Christ.  I am unable to align that attitude with the teachings of Christ.  He never told us to accept wrongdoing and evil, but He did teach us to love others and to love and pray for our enemies.  We are not to participate in their deeds, adopt their ideologies, and cower to their demands, but we are better than hate because of His love in us.  At least we should be.

God directed the prophet, Ezekiel, to sound the alarm as a watchman on the wall when he saw evil or wrong.  God made it such a mandate that if Ezekiel did not warn of danger, sin, and wrong and the person died as a result God would hold him accountable.  On the other hand, if he did sound the alarm and it was ignored, then he had done his moral and spiritual duty. 

Today many are so afraid of being called a derogatory name they sit in silence and watch as the purveyors of lifestyles and beliefs contrary to moral reason and the Bible advance their agendas.  We have allowed politicians to do what they do without holding them accountable.  We have allowed the politicians to tend to politics and so long as it did not directly impact our bottom line we sat in silence.  That is what has produced the condition we are now facing.  

Being responsible is a core principle taught by both the Bible, the Founding Fathers, and many of our parents.  Benjamin Franklin said it succinctly, “A Republic if you can keep it.”  George Washington warned, “Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused by licentiousness.”  Thomas Jefferson sounded the prophetic alarm that we have ignored, “Experience has shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”  We have been warned and have chosen to ignore the danger.

George Washington, the first president, and father of our country said, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent, we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”  Our choice to be non-confrontational and silent in the face of a complete subversion and erosion of our founding principles and moral moorings has made his declaration a clear and present danger.

What do we do?  In my view, our first response should be repentance. Repentance to God for our lack of concern.  Repentance for our silence. Repentance for allowing the most vulnerable of our society to be sacrificed on the altar of convenience and out of fear of the vocal and violent promoters of radical liberal agendas.  Repentance for not praying as we should and maintaining a high moral standard.  God has promised to return to us if we return to Him.  I believe we need to return and that is step one.

Step two is to become involved at every level of the government.  We must pay attention to local politics, state politics, and national politics.  There is a dedicated move to replace our sovereignty with an allegiance to a world governing body.  That was predicted in the Bible and will bring about a time of tribulation beyond what the world has ever known.  There will be no more freedoms at that time. 

Step three is to vote in every election and realize that we will never find a perfect candidate, but we can stand for a principle of right in rejecting the diabolical and destructive plans of those who want to make America a nation without God and freedom.  Study the party platforms and make your choice on which more nearly embraces your beliefs.

God bless you and God bless America!

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