Does that sound like there is an America I am not pro?  I am pro the America founded by the founders in the 1700s.  I am pro the America I grew up in the 50s and 60s.  I am pro the America that could be identified as a Christian nation.  I am pro the America that embraces the constitutional restrictions on governmental power, scope, and size. 

The America that the followers of toxic liberalism, globalism, climate activism, politically correct mandates and embraces multi-genders, and disregard the family, I am not a fan.  I cannot support political parties or candidates that seek to fundamentally transform our Republic from constitutionalism to banana-ism.  I do not support a socialist America nor one that denies our inalienable rights. 

I am a Vietnam veteran and proud to have served.  I am a Christian and unashamedly stand for the precepts and principles taught in the Bible.  I am a patriot and lover of Freedom.  I am a parent and grandparent who is concerned about the future of our nation, not as much for myself as for my progeny.

I sometimes read and hear things being said and done by the politicians and wonder, what is going on in America.  I sometimes wonder what the average citizen could be thinking by remaining silent and not crying from the rooftop in angst and anger at what is being done.  I watch as the behemoth called the federal government systematically strips us of our freedoms and rights, steals our money, and doles out billions seeking to sway votes in their direction, and wonder – “How Long Lord?” 

The America I knew, or thought I knew, growing up, is not the America I see today.  The misinformation, revisionism, and indoctrination that has been used to propagandize our children are bearing fruit.  Albeit not good fruit for Freedom and a Republican System of Government as designed by our founders, but fruit, nonetheless.  The Law of Sowing and Reaping is a never-failing truth in every aspect of life.  We are in a season of harvest and will pay dearly for the seeds sown.

I talk to people, who express disbelief regarding the condition our America is in.  However, some of them continue to vote for candidates because they like the way they talk or look or based on political affiliation or animus toward a candidate.  It has been said that the definition of insanity, is to continue doing what you have always done expecting a different result.  I hear complaints about inflation, loss of liberty, prices of everything, and the embracing of cultural values foreign to the Bible, reason, and strong families, but they continue to vote for candidates who embrace and vote for those policies.  What is Going on?  When did rational reason take its leave and exit stage left?

Those of us who grew up being proud to be an American, standing for the flag and kneeling at the Cross find it difficult to imagine how far we have drifted from our moral moorings.  America, once a beacon of hope and freedom to the world, is becoming a small flickering candle.  America, once the world’s superpower and defender of freedom is no longer trusted and maybe not be capable of defending itself much less anyone else.  What is going on?  How did this happen?  How?  We let the politicians tend to the politics and forget the requirement for oversight and standing for what we believe. 

We have reached a place, and it is not new but expanded under this occupant of the White House, where the intelligence and law enforcement arms of the government have been weaponized.  We have reached a place where it is dangerous to question the actions of the government.  Becoming vocal places, a target on the backs of those willing to stand and say, “This is not right!”  The IRS, NSA, Homeland, FBI, CIA, and DOJ are all participants in the weaponization.  Sadly, those agencies are being run by bureaucrats who are left leaning if not completely entrenched in the dogma and doctrine of toxic liberalism and globalism. 

We are in a place politically, where those in power deem it not only acceptable to use force and threaten their opponents, but expected. At the same time, they diligently protect their cronies, families, and associates who have been exposed glaringly as committing criminal activity.  What has happened in America?  How did we reach this juncture?  How?  We failed to do our due diligence and constitutional mandate.  Some even refused to vote because they did not like a personality.  A non-vote is often a back-door vote for the other side.

If you believe there are multiple genders, ignoring biology and medical science as well as the Bible, what I am going to say will possibly infuriate you.  There are only two genders and God created them ‘male and female.’  A person who follows the homosexual lifestyle was not born that way.  Allowing transgender adherents to display their lifestyle to children is pedophilia and should never be allowed.  Allowing children to have sex-change procedures and encouraging abortions with or without parental consent is an abomination to reason and the Bible.  This is part of the paganization of America.  How did we reach this place?  We did so by attempting to tolerate everything!  Some things cannot be tolerated because of their destructive nature. 

We have allowed the president and Congress to spend billions if not trillions of the taxpayer’s money for entitlements and the purpose of buying votes.  We are sending money to foreign nations, many of which chant “Death to America” trying to appease them rather than using those funds for America’s needs.  We have returned to being energy dependent upon nations that are not our friends due to policies dictated by the New Green Deal and Climate alarmists.  This screams the lack of intelligence and any true research, but it is where we are.

We are allowing nations, such as Iran, to proceed full speed ahead in the development of nuclear weapons, which they will use.  We are allowing religions of every kind except Judaism and Christianity to influence our national policies.  We are careful not to offend those nations who follow inhumane practices and have atrocious human rights records but seeking to silence Christians and churches in America.  What in the name of reason is going on?

We have reached a place where those on the Left, racial and radical activists, and followers of toxic liberalism who riot, maim, kill, steal, and destroy are defended as justified and any misstep by the other side feels the full brunt of federal law.  We have allowed the FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies to trample on our Bill of Rights with impunity.  History is filled with examples of the dangers of that pathway. 

Our First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments are being trampled upon and the expressed desire of the Leftists is to repeal the Second Amendment also.  If you examine the historical data of Germany in the thirties, the USSR in the fifties and a host of other nations you should immediately realize the time for involvement is now. 

Many historians, sociologists, and political scientists believe we are headed toward an abyss that we cannot be saved from.  Many preachers have been sounding that alarm for decades.  If we do not reclaim our government and restore confidence that the elected officials will follow the constitution, we are doomed.  We are nearing a time when houses of worship will be silenced, and social media will allow no dissent.  We are nearing a time when, unless we reverse course, our goods will be confiscated by one means or another and we will all be dependent on the federal government for our survival. 

As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.  I believe that shortages, famines, disease, and jackbooted enforcement will be the norm.  It could quickly become comply or die.  What will we do then?  It will be too late to protest and unite – Now is the Time!  A phrase that we used in Typing Class is apropos – “Now is the time for all good men (women too) to come to the aid of their country.”  Rephrasing that – “Now is the time for all lovers of freedom and patriots to stand up for the reclaiming of our government.” 

God bless you and God bless America!

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