THE QUESTION LOOMS – Do People Really Care?

I realize that the title demands an explanation.  Do people care about what?  Who are the people being spoken of?  What is the context of the discussion?  All those are valid and questions deserving of answers.  Therefore, if you will, please give me a few minutes of your precious time, I will try to articulate my question by relating it to the current situation in America and even the Church.

Many things have come to my attention and not escaped my observations over the past few years that gave rise to my question about caring.  But one of the most recent was when Democratic Representative Jim Clyburn, the Donkey Party’s most senior voice made an alarming confession.  Yet so many of them are being reelected.  That makes me ask, “Do People Really Care?”

The illustrious Representative appeared on MSNBC before the election and this South Carolina Democrat admitted that the Biden administration and congressional Democrats knew that certain actions they were going to take and were taking would drive inflation up.  Wow!  He said, “Well, let me make it very clear.  All of us are concerned about the rising costs, and all of us knew this would be the case when we put in place this recovery program.  Any time you put more money into the economy, prices tend to rise.”  Basically, admitting that their spending plan was going to hurt everyone.  But people still elected so many of them.  “Do People Really Care?”

Are we so partisan that no matter what the elected officials of our party do, we will still vote for them because they are members of our party?  Do we care more about party affiliation than actions?  Do we care more about who is granted the power to run our government, than what they are or will do?  Do we believe that we are winning when we give up our freedoms and dreams to keep them in power?  “Do People Really Care?”

They knew all of them, all of the Democrats in Congress KNEW that their plan was going to cost you and me dearly.  They knew and yet they still did what they did.  It was not necessary.  The economy did not have to be shuttered.  The Oil and Gas Industry did not have to be decimated.  The price of gasoline did not have to go through the roof.  The energy did not have to be driven to the point that some have to choose between food and energy.  The costs of goods and services and thereby the cost of jobs did not have to occur. They knew what they were doing would cripple America’s economy, but they did it anyway.  Therefore, “Do People Really Care?”

I would readily acknowledge that I have strong doubts that Joe Biden has a clue where inflation comes from or how the economy works, based on his four-plus decades of cognizant disconnect with reality.  However, I do believe that members of that party such as Representative Clyburn are smart enough to know and yet they did what they did with full knowledge of the damage it would do.  Therefore, I ask again, “Do People Really Care?”

When Tulsi Gabbard ditched the Democrat Party, I wondered if this was an example of the rats abandoning the sinking ship seeking survival or if was this because she cared.  I cannot honestly say that I have a definitive answer, but I hope it is a sign that some still have a shred of allegiance to the Constitution and the Republic.  Time will tell, but do we have the time to wait for the answer?

She said that she was leaving the Democratic Party because of “cowardly wokeness” that “radicalizes every issue” and divides Americans needlessly.  She may have been referring to things such as former President Barack Hussein Obama’s speech at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit behind closed doors where he sought to radicalize the fact that many Republicans disagree with him.  How dare they?  Disagree with The One!  That is unforgivable to the Donkeys.

He said, “Sometimes it turns out they’re mean, they’re racist, they’re sexist, they’re angry.  Your job is to just beat them because they are not persuadable… Sometimes we get filled up with our own self-righteousness.  We’re so convinced we’re right that we forget what we are right about.”

That is so full of hubris and self-exaltation that it deserves no comment.  But he is right, they are incredibly self-righteous, and they project what they are doing onto their political opponents.  Tragically, too many just do not seem to care, drink the Kool-Aid, regurgitate the talking points, and vote no matter what negative actions their party takes.  It causes me to wonder if People Really Care.

Does the Black Community care that their party of choice the Donkeys exhibit incredibly insensitive racism behind closed doors?  An example in point would be the Los Angeles Democrat, Nury Martinez, and two others were caught on tape comparing a two-year-old Black child with a monkey, saying in a prima facia call for violence against the child, that he needs to be ‘beat down.’ 

An example of ‘cowardly wokeness’ is that the Democratic Party has been in control of the White House and both Houses of Congress for two years and none of them have the gonads to oppose the destruction.  Inflation, under this administration and with the approval of the Democrats in Congress has soared from 1.4% in January 2020 to over 8.5% now.  That is a 40-year high and may go even higher before they are evicted from Washington if they are.  Will they be?  Only if “People Really Care?”

The Border fiasco is bringing chaos to many segments of our Republic and will only grow worse for the next couple of years.  Crime is escalating, especially in the Sanctuary Cities and States and in the Deep Blue Cities run by the Democrats, and will continue into the foreseeable future.  Unless?  Unless people begin to Really Care!

In the midst of all this, the inept person occupying the White House continues to give incoherent drivel revealing that he has no clue where inflation comes from or what to do about it, or any other problem now facing us.  Yet, many of them continue to be elected.  “Do People Really Care?” 

Biden insists that this was all caused by the Republicans, Putin, Climate Change, COVID, or something, but not him or his fellow Donkeys.  He had the audacity to tell the Washington Examiner and the world, “If the Republicans take control, the prices are going to go up.”  Hey, Mr. Biden, where have you been – PRICES ARE UP and GOING HIGHER DAILY!  This is not under Republicans but you and your fellow Donkeys.

That is beyond idiocy!  People who are in the know such as Milton Friedman have declared that Inflation is ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE a monetary phenomenon.  Friedman was the author of the Regan Revolution’s Economic strategy.  The policy helped us claw our way out of the Jimmy Carter era of inflation and stagflation.  A smaller government, not a gargantuan government is the answer, as any reasoned economist knows.  Politicians know it too, but they want the power and control afforded them in the behemoth now existing.  Buying votes through handouts is probably here to stay.  It will stay until “People Really Begin to Care.”

Biden and the Left keep telling us that we can spend our way out of this mess.  I am convinced that a 5th Grader would know better.  Their insane spending keeps driving the CPI up and inflation keeps rising hurting every American who works for a living or worked for a living and pays taxes.  If you have been to the gas station, the grocery store, had any work done or purchased lumber or virtually anything else, you know better!

God help us to begin to care and awaken from our political stupor and as the old cliché goes, “Throw the Bums Out.”  Maybe we are not desperate enough and until a greater degree of desperation occurs, we will likely see the continuation of the lunacy reelecting the perpetrators of the destruction.  I am praying for people to wake up and begin to really care!

God bless you and God bless America!

One comment on “THE QUESTION LOOMS – Do People Really Care?

  1. lfrogers says:

    You did very good on this one!! The answer from me is; I really don’t think we have people anymore, at least not human people. This is truly the zombie structure that has been warned about for years. I just tell my kids and friends to get ready and right with our maker. It is so close 4sure.

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