I guess that depends on whether you want to fundamentally transform our republic and system of government or you want to preserve what we have and make it better.  If it is the former, then the Constitution has no value to you.  If it is the latter, it is a vital and precious document that we must make every effort to preserve it.  Only you can answer that question. 

I saw a quotation that speaks to this issue.  It was from The Invisible Pyramid by Loren Eiseley.  “I, like others of my generation, was born in an age that has already perished. At my death, I will look my last upon a nation that, save for some linguistic continuity, will seem increasingly alien and remote. It will be as though I peered upon my youth through misty centuries. I will not be merely old; I will be a genuine fossil embedded in onrushing man-made time before my actual death.”  If you think about that, it is penetrating.  Have we already allowed our society and age to become fossilized?  I hope not, but fear we are dangerously near that place.

Our Founding Fathers envisioned a system of government forming a Republic that was unlike anything in the annals of human history.  The nearest thing to it was the formation of the nation of Israel, yet quite different.  Israel was a theocracy, and the American experiment was a representative democratic system of government.  It did not place the church at the apex but also did not exclude the influence of the church, religion, or God.  Those who do not value our system of government and our constitution want to exorcise God from America in the public square. 

Without the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we become a totalitarian despotic system of government, an oligarchy of elitists, or dissolve into anarchy.  The constitution provides the restraints to provide a platform whereby we can have self-governance with the oversight of “We the People.”  With it, we have recognized inalienable rights that can be and are catalysts to success personally and nationally.  With it, we have a system of checks and balances that prevent rogue governmental agencies or politicians from the overreaches they have the propensity to seek.

Ronald Reagan wisely said, “Freedom is not passed on to our children in the bloodstream.”  You may be born in America and be a citizen by natural birth, but the freedom that America’s constitution declares is not inherited by birth; it is won and kept by diligence and observance of the directives of the document.  I rarely can accept the idea of coincidences governmentally.  Why do I say that?  I say it because there is a concerted effort to manage us and control us, and they are following a carefully scripted plan.  This has been in the works for well over one hundred years and is coming to fruition in today’s world.

I do not want to appear a conspiracist and see a conspiracy in every action, edit, law, and effort.  However, I am fully convinced that those seeking to transform the world into a global community under one central government have been engaged in actions that have slowly eroded our foundational fabric.  They have sectors of society they have been targeting for a century.  Despotism, under the influence of the forces of darkness, always targets the weak links and most vulnerable to achieve their objective. 

There have been governmental actions that weakened the home and family.  Programs that virtually forced the father out of the home so the mother could receive the sustenance and entitlements from the government desired.  That left many boys and girls who became young men and women without the strength and guidance of father and mother in the home.  That stripped the life example of the family and home from the equation and resulted in largely undisciplined generations.  We are paying the price for that. 

What does that have to do with the Constitution?  It has much to do with it.  The actions taken were beyond the allowable scope of the constitution.  It was an overreach, and had the constitution been followed, the Supreme Court would have struck down the edicts and laws that facilitated the hidden agenda of capturing the children and reshaping our values.  We allowed it to happen.  The church did not see the danger and sound the alarm.  Politicians enjoyed the control and the graft that came with many actions, as well as building solid voting blocs, so it continued.  Today, it is cancer destroying our Republic and rendering the Constitution valueless.

I have been deeply disappointed in George Bush, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and a myriad of other supposedly conservatives and Republicans.  They either endorsed or opposed things that were not good for America or Americans.  They exposed themselves as globalists and elitists politically.  We do not need political elitists in office we need Americans who love this nation and want to preserve our Constitution and system of government, not their version of it.  The Constitution to be of value must be interpreted with the original intent of the founders in mind.  Thomas Jefferson contended for that, and so do I.

I refer to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and say the idea was good in asserting that no one should ever be discriminated against based on race.  However, the more time has passed, race and racial identity have become political weapons to shape elections.  If those using racial issues were truly seeking to bring our society to a place where we all adopted the idea presented in our Declaration of Independence that all are created equal, it would be acceptable.  It is not; it has become propaganda to achieve political gains and control, not a better society.

Basing jobs or entry into educational systems on race is not the design of the constitution or the rulings of the Supreme Court.  We moved from the Plessy v. Ferguson separate but equal doctrine to the Brown v. Board of Education decision.  That means we are not supposed to base entry or opportunity on race.  However, if you examine the admissions of universities such as Harvard, George Washington University, and others, you find it prevalent.  Asian Americans, not based on test scores but in unbalanced favor to others, find their ability to enter difficult.  This won’t be received well, but Harvard’s admission for Black students is double that of Asian American students.  Is that not what we sought to move away from, discrimination or favor based on race? 

If we follow the Constitution and keep the checks and balances in our government, we can slowly reverse the trend and damage done for decades and prevent the globalist from achieving their designs.  Will we?  That is the hope and the need, so I keep praying that enough people will awaken from their slumber and band together to return to constitutionalism and moral sanity in America.

God bless you, and God bless America!


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