Why do I say, ‘Ancient News?’  Well, because the classified document scandal of Joe Biden is the tip of the iceberg of corruption and ineptitude exhibited by this administration.  It is a revelation of how inept his handlers are in keeping him out of the frying pan as they try to keep him from jumping into the fire.  It is only the surface wounds that have been inflicted upon our republic, and little is being done about it. 

Talking about it now qualifies as Ancient News in politics.  Anything political, other than Trump, has a shelf life of a few hours, days, or weeks, not months.  The Left loves to say, “That’s Old News or Ancient History,” when confronted with something they got caught doing wrong.  Politics never deals with yesterday’s news; it daily provides new opportunities to advance the participants’ agenda.  The Media is complicit in putting out fires that could damage the toxic liberal agenda in pursuing fundamentally transforming America.

We were bombarded with images of top-secret documents in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago house, and even Joe Biden called it irresponsible.  Now, we have photos of classified documents in Joe Biden’s Corvette and are told, no worries, the garage was locked.  Seriously?  There were documents found at Biden’s private office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement at the University of Pennsylvania.  Other locations surfaced, revealing that this irresponsible behavior was widespread. 

Some of the Leftists have insisted that Trump or his acolytes planted the documents (all of them) to shame and discredit Uncle Joe.  This administration, as did Obama, claims to be totally transparent and operates at the highest standards of ethical behavior.  Transparent might be the right word if you are talking about making our classified documents available to everyone!  That is not an acceptable situation, but one that has been and will be downplayed when it involves a Donkey.  It will be treasonous if done by an Elephant. 

There were calls for Trump to receive the death penalty for his actions, but it seems they want to pin a medal on Biden for similar activities.  We have been told it is okay because Trump had more documents than Biden.  We are told that it is okay because Biden’s lawyers voluntarily disclosed the existence of the documents after they found them rummaging through the closet at the University of Pennsylvania. 

I find myself asking, “Why were they rummaging through the closet?”   We are told it is okay because Biden didn’t know they were there.  That might or might not be valid with his diminished mental state, but still not a justification.   Biden’s lawyers instructed him not even to ask what was in the documents to maintain his blissful ignorance.  That is not a valid justification.

What strategy is to be used by the Biden team and those seeking to put out the fires of evidence?  They will continue to claim, “He didn’t know.”  If that is the strategy, that should be the death knell in his presidency and guarantee he will not be the nominee in 2024.  That level of ignorance and ineptitude should resoundingly disqualify him more than he is already disqualified.

The documents were removed from a secure location to an unsecured one by someone!  If not Biden, then who?  According to existing laws, removing documents from a secured location to an unsecured one is potentially a crime.  Biden and his team seem to have lost track of the documents, meaning they were not protected, and that is irresponsible at best and criminal at worst.  The documents were stored in a location not secured by the Secret Service, which is potentially a crime.  Hey, if Trump is guilty of a crime, then how can it not be charged that Biden is also?

Let me throw in another quite disturbing caveat.  Joe Biden has revealed that in 2016, his infamous son, Hunter, had access to the Delaware garage, where classified documents were housed.  Suppose you do a little research on the chronology. In that case, you discover that October 2016 was just a few months before Vice President Joe Biden left the White House and allegedly stole classified documents.

What was in the documents?  According to reports, sensitive information regarding Ukraine was in the garage with the Corvette.  But it was locked, so no worries, right?  Sensitive information regarding Ukraine?  As I search my memory banks, I recall some questions about bribery, Hunter’s illegal dealings, and Joe’s kickbacks as the Big Guy connected to Ukraine.  Imagine that?  Joe didn’t know what was in the documents, but to keep them out of the hands of investigators, they magically appeared in his garage and other locations.  Convenient coincidence, right?  That does not sound like irresponsibility; it sounds like devious diabolical subversion.

Reports are that on April 25, 2016, Creative Artists Agency (CAA) agent Craig Gering emailed Hunter Biden with ‘confidential notes from our meeting,’ in which Gering listed apparent plans that were discussed for the vice president upon leaving office.  That included “wealth creation,” but no detailing that plan was included.  However, there was a reference to the Penn Biden Center in Washington, DC., with a possible job opportunity for Hunter.

Here’s a clincher and concern for me; The Biden Institute of Foreign Relations at the University of Pennsylvania, per the email, focuses on foreign policy.  It mentioned that the Penn Biden Center in Washington, D.C., was a possible opportunity for Hunter.  Gering noted that the Center operated much like the Clinton Global Initiative!  Interesting!  The Clinton Foundation and Initiative have proven to be a massive money laundering operation that has made the Clintons wealthy and seems to have been involved in influence peddling.  Quite benign, right?   Hunter’s history of influence peddling makes him someone who should never have access to classified documents.

Let me get to the point of Trump; and declare that if they charge Trump with a crime regarding classified documents, they must also charge Joe Biden.  Trump, according to the rhetoric and spin of the Biden administration and the Democrats, stonewalled the Department of Justice from obtaining classified documents containing national-security material.  It appeared that an obstruction of justice charge was easy and expected.  What do they do now, since Uncle Joe’s dirty hands have been exposed?

With the Biden classified document scandal, can they successfully sell the idea of charging the former president, Donald John Trump, with a crime, politically?  Do they dare take that step in their attempt to prevent Trump from running again?  Do they risk Biden and many other Democrats?  Are they so convinced that Donald Trump will destroy them that they will cast all caution to the wind, ignore the public’s potential view of the hypocrisy, and say, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” 

America, this may be swept under the rug, but it reveals the importance of getting to the truth in American politics and draining the Swamp and dismantling government, and holding politicians accountable.  ONLY if we return to our moral moorings and, in that, return to God.  We can.  The question is, will we? The ball is in our court; what will we do? 

God bless you, and God bless America!

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