I wish I could assert that Common Sense is the norm, but it is growing uncommon, especially in the political world.  We have some of the most highly educated people serving in positions of high office in America who are glaringly devoid of common sense.  That is worse than tragic it is catastrophic.

Someone said, “Common sense is the God-given nutrient needed to recognize insanity when one sees it.”  That is quite a statement but accurate.  The Bible warned us almost from the beginning of the depth and depravity that man would devolve into.  Included in that is the lunacy or lack of sanity that would be exhibited as mankind sought its enshrinement on the throne of the universe.  In America, we have exorcised God and opened the door for the demonic. 

I am old enough to remember when common sense was exercised normally. No one was pushing the agenda of the Global Warming Climate Change Activist and Alarmists.  We knew, both those on the Right and the Left, that the weather was cyclical.  It was never constant, and predicting it was an immense challenge.  We saw extremely cold winters and almost springlike winters.  We saw inferno summers and relatively mild summers.  We saw extreme droughts where the creeks and streams dried up, and we saw times when we wondered if Noah’s Ark might be nearby.  It was cyclical, and everybody understood that.  Common Sense was exercised.  Today, common sense is quite uncommon.

The prognosticators of destruction due to man’s violation of nature have been pronouncing our end for decades.  The only thing their paranoia and fearmongering have done is made some of them incredibly wealthy.  We have been inundated with the superfluous diatribe and manipulation of scientific data to the point that we have lost our federal government, and Climate Change has become a means to achieve an end. 

Our founding fathers appear far wiser than any of our current politicians and used common sense to reach a compromise and workable solution to their differences.  Unfortunately, in today’s political world, the external influence of foreign governments, businesses, and other entities is prevalent.  The current president has had his hand in so many foreign cookie jars that he is incapable of taking a positive pro-American stance against them because they own him.  I say own because the foundation for blackmail is visible to anyone but the willingly blind.

The most recent meeting of the G20 in November produced some disturbing revelations and reaffirmed the absence of common sense.  Point 23 of that meeting is something some think innocuous but is diabolical at its core.  In it, we find, “We acknowledge the importance of shared technical standards and verification methods, under the framework of IHR (2005), to facilitate seamless international travel, interoperability, and recognizing digital solutions and no-digital solutions, including proof of vaccines.”   At the very end of the declaration, you find the key.  A world mandate and tracking of those who have complied with the mandates force people to violate their consciences.

Maybe you are an adamant proponent of forced vaccines for everyone.  I am not.  It should be a personal choice rooted in our inalienable rights. 

The G20 will present these demands to the World Health Organization in May of 2023, and then the world will become subject to another tool that will ultimately lead to a one-world government.  We are rapidly moving to comply or die because you will only be able to buy, sell, travel, or work if you accept the world order mandates.  Those mandates will begin with inoculations and morph into more draconian measures.  It could become comply or die, and I say that will all seriousness.

The Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives offered some Common Sense demands that the Establishment Republicans led by Kevin McCarthy will probably never fully support.  If they do, it will be a win for America.  Let me list some of what they have suggested, and you decide if you think their demands or requests are reasonable and laced with the uncommon novelty of common sense.

  • Enact a “majority of the majority” rule insisting that before any legislation is offered, it must be supported by a majority of the House Republicans. 
  • Restore the independence of the committees by electing chairs based on qualifications and effectiveness.
  • Diversify the Steering Committee so that all House Republicans can have input on committee assignments.
  • Open the legislative process to allow for amendments.  That was abandoned in 2006.
  • Ensure fiscal responsibility by blocking consideration of any other bill until the House passes an appropriations bill by August 1st of each year.
  • End proxy voting.
  • Restore the “motion to vacate the chair” so any member can offer a privileged motion to remove the Speaker.
  • Restore the requirement so that a print is made to show how the legislation would change the existing laws before the bill receives a vote on the floor.
  • Eliminate the ability to automatically suspend the debt ceiling without a standalone vote.
  • Hold Bureaucrats accountable by restoring the “Holman Rule” to allow House members to make targeted spending cuts in spending bills.
  • End secret deals by requiring the bills to be made available to the public five full days before a vote and require a two-thirds vote to suspend that rule.
  • Ban earmarks to prevent taxpayer-dollar spending on lawmakers and lobbyist pet projects.

Those appear to be common sense measures and requests the Freedom Caucus desires to be enacted by the new Republican majority in the House.  Will we see Common Sense prevail?  It is highly unlikely based on the history of the Establishment Swamp Denizens of both parties.  The only hope we have is that McCarthy needs 218 votes to get things done. If at any time, he tells the Freedom Caucus to go where it doesn’t snow, he may have difficulty receiving those votes.  Therefore, hopefully, he and the other Republicans will embrace conservative principles, unlike they have done in the past few years.

We have an out-of-control federal government, a rogue FBI, and a militaristic IRS and DOJ, all serving as henchmen of the Leftist and Globalist.  If we do not restore common sense to Washington and the country, we will watch the insanity continue, becoming a pandemic of destruction like nothing we have ever seen. 

Time to awaken from our slumber and return to giving oversight to the federal government. Most average citizens have and exercise more common sense than the nonsensical members of Congress.

God help us, and may God bless America again!

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