The warning to never underestimate your opponent is germane to every situation in life.  It could be people, principalities, powers, sickness, economic conditions, or anything else.  Whatever your opponent is, if you underestimate the potential that any enemy or obstacle embodies, it can and often does bring about defeat or damage.  If we know our enemy or opponent well enough, we can strategize to offset anything it or they might throw at us.  If we discount their possibilities, we leave ourselves unprepared, and our lack of preparation and planning can be and usually is destructive.

Too many on the Right are discounting any possibility of Joe Biden winning the Democratic nomination in the 2024 Presidential Race, and if he does, they insist he could never win.  That underestimation of the machine and the man could be costly.

I consider the warning of Newt Gingrich and others apropos and worthy of consideration.  Joe Biden has always been off his rocker, so to speak, and his inane and incoherent ramblings are not all that new.  I agree that he is suffering from a mental disorder that appears to be a form of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, but even with that, he is not operating alone.  His handlers are devious, dangerous, and destructive.  They are diabolical and have proven so.  Therefore, underestimating the Democratic Machine could be and likely will be costly. 

The plan of the followers of the toxic liberal globalist agenda seems to be to weaken America.  They are doing that by weakening our foundations, damaging our economy, and infringing upon our inalienable rights, privileges, and liberties; they are making America a prime target for the transformation they desire.  They have been systematic and persistent.  The damage they have caused has been prodigious.

Joe Biden may believe that he is being successful and that people love what he is doing.  That is not the issue.  The issue is how the spinmeisters are able to twist the facts and dupe those who are driven by emotion rather than reality.  If those whom Rush Limbaugh referred to as ‘low information voters’ embrace the spin or believe that anyone on the other side would bring about the apocalypse, he wins.  Add to that equation the obvious inconsistencies and cheating that always takes place; he could win.  We must never underestimate him or them.

Focusing on Biden’s inability to walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time is not what we must be focusing on.  Yes, he speaks incoherently and illogically reads everything on the teleprompter.  Yes, he is suffering from diminished brain capacity.  Yes, he gets angry when questioned and speaks out randomly with incoherent and nonsensical diatribes.  However, it is not what he says that bothers me; it is what he has and is doing that bothers me. 

We dare not forget the Executive Orders he has produced and the insurmountable damage they have done and will do.  We dare not forget the illegalities the Biden family has engaged in and the compromised state he is in dealing with foreign governments who have funneled money into his coffers.  We must not forget his alienation of our friends and his (as did Obama) embracing and facilitating the ability of our enemies.  We dare not forget his anti-American and anti-constitutional positions and actions.  Those bother me; his mumbling and bumbling orally or physically are low-hanging fruit on the tree.  Yet, many seem to focus on Trump’s abrasiveness and Biden’s incoherency rather than the actions and policies of those men.  That is a mistake!

Newt contended, and I agree, that Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower both wanted to be underestimated.  Eisenhower knew the importance of learning as much as possible about the enemy from WWII.  He knew the value of intelligence information. He knew the value of planning and strategy, and Reagan learned that well somewhere along the line.  Both were astute at staying one step ahead of their opponents and offering a visible, better, and more appealing path.  They won!  We can win, but not if we underestimate the opponent. 

Joe Biden has been in politics all his adult life.  If you remember or have researched, you discover that he was elected to the Senate at the age of 29. He was only eligible to be sworn in after the election in 1972.  He has fumbled and bumbled all of his political career and became a force in the Senate, then Vice President, and now President.  He stayed hidden from public view in his basement for virtually all of the 2020 campaign, but he is in the White House.  (I am not discounting the irregularities and cheating, but still, he is in the Oval Office.)  Underestimation would be a colossal mistake, as were the mid-terms by the GOP.

Let me remind you that even former President Barack Hussein Obama has joked about the ineptitude of Joe Biden.  He said, “We all know some folks in our lives…they say crazy stuff…Uncle Joe, you know what happened to him.  They’re part of the family, but you don’t give them serious responsibilities.”  Wow!  How much more serious a responsibility can you give than being President of the United States?  That is unless he is only the president in name and someone else is calling the shots.  Obama once said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”  Wow!  Yet, millions still vote for him.  Underestimation could be catastrophic.

Some call him Crazy Joe, but he is sitting in the White House and capable of doing incredible harm to America.  No, he is damaging America greatly, yet we focus on his mumbling, bumbling, and incoherent speech.  Stop being deceived into believing that is what should be the focus.  The Actions are much more important than the words!  Underestimation would be to suffer self-inflicted wounds. 

I will not list all the incredible damage done via his pen and phone, but the oil and gas industry cannot be overlooked.  On day one, he shuddered our economy and virtually destroyed an industry that affects every aspect of our economy.  When mass shootings occur, he uses them to call for a ban on the so-called assault weapon, even when no such weapon was involved.  The drinkers of the pathetic drivel and diatribe rise up passionately and demand that “but if it saves even one life.”  What about abortion?  What about destroying people’s lives economically and medically that results in the loss of life?  Underestimation is always a mistake. 

As a preacher and a Christian, I tell people never to underestimate the power of the little foxes to spoil the vine.  Never underestimate the power of temptation to wreck a life.  Never underestimate the ability of the devil to deceive and lure one into a place of destruction.  We laugh at Biden’s faux paws in speaking and fail to articulate the damage done in his actions and the actions of his Donkey co-conspirators of destruction.

Our Freedom of Speech, Thought, Right to Protect Ourselves, and make our own life choices are being threatened daily.  There is a concerted effort to restrict our religious freedoms, if not eliminate those freedoms completely.  We can focus on the clownish actions and words of Joe Biden, AOC, Pelosi, and Fetterman and lose sight of the incredible danger and damage done by their actions.  We must not underestimate the opponent.

If we expect to win in 2024 and avoid another shameful election as we just endured, we must strategize, focusing on the real issues, not mumblings.  We must commit ourselves to prayer for the nation and invest our time, energy, and money into defeating the destroyers.  We must become involved in poll watching and keep the heat turned up as high as we can on the elected officials in Washington.  It is up to us to engage the enemy with a real plan of attack and not be fooled into following the wrong path. 


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