I know that is a strange title, but it is a biblical reference found in Philippians 3:2, where the apostle Paul warned, “Beware of the dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.”  He was not speaking of canines but evil spiritual carnivores that destroyed.  He was warning about what we could call extreme partisanship and divisive sects of ideological views.  Jesus said that we were not to throw the holy to the dogs, and He also referred to the false prophets as ravening wolves.  The analogy is clear that this is a reference to those who divide and destroy.

America is in peril in many ways in this modern era.  Our very system of government, a representative democracy or a republican system, is being threatened.  Some have been working to undermine our free market system of capitalism and enterprise and our representative government for decades.  They seek total dominance and total control of everything.  They are impeded in their pursuit so long as we have a free populace and an untarnished constitution. 

If those nefarious seekers of change gain permanent or semi-permanent control of the government through elected officials, bureaucrats, and the courts, we will face vicious dogs of destruction.  They have had control of the educational process for multiple generations, and the fruit of their labor is being harvested today.  There is a threat to America; depending on your ideological position, your view of what that is will differ with each person.

If I were to ask, “Who is the real threat to our Republic?” what would you answer?  Those on the Left would say Donald Trump and any who support him.  They would say those who hold conservative Christian values and are pro-life.  They would say that those who advocate for strong families with a mother and a father in the home are the greatest threat.  If you boil all that down to the basics, you will realize that anyone who engages in rational thought and deductive reasoning is their threat. 

On the other hand, if you are on the Right, you would turn that around and target the Democrats, the politically correct advocates, the pro-choice movement, the proponents of a gender-neutral society, etc.  So, it depends on where you align yourself ideologically, spiritually, politically, morally, or socially.  What you believe on those fronts determines whom you view as the greatest threat to our system of government in America.

This will not surprise any who knows me, but I contend that the Ultimate Greatest Threat is not politicians, activists, or bureaucrats.  What?  That cannot be right; surely, we must acknowledge that those are threats.  They are!  But I contend that the root of the problem is not the politician, the activist, or the bureaucrat but goes much deeper, ultimately to the powers of darkness seeking to destroy everything God created for good. 

However, that will not resonate with some, so I suggest we move more toward the surface of human existence and say that it is the mindset that those forces have engendered through decades of indoctrination, rhetoric, diatribe, and spin.  Then, we must bring it to the visible in our present world.  So, Who or What is the Greatest Threat to our System of Government? 

I suggest that there are many factors but will focus on just a few genuine threats to our system of government and our representative democracy.  Three immediately come to mind, but there are far more than three. 

Our Court System has become a real threat to our Constitutional System of Government in modern America.  The court system was implemented to rule on the constitutionality and legality of actions brought before it.  There has been a concerted effort to subvert that objectivity and transform the courts into a political arm and weapon against political opponents.  That makes the courts a threat to our system of government. 

The absolute lunacy of what has transpired can be verified by going back a few years to the Warren Court that targeted Republicans.  The GOP complained but complied.  The public voted for a Republican seven out of ten times for President, yet the courts continued to be Left-leaning, if not engaging in activism for the Left.  From 1968 to 2008, I watched the courts advance the progressive agenda, fabricate law out of thin air, and ignore stare decisis precedent and basic codified laws to advance the liberal agenda.  That is a genuine threat to our system of government.  Again, the GOP has complained but complied. 

Now that a more conservative Supreme Court is in place, there is the clamor from the Left to Pack the Court, ensuring that their agenda will be rammed through no matter the constitutional restraints. 

Another threat is the Legislature.  I know I said that the real threat was not politicians, and they are an extension of the root threat, but they are tools being used for flagitious purposes.  When politicians adopt the view that the voters are idiots and consider us the unlearned and uninformed, they become a threat to our system of government and ignore the constitutional edict that they govern only by our consent.   

When the legislature pursues agendas anathema to the Bible and rational reason and virtually wages war on the family, the church, God, and inalienable rights bequeathed to every person by God, they are a danger to our system of government.  We have people like Mark Kelly who openly suggested that those who disagree should be eliminated, and Fetterman, who wants to destroy everything connected to the oil and gas industry, has become a threat.  If you destroy the economy, you place people in a position to become dependent and thereby gain control of their lives. 

Another threat is our elections.  No, I am not suggesting we have none, but we should do everything possible to ensure one vote by one legitimate and qualified voter.  Returning to the Senate Race between Dr. Oz and Fetterman, we realize that about half the mail-in ballots had been cast before Fetterman’s incoherent and disastrous debate performance.  Would that have affected those voters?  I am convinced some of them would have had a cause to be concerned and would have withheld their vote from him. 

When the elections are fraught with fraud and lack oversight to ensure their legitimacy, they threaten our system of government.  In our formation as a nation, there was a compromise between large and small states, which produced the electoral college and the method of electing our presidents.  Everybody accepted the rules, and candidates strategized to campaign the hardest in the areas with the most likely votes and maximized their resources. 

Democrats loved the electoral college because they had formed blue strongholds in California, New York, and Illinois and had considerable support in the Rust Belt Midwest with the unions.  When Trump beat Hillary, the Democrats suddenly hated the Electoral College and wanted it to be by popular vote, stripping the smaller states of their representative voice.  Therefore, the Left has resorted to branding or attempting to label every conservative as a neo-fascist or neo-Nazi and cry, “threat to democracy.”  They instill fear in the hearts of the uninformed and become a genuine threat to our system of government.

What do we do?  There is no simple cookie-cutter answer, or one size fits all approach.  The nearest I can come to is 2 Chronicles 7:14, which urges all followers of Christ to commit themselves to prayer and follow the commands of Scripture, making them the rule of their lives, including how they vote.  Vote according to the precepts of God’s Word, and you will vote rightly.

God bless you, and God bless America!

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