We are watching the overt weaponization of some incredibly powerful arms of the federal government. The weaponization is detrimental to our freedom and existence as the Free Constitutional Republic, which had its formal beginning in 1776 or March 4, 1789, when the American Constitution was ratified and implemented by Congress.

We watched known overreaches during the Obama administration, but they had been going on prior to that.  Until the Obama administration, those seeking to fundamentally transform our Republic worked covertly.  That has changed, and now they either have become so emboldened that they have no fear, or they do not care if we know what is happening.  Either way, it indicates they either fear they are running out of time, or they believe they have the foundation needed to implement their agenda.

The atrociousness of the Internal Revenue Service and its weaponization has taken another step toward Gestapoism (not sure that is a word, but clearly an ideology).  The Internal Revenue Service, under this current administration, is seeking to purchase and use Internet Monitoring Technology.  Why?  The reason is almost too obvious even to require addressing.

What that would do is give them the ability to monitor the online activity of every American citizen.  I’m not sure they care about the non-citizens, but they want us under their thumbs, and the more they can monitor our conversations and activities, the more ammunition they have to target and control us.  That is one of the reasons I am reluctant to put my personal activities on Facebook or the Internet.  I do not want everyone to know beforehand, at the time, and often even later, what I am doing or plan to do.  I do not like hanging out welcome signs to the nefarious.  The government has too many means of listening to us now.

The FBI and the DOD have already purchased the technology sought by the Internal Revenue Service.  The technology provides “netflow” data, which can show activity on the wider Internet.  That information is normally only available to the company hosting the server or the ISP.  No longer, it is now in the hands of the governmental agencies who have the power to make life miserable or bring us into subservience. 

The rub is that the Internal Revenue Service has no legally granted authority for domestic surveillance online or offline.  That does not deter them; we have already witnessed the abuse of power under Leftist administrations.  Remember, under Obama and Lois Lerner’s activities.  Those were just a drop in the bucket or the tip of the iceberg.  If the federal government and its weaponized arms can track us at any time and for any reason, we are no longer the Free Constitutional Republic our founders established. 

The corruption of the Biden family is incredibly well-documented, but they continue to appear untouchable.  The corruption of the Clinton family has been well documented, but they seem too big to fail or be above the law.  Numerous other political swamp denizens and members of the Deep State in both political parties enjoy the same hands-off approach by the federal law enforcement community.  That does not speak well of the survivability of the Republic.

If it is justifiable, acceptable, and praiseworthy to indict and prosecute Donald Trump for alleged business document falsification, then it is time to tackle the problem of the growing number of corrupt politicians.  It is time to open the books on the Hunter Biden Laptop and the kickbacks, bribes, and under-the-table payola.  It is time to look into Obama, Holder, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, and every other politician who has or appears to have dirty hands and is illegally being influenced by foreign entities.  Trump’s indictment should make it open season on every politician in Washington or influencers anywhere. 

Citing James O’Keefe’s work is a turnoff for many.  Still, he and Election Watch released reports revealing thousands of disturbing and amazingly generous donations made by flat-broke senior citizens and unemployed people to various Democrat groups.  Where did they get the money?  That demands the question – “Are these real?”  Did these impoverished individuals place the needs of the Democratic Party above their own and plunge themselves into a deeper financial chasm? 

One such incident was O’Keefe’s interview with Cindy Nowe, who allegedly contributed $18,000 to a Democrat PAC called ActBlue.  She seemed baffled at the claim saying she donated “$5 once in a while.”  What?  She gave $18 grand and didn’t even know it?  That is amazing!  Another was Michael Jamieson, unemployed but appeared to donate $32,000 to the Democratic Party.  When questioned, he ranted about Trump and used abusive language toward his interviewers. 

Another senior who did not know about his donations was Garland Riggs, 80, who was listed as donating $230,000 to ActBlue.  He denied it.  He said his wife might have donated to the PAC but would never be more than $1,000.  A Tucson, Arizona resident, Carolyn Lenz, reportedly donated $170,000 over the past seven years and vehemently denied doing so.  How do people who do not know they donated and did not have the means do so?  Something fishy and demands investigation.

White House visitor logs reveal that Hunter Biden’s business partners and assistants visited the White House more than eighty times while Joe was Vice President.  Rosemont Seneca Vice President visited at least seventeen times and met with Biden or his aides. 

One of those, Fran Pearson, with ties to Hunter and Rosemont Seneca, had a financial stake in a company and a Chinese executive run by Pearson.  Their company had links to the highest levels of the Chinese Communist Party.  He claimed that Hunter, Rosemont Seneca Advisors, any affiliate, or associate ever held any equity in Harves.  Yet, emails from Hunter and Eric Schwerin contradict that claim.  Corruption appears evident, so why is there no investigation, indictments, or prosecution?

America, the weaponization of various agencies and arms of the federal government is anathema to freedom.  If it is deemed acceptable, necessary, and legitimate to indict Donald Trump, then why is it not equally so with regard to the suspected and revealed corruption and illegalities of major Democrats and some Deep State Republicans?  Why?  Because the swamp hogs protect each other and are nothing more than shills and tools used by the globalists. 

America has ceased to be the interest of many members of Congress.  Personal greed, wealth, and power hold their allegiance.  Many are card-carrying members of the New World Order and see our Free Constitutional Republic as a hindrance to their agenda.  We are in deep trouble if we do not wake up, take action, and return to our moral moorings, constitutionalism, and God.  The proverbial creek is filled with ‘stuff,’ making navigating without a paddle very unpleasant. 

God help us to wake up and determine that we will not give up the republic without doing everything possible to salvage it.  God bless you, and God bless America!


  1. The “pandemic” response of the public has emboldened the Deep State. The academics have done well creating an American herd of ‘sheep’. It’s all so frightening.

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