I will readily acknowledge there are a number of possible ways to achieve the goal, some I do not endorse, at this time.  I want to take the most peaceful and legal means possible to save and restore the Constitutional Republic called the United States of America.  I want to see it function within the bounds, limits, and guidelines of the American Constitution not the United Nations Charter.  I want America back and lay blame at the feet of both parties in a very large measure.

             I believe that the politicians have ‘stolen’ our Republic from us for their own political purposes and agendas.  I believe that their quest and thirst for power, in the name of helping the people has resulted in the complete shredding of the American Constitution to the point that it is no longer working as it was designed.  The courts have aided in this travesty.  The Executive and Legislative Branches have been major culprits in this assault on our American Constitution and thereby the Republic that our Founding Fathers established and handed down to us. 

             How do we SAVE the republic?  That is a most interesting question and one that requires a significant amount of thought and weighing options to come to a definitive answer.  Another question might be CAN WE SAVE the republic?  That depends on where we turn for our solution to the problem.


             CONGRESS IS NOT THE ANSWER so where do we turn?  I believe that Mark Levin and others have hit on what may well be the ‘only’ hope we have of saving the Republic.  He bases his argument on Article V of the American Constitution and proposes that we seek to get two-thirds of the State Legislatures to call for a Convention to Propose Amendments to the United States Constitution.  The proposed amendments then would have to be ratified by three fourths of the States to become valid.  Clearly we cannot depend on the U.S. Congress, President, or Supreme Court to restore the Constitution so the Individual States are possibly our only hope.  Can we get enough State Legislatures to sign on to this idea?  I do not know as we have failed in previous attempts but today hopefully there are enough people who see the ‘lawlessness’ of this President as a perpetual danger and one that can only lead to a Tyrannical State if not stopped that something might be done.  We can hope!


            PEOPLE NOT POLITICIANS will ultimately be the answer.  It is only as the people within the nation rise up in sufficient numbers either electing or sending fear into the hearts of elected officials to cause them to respond.  That is probably easier accomplished on a State level than a National one.  The State Legislators are frequently more attune to the wishes of the people and more likely to respond to pressure than National Legislators.  There is an infectious disregard for our wishes on the Washington scene so those in Congress seem to be inoculated, isolated, and insolated with regard to our voices and wishes.  That has to change and the only way it will change is by taking the drastic steps to amend the present Constitution and restore power to the States and thereby the people.

            WE DESIRE A REPUBLIC NOT A TYRANNICAL DESPOTIC REGIME and the only way that we can have that is take power from them.  I am not just identifying Democrats in that statement but Republicans and Independents in Washington as well.  They have and are virtually all guilty of destroying our Constitutional Republic and should be held accountable and stripped of their power ASAP.

             IT WILL BE GOD NOT MAN that ultimately determines if we will have a Republic and keep it or if we lose the nation.  Therefore it is my conviction that we should ‘work’ as if everything depended on us and ‘pray’ as if everything (and it does) depends on God.  I have for some time been committed to intercession for the nation.  In doing that I pray for the leaders that God will guide their decisions, touch their hearts, and bring them to the light of right and truth!  I do not pray for the success of agendas that are clearly outside the scope of Scripture or not in the best interest of the American Republic and people.  I cannot do that!  I must speak up, speak out, stand up, and stand firm in hopes of seeing the Republic restored to its Constitutional mode of operation.


            I suggest that you research this avenue and if you believe it is a viable way to go, contact your elected State Representative, Senator, and all other State officials as might be needed in this attempt to save the Republic.  I, like you, want to see our Republic saved and our Constitution honored and followed.  We may not agree on how to accomplish that but hopefully agree on that objective.

             May God bless you and may God bless America!

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