When I look at my nation, my community, my church, and my life I see two options each three-fold.  One is certain defeat and the other filled with obstacles but offers hope for victory.  It would seem that with that said everyone would immediately take the one that offers hope but it seems that is the road less traveled in our nation and much of our world today.  It is not necessarily the easy road and certainly not devoid of potholes, obstacles, and opposition but when you look toward the finish line you see HOPE and not the fictional ‘Hope and Change’ offered by the person currently occupying the Oval Office and carrying the title President of the United States of America.


             As we ‘look back’ many do so LONGINGLY with nostalgia wishing for the ‘good old days’ at least with respect to the political.  Some look back LONGINGLY with a yearning for a return to the days when America was a Constitutional Republic although most of us were not alive when it truly was but those of us who are ‘baby boomers’ can recall when it was much nearer that reality than today’s SUPER CENTRALIZED BIG GOVERNMENT monstrosity where the federal government has its tentacles in every facet of our lives and clamoring for more daily.  It is not a bad thing to ‘remember’ the past but it must always be remembered that it is THE PAST.  We cannot relive it and while we may revive its spirit it is still a bygone era so we dare not become fixated on THE PAST.


            As we ‘look at the present’ many do so LAMENTINGLY and are overcome with grief as to the current state of affairs politically, morally, socially, and even religiously.  Today, in America, we are totally dominated politically by the ‘professional politician’ and powerful ‘special interest groups’ rather than have ‘citizen representation’ and ‘representatives’ in Congress or even the White House.  There is cause to LAMENT and if that spurs us into action to positively change the current conditions then that is a powerful weapon but if it causes us to bury our heads in the sand, throw up our hands and throw in the towel it is incredibly negative and sadly in the 2012 Elections I saw evidence of that in the refusal of many to vote.  If we chain ourselves to the past or become overcome with the apparent hopelessness of the present we will NEVER GAIN THE FUTURE VICTORIOUSLY!


            As we ‘look toward the future’ many do so incredibly LEERY and the skepticism, lack of trust and confidence, and unsurety of where this nation and world is going paralyzes with fear, frustration, and hopelessness.  While it is not a negative thing to be cautious and aware of the dubiousness of the professional political class it is negative if we allow it to PARALYZE us and enfeeble us to the place that we are incapacitated politically, socially, morally, and religiously.  If we allow it to cause us to become ‘wise as serpents’ and ‘harmless as doves’ and prayerfully approach the future with a view of the positive of the past, the failures and mistakes of the present and the Hope of the future it is POSITIVE!

             I, almost daily, have people who truly love this nation and genuinely want limited government, citizen representatives in Washington, a reduction of the debt and deficit nationally, and a return to a Constitutional Republic declare they are so depleted of hope they have given up.  As a minister I have preached for most all my years of Christian service – ‘The devil cannot win unless we quit.’  He will not win the ultimate victory even if we do and the only way he can win in our lives is if we quit!  That is true politically as well in my view.  If we continue to fight the good fight and win the battles where we can there is hope that we can win the war.  However if we throw in the towel, raise the white flag of surrender and become so disillusioned that we lose all hope and draw back from the battle WE HAVE LOST!  I cannot face my children or grandchildren if I do that so I will continue the fight as long as I have breath.


            America we MUST NOT SURRENDER!  Those who want to destroy us from without and from within must be resisted.  Although there is massive voter fraud and elections being stolen with each election cycle WE MUST NOT SURRENDER!  That is why it is important that we volunteer as poll watchers in our precincts, and become involved on the grass roots level.  We still have HOPE so do not look back so longingly, lament so much in the present, and become so leery of the future that you SURRENDER.  Allow the past, the present, and the hope of the future to embolden you and encourage you.  WE CAN if we stand together and refuse to quit!

             God bless you and God bless America!


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