The story goes that as Benjamin Franklin was leaving the Constitutional Convention he was asked by a lady, “What have you given us?”  Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”  The conversation with Mrs. Powell actually occurred so it seems and Mr. Franklin’s statement was more profound than one could have imagined.  We have kept it for over 200 years not 400 like Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee declared that the Constitution had served well for over 400 years.  What is a couple hundred years to a person that declared herself to be a freed slave by Congress as well? 

             We have a Constitutional Republic not a Pure Democracy or we have a Democratic Republic with a Constitution, Laws, a system of checks and balances with three distinctive and separate arms of the federal government.  That is being eroded today to the point that the lines are not just blurred but are being erased by the phone and pen of one Barack H. Obama as he uses his Executive Fiat.  Oh, I readily acknowledge that he may not have issued more than any other president but his have been far more devastating to the Constitutional integrity of our government than previous uses.  The Executive Order was to be limited but it seems that this president believes that because he is president he can do whatever he wishes.  Congress and the Courts seem to believe that as well as they offer little to no real resistance to his actions.  The losers in this – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!  Mr. Franklin what would you say if you saw us today?


            The Democrats have demonstrated a willingness to trash the Constitution to press forward their agenda and a willingness to utilize all agencies of the federal government to torment, harass, intimidate, and punish anyone who opposes their agenda.  That alone should be reason enough to want to see them removed from office via the ballot box in November.  God forbid that we should have another four or eight years of liberal leftwing ideology in the White House and controlling at least one division of Congress.  If we survive the final three years of this administration we must move toward Constitutional integrity or we have ‘not kept the republic’ that the founders gave us and Mr. Franklin’s words become prophetic in a very negative sense.

             The Establishment Republicans are also complicit in this by attacking the various conservative and constitutional groups that are identified with the party under the encouragement of people like Karl Rove, John McCain, and others.  It seems that they are willing to lose national elections so long as they can maintain their positions of power and influence and access to the lobbyist, money, and power.  The Constitution is only a vehicle, to seek to solidify their positions not actually follow it faithfully, defend it loyally, and honor it with integrity.  There are a few that actually respect the Constitution and want to see America return to ‘limited government’, ‘fiscal responsibility’, and a ‘three branch’ system of government.  Precious few, but they exist.


            However, if we are to have any hope to ‘keep the republic’ we have to sometimes swallow bitter pills and cast votes that we would prefer not to cast.  The Democrats must be unseated from power and the Republican Party must be cleaned up or replaced but that will not and cannot happen in this election cycle in 2014 and/or 2016.  The process will take longer and possibly decades, if we have that much time.  I want to keep the republic and therefore am prepared to do whatever I can, in the primaries and runoffs to unseat the RINO’s, liberals, and Big Government bureaucrats that now hold office or seek office.  Once the primaries and runoffs are over and we are faced with voting in a way to defeat the Democrat I will do so because over 90% of those with a (D) after their name in Washington have voted with the administration and held the party line.  That means, if we are to reclaim our government they have to go. Then we must diligently work to establish a viable third party, replace the current Republican Party or reclaim it with Constitutional Conservatives.  None of those will be easy and at times will be quite painful politically but if we are to ‘keep the republic’ we must all do our part to boot the left from the White House, remove their grip on the Senate and keep them from reclaiming the House.

             I know many will not agree with me and will declare that because of ‘principle’ they will not vote for the Republican or Democrat and in many cases that will mean the Democrat goes into or retains the office and pushes us nearer and nearer to ‘losing the republic’I am not asking anyone to compromise their principles only that we all consider the cost of allowing the liberal Democrats to retain power.  

             America needs us to stand up, stand tall, and stand firm.  America needs us to become engaged and active in the political process.  America needs her patriots now as much and possible more than ever!   Stand with America is all I ask!

             God bless you and God bless America!


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