Okay that title alone is probably worth at least 2-3 ‘unfriend’ actions but I believe it to be the truth and I base that on what I see happening in America today.  In the past few months I have been challenged dozens of times by liberal leftist who proudly proclaim that they fully support the policies of Barack Obama, think Benghazi was a minor incident, support the IRS targeting conservative groups, and see no reason for the administration to work with any Republican on anything.  Sounds like the tolerance they preach right?

             This administration has used such vicious rhetoric and vitriol calling conservatives ‘domestic terrorist’ largely because they disagree with him on how to govern and what America should be.  He has lamented that the constitution is too restrictive, does not allow government to DO whatever it desires and feels needed.  He does not believe in American Exceptionalism, has proclaimed that America is a Muslim nation and not a Christian nation, directed NASA to take steps to make Muslim countries feel good about themselves, and more!   He has identified conservatives especially those in the Bible belt and Tea Party participants as people who ‘bitterly cling to their Bibles (God) and Guns’ and labeled them as people to be watched.  Either directly or by inference has called for the boycott of conservative businesses, talk shows, and has demonstrated a pronounced viciousness when anyone disagrees with or blames him for anything and I mean ANYTHING!          


            The left has used every tool available to dig up any ‘dirt’ or the perception of ‘dirt’ on anyone disagreeing with their ideology but cry foul when someone exposes them such as the IRS, Fast and Furious, V.A., and Benghazi cover-ups.  They say as Hillary, “What difference does it make now that Americans are dead.”  Or as others, “That was a long time ago dude.”  Even a liberal media has declared that the ambassador was not ‘murdered murdered’.  No he was just ‘killed killed.”  WHAT?

             I don’t normally pay any attention to Twitter but there has been a rash of liberals who have proclaimed their desire to ‘kill’ or see Republicans and conservatives DIE.  Not just oppose them but KILL THEM.  One would almost think that America has become a third world nation under Islamic extremist or other tyrannical regime that kill, maim, and harass anyone who does not become compliant to their beliefs and mandates.  It seems that the liberal agenda is to ‘transform America’ into a nation that has a 1st Amendment for Liberals but censorship for conservative constitutionalist.  There is a visible and real assault on many of our rights and liberties and ‘blacklisting’ while not necessarily new is more pronounced than ever.


            I find the zealotry of the liberal left amazing and the continual attempt to fan the flames of hatred, divide the nation, and seek to totally obliterate any opposing voice.  Can you see a comparison between the Islamist telling girls they can’t go to school and in America boys being told that if they do not go to a school assembly on global warming or homosexual acceptance they will be given an ‘unexcused absence”?  Is there a comparison between someone determined to have offended the Muslim false prophet Mohammed losing a hand or eye and a person who donates a small amount supporting traditional marriage and losing their job?

             If you identify yourself as a conservative or constitutionalist be prepared to possibly lose your job at any time and realize that the liberal network will so ostracize you that you may never work again especially in any publicly visible job.  The THOUGHT POLICE are working overtime to tell us what we can think or if we can think and if we voice our thoughts heaven forbid! 


            Thank God for the few brave souls on the national stage who are willing to face down the earthly tyrants and declare – YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!  Of course, they immediately become targets of many governmental agencies including the D.O.I.J. and as with Joe the Plumber who openly questioned Mr. Obama on his redistribution of wealth they seek to DESTROY opposing views.  They don’t want to debate the issue, have no room for differing opinions, or exhibit tolerance. They demand tolerance from everyone else but it does not apply to them.

             AMERICA if we don’t wake up, stand up, and speak up we will find ourselves candidates for an early entry into eternity.  We need the patriots to RISE and RESOLVE to STAND at all costs!

             God bless you and God bless America!

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