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I am convinced that this administration encourages if they do not create many of the ‘conspiracy theories’ that swirl around this president. I find it very sad and disheartening that so many of the bad reports, conspiracy theories that are associated with this administration are believable and it troubles me that I have come to expect the worst from this man and his administration. I do not like feeling that way regarding anyone and especially someone who occupies the office of President of the United States.

Blog Post - Conspiracy Theories
Sadly, so many of the ‘conspiracy theories’ have enough plausibility in them that one could actually envision how they could be true and some are. I would put absolutely nothing past this administration or the leftist in Washington, especially those who are married to the Alynsky model of politics where ‘the end justifies the means.’ Those following the Cloward-Piven Strategy and those who are aligned with the Fabian Socialist! THEY ARE DANGEROUS!

So often, as has happened in the past, a ‘Wag the Dog’ type scenario emerges where something is precipitated to divert the attention away from the actual issue and do an end run around the constitution, congress, courts, and constituents. Chris Matthews may get a tingle down his leg when he is with Mr. Obama but I feel something quite differently when hearing him speak, reading his declarations, or watching his actions. It is not a warm fuzzy that I feel but a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach realizing that we have just seen one more nail driven in the coffin of the republic and taken one more step toward the ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.

They (this administration and the leftist) want ‘conspiracy theories’ because they distract and are useful in discrediting the opposition. They use the most ludicrous of them to laugh at and cause people to cease hearing the opponents as they become labeled ‘kooks’. They want the ‘conspiracy theories’ because having them swirl around keeps this administration from having to be accountable as attention is diverted and there is ammunition to hurl at his opponents calling them bigots, racist, haters, and even terrorist. It gives them a venue to hide what is really happening and avoid having to come clean to the American people.

Blog Post - Wag The Dog
Bill Clinton was astute at using ‘Wag the Dog’. Other presidents have been guilty as well and Mr. Obama has pressed this to a level that must make Mr. Clinton green with envy especially in how well they have worked for him and NO ONE is challenging him. The Republicans in Congress and the National Party Leaders give lip service to push back but put no teeth in their criticism. The Democrats are, for the most part, in lock-step with his ideology and refuse to even consider the possibility of unconstitutional activity on the part of the administration. However, many are running away from him as the mid-terms approach but if reelected they will join ranks again quickly and shed their image of being centrist or conservative.

Yes, ‘conspiracy theories’ are a useful tool used by politicians and have been used in various venues for a long time. It is a means to incite anger, stir up the voting base draw sympathy from the public over the perceived abuse and unfairness of the conspiracy. Sadly, millions are sucked into this scam and sham and if it is written in the newspaper, broadcast on television, and proclaimed by the administration it must be the Gospel and they buy it hook-line-and-sinker. THINK, OBSERVE, EXAMINE and find the truth. It is there for you if you are willing to be open minded and actually ‘fact-check’.

Proper vetting of people who want to be elected and those wanting to be appointed to political positions or positions of power and influence is MANDATORY if we are to maintain a Free Republic. America it is up to us!

May God be with you and may God bless America!

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