Blog Post - Republican Pinheads

I saw an article in the ultra-liberal Politico that cited a poll conducted by ‘so-called’ Republicans one group backed by the illustrious Karl Rove that reported women view the Republican Party as ‘intolerant’, ‘lacking in compassion’, and ‘stuck in the past.’ It declared that women are ‘barely receptive’ to Republican policies especially women in the Northeast and Midwest.

Keep in mind this was a poll conducted by Republicans and given to Politico. My immediate question was, “What was their objective?” It did not take long to find the answer. The solution to the problem according to the pollsters and Politico was for the Republican Party to distance themselves from the ‘Social Conservatism’ of the Tea Party. There is your answer! It was another Establishment Republican, which is largely led by Karl Rove, attack on the Tea Party and anything remotely conservative in the Republican Party. It is more of the Big Government segment of the party trying to eliminate the Tea Party and if successful will decimate the Republican Party, splinter it beyond repair, and likely lose any ground that could be gained in the mid-term elections and 2016.

Blog Post - Lessons Learned

It is not a matter of them ‘not learning’ their lesson it is a matter of them pursuing their core ideology which is virtually Democrat Lite and certainly not a Limited Government mentality. Karl Rove has never been a ‘small government’ man and his advice to George W. Bush helped steer Mr. Bush into a big government mode. Granted it was not as bad as that under Barack Obama but it was TERRIBLE.

Blog Post - Against Odds

When Ronald Reagan ran for President he and those backing him had to overcome the Republican Establishment and was able to do so because Mr. Reagan was a candidate that had some charisma, was articulate enough, truly believed in core conservative principles and wanted to limit government. That message resonated with the voting public and when coupled with the total disgust of Jimmy Carter’s liberal bungling administration enabled conservatism to win. It would again but the Establishment Republicans will fight it with all the money, influence, and media they have at their disposal. It will take a ‘grass roots’ effort that is well-coordinated, consistent, and determined to overcome their strangle hold on the party mechanics.

If we who view ourselves as supporters of the constitution, for limited government, anti-needless reckless spending, and conservative, hope to have a candidate that is not another John McCain or Mitt Romney we MUST and I mean MUST become involved. You do not have the luxury of sitting back and waiting for it to happen. You do not have the luxury of being a casual observer or spectator, not if you want to regain control of this country and return it to some semblance of being a Constitutional Republic. No, the days of being spectators are over if we care about freedom, liberty, the constitution, and the Republic. We must become involved at the precinct level and be active and vocal. If we are not willing to get our hands dirty with the day-to-day activities of politics we will concede this nation to the Democrats, Socialist, and RINO’s who all want somewhat the same thing – – BIG GOVERNMENT!

Blog Post - Freedom or Tyranny

My question to everyone is, “How much is Freedom, Liberty, and the Republic worth to you?” Our founding fathers had to answer that question and they choose liberty rather than tyranny. Many if not most of the colonist became involved in the process that became the revolution which produced the United States of America. People from all walks of life became engaged including the clergy. Today we face many of the same issues they faced although we have a Constitution and are supposedly free. The tyranny of the federal government is growing more pronounced and powerful with each passing day. How long do we have? I do not know but I know we cannot sit back hoping things will change without our involvement.

God bless you and God bless America!

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