BARACK OBAMA: The American Problem or Symptom…

Blog Post 1 - Symptoms

I have a number of friends who are adamant in their argument that Mr. Obama is “The Anti-Christ” and I have stopped trying to convince them he is not, but he is not.  He, in my view, is clearly ‘anti’ many things that have to do with biblical Christianity, the America our founders sought to establish and things conservative or constitutional but from my study of the Bible I do not believe he is THE Anti-Christ.  You may disagree that and that is your prerogative.

I have some friends who are persuaded that Mr. Obama is THE American Problem but I contend that he is THE Symptom of the problem and a small cog in a very large wheel. I most assuredly believe that he and his ilk are quite problematic but are only visible evidences of the larger problem in America.  That being said, I am fully persuaded that if we do not address the root cause of the problem and stop trying to treat symptoms we will lose the nation forever that our founders envisioned and labored so tirelessly to establish and perpetuate.  Their resolve to deal with the root cause produced the American Revolution, Independence and a nation that has risen to worldwide greatness.  They understood that the “root cause” had to be dealt with and that the symptoms were only visible evidences of a cancerous condition that would ultimately destroy their lives and rob them of their labors.  We too must come to that conclusion and identify the problem while looking beyond the symptoms.

Blog Post 1 - Checks and Balances

Our founders, even those who were proponents of a strong central government opposed a bloated bureaucratic entity that would engulf the lives of the masses and swallow up the autonomy and authority of State Governments.  Thus they hammered out the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in an effort to insure that we would have a means and method to prevent and combat the monster that we have allowed to exist today.  Although some seemed to realize that potential problem  on the scale we see it today I seriously doubt any of them, in their worst nightmare, believed the American people would allow it to become reality, but we have.

Our founders gave us a bicameral legislature with a Senate and House of Representatives and gave specific and detailed powers to each as a protection for WE THE PEOPLE, the individual States and as a ‘check’ and ‘balance’ against an overreaching Executive Branch or a court that attempted to become legislative in nature.  They gave specific powers and restrictions to the Executive and Judicial branches in an effort to provide sufficient balance in power as to insure the preservation of the Republic thereby insuring our ability to pursue in peace Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Blog Post 1 - Welfare State

They envisioned no situation in which monies from the Public Trust would be taken to establish or provide ‘welfare’ for they all believed and understood that charity had to be voluntary and was the responsibility of family, church and community not government.  Today we have allowed the problem to produce a welfare state that has exceeded 50% of the populace drawing some type of subsistence from the Federal or State Government and that is an unsustainable condition.  We keep trying or calling for REFORM when ABOLITION is the solution.  I fully understand that with more than 50% of the population dependent upon government it would produce a literal war were we to go cold-turkey and ABOLISH the causes of the problem but we must move that direction if we are to survive and reclaim that which we were given.

Blog Post 1 - Size of Federal Government

They envisioned no situation where Big Brother would use the bloated multilayered bureaucracy of various governmental agencies and departments to control the lives of the citizens.  Yet, today we give up a little liberty for what we think is safety and in so doing as Mr. Franklin declared, give up both in the process.  We have a problem today that has its roots in a diabolical plan of an almost ageless ideology that wishes to reduce the masses to servitude of the few who rule.  It goes beyond religious beliefs although those are being used to achieve the objective.  It goes beyond race relations although those are being used to achieve the discord and bring into captivity to an ideology that destroys our unalienable rights as detailed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The ROOT PROBLEM is an ideological one that has inspired a dependence and a willingness to take without risk or labor rather than give, invest and risk all to achieve.  It has been eroding the very core principles, values and beliefs that gave birth to the nation known as the United States of America.  If we are to preserve or reclaim that Republic we must, as citizens follow our forefathers examples and acknowledge the hand of providence in our existence, retain our independence and allow a spirit of personal pride arise within our hearts once again that seeks to carve out our own niche in life rather than be on the dole with no drive or pride.  If we are to reclaim and preserve our LIBERTY and FREEDOM we must take control of our lives and government.  It is my hope and desire that we do this systematically and doggedly through peaceful means and refuse to be deterred or dissuaded.

I am convinced that the presence of ideologues like Barack Obama, most of the leftist and many of those who identify as Republicans are a symptom of the real problem and if we are to become physicians of value we must accept responsibility of ownership of our government and labor in prayer and tirelessly devote ourselves to the Republic.  Can we regain control and restore the Republic?  I honestly do not know but I know we must try.  My heart breaks for the millions that are being plunged into a state of dark despair and hopelessness and thus my mission in life has become:  Presentation of Faith, Perpetuation of Family, Preservation of Freedom and Pursuit of Fidelity seeking a society and nation that has a moral mooring that is unshakable and can once again rise to that position that Divine Providence led us to.

            May God be with you in blessing and may He bless America again!

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