Blog Post 1 - Liberalism

Today many are focused on the end of the eight year reign of Barack Obama as though once his term is over that is the end of the damage but IT IS NOT!  The destruction he has inflicted upon America and our system of government is so far reaching and long lasting he has literally achieved his goal of ‘fundamental transformation’ of America.  The sad reality is that there are still millions who would vote for him again if he were allowed to run for a third term and that speaks to the real condition in our Republic or what used to be a Republic.

Blog Post 1 - Amnesty

EXECUTIVE AMNESTY is one area in which we will be impacted negatively for decades if not permanently.  Tragically, should it be allowed to stand will be the death knell in a Free Constitutional America.  Going beyond the obvious desire of liberalism to solidify their power and voting bases with these ready-made Democrat voters who will be beholding to the leftist and government there is another issue that will likely destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in the future.  I will completely sidestep the issue and cost of Medicare and Medicaid and address a report by Robert Rector, a senior fellow at the Heritage Institute.  In that report Rector stated, and it appears that he is being conservative in his estimates, that it will cost $1.3 TRILLION in lifetime Social Security benefits alone.  His calculations are based on only 3.97 million ILLEGALS applying for and receiving ‘legal status’ under the Deferred Action for Parents of U.S. citizens.  He further estimates that they would receive $7.8 BILLION annually in Earned Income Credit and Refundable Child Tax Credit and that it could escalate to as much as $23.5 BILLION.  Each DAPA eligible family already receives approximately $6,600 in welfare benefits and that will exponentially increase under Obama Amnesty.  Then you factor in Obamacare benefits and numerous other government entitlements and the figures continue to soar.  Simply, we CANNOT AFFORD Obama Amnesty!

Blog Post 1 - EPA

THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY is another agency that is being used to wage war on our rights and liberties as citizens.  There are so many things to cite time and space would not allow an exhaustive list but one new one is they moved forward with what they are calling “WaterSense H2Otel Challenge” in February 2014 designed to identify how much individual water guests of hotels use for showers and encourage hotels to insure that people do not use water excessively.  This is being done as a voluntary program but like all things government voluntary becomes mandatory and ultimately usurps the constitution and our unalienable rights as citizens.  I am opposed to wasting water but would never want the federal government to mandate how much you can use in a shower in a hotel.  In my neighborhood I watched a road construction and city work crew turn on 4″-6″ pipes and pump water through them for days on end while the public was on water restrictions.  Car washes were able to use whatever they desires for business but I could only water my lawn on certain days and certain hours.  The situation of driving farmers out of business in California in the interest of saving a fish still chaps me royally so don’t get me started.

Blog Post 1 - ATF

THE ALCOHOL, TOBACCO AND FIREARMS AGENCY’s actions are so far reaching and overreaching that they have almost become a para-legislative entity operating outside any legitimate oversight and without accountability to anyone but the President.  Their most recent move and subsequent backing off the AR-15 ammunition ban which is not a dead issue is an example of their apparent view of themselves as a virtual S.S. agency of Barack Obama.

THERE ARE LITERALLY HUNDREDS of Agencies, Sub-Agencies, Departments, and Sub-Departments within the federal government trampling on the constitution and our liberties and rights that go unnoticed and live beyond administrations.  They have become autonomous and virtually untouchable shielded from and effective congressional oversight and out of sight of WE THE PEOPLE.  All this is foreign to the Republic that our founders envisioned but a condition the federal bureaucracy has created and we have allowed to become reality.  STOPPING it now is almost impossible without a TOTAL RECONSTRUCTION of the federal government and that is not possible without men and women in Congress, the Courts and the White House who honor the Constitution and have enough fortitude and integrity to do what they were elected or nominated to do – PROTECT AND DEFEND the Constitution of these United States. 

God help us if we do not regain control of this monster now known as the federal government.  May God bless you and may God bless America again!

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