Blog Post - Utopia

Seriously I need to find some to enable me to see the world through a Utopian paradigm as so many seem to, especially those on the far left and the Republican establishment.  I sometimes think I’m back in the 60’s and they have found the stash of psychedelic drugs that were in prevalent use in that era.  Although I did not use them I knew some who did and they would describe the Kaleidoscope world they saw saying, “It’s, cool man.”  Yeah right! 

I saw a poll some time back which declared Mitt Romney as the top choice of Republicans for president followed by Jeb Bush and Chris Christie.  Mitt Romney has since dropped out of consideration and Jeb Bush announced that after discussing with his family the type of leadership needed in America he was launching his pre-campaign campaign.  It is not that I just don’t want another Bush in the White House it is that I don’t want this Bush in the White House.  I do not want another liberal RINO at the top of the ticket and I most assuredly do not want any Republican that the uber-liberal Alan Colmes thinks is great.  If Mr. Colmes thinks Jeb Bush will be the next president and is okay with that the alarm bells begin ringing within my heart and head and I have to ask, “What is it about Jeb Bush that Mr. Colmes likes?”  Well, Mr. Bush is pro-Amnesty, pro-spending, pro-big government, and pro so many things that I am opposed to I pray that none of the top three in the polls are the nominee.  That being said, the Establishment Republicans will get their script from the media and leftist and promote someone unacceptable from a Constitutional or Conservative viewpoint.  Nothing new in that but where are those Utopian Glasses when I need them?

Blog Post - Liberal Utopia

The liberals and many on the Republican side truly believe that if we grow government big enough, spend enough and have enough regulations, entitlement programs, and kowtow enough to our enemies America and our world will become a literal utopia.  Mr. Bush’s father was pro-world government, his brother while strong in national defense and support of the military was weak on many other fronts.  People are not going to beat their swords into plow shears and the weapons of war into pruning hooks UNTIL Jesus returns.  It is not going to happen by growing government, throwing money problems or negotiating some type of superficial settlement.  It is not going to happen by banning firearms or trying to play nice with terrorist and refusing to identify who and what they are.  It is not going to happen by waging shooting wars against anyone who disagrees with us.  Wars may be necessary or unavoidable from time to time but will never produce UTOPIA.

What we need is a true constitutional conservative at the top of the ticket who is capable of articulating what we believe not just what we are opposed to.  We do not need another milquetoast politician who has virtually zero concern for the constitution or the will of the people.  We need someone who embraces the views upon which our nation was founded, respects the rights of the people, defends the constitution and secures the borders. We need someone who will strengthen our national defense, reduce spending, advance a plan to reduce the deficit and shrink the overall size and scope of the federal government taking steps to return us to a Constitutional Republic.  But since that is not likely to happen with the current figures in power within both parties I need someone to hook me up with some Utopian Glasses so I can begin to sing ‘kum ba yah’ and fantasize about the Utopian world we are creating.

Blog Post - Change

In our most recent mid-term elections we sent a clear message to Congress and the White House that we wanted CHANGE but not that which Obama was selling.  We were tired of the Republican wimpishness and wanted a demonstration of political fortitude to take a stand against Obamacare, Amnesty and the abuse of power by the White House.  We wanted and want our borders secured, our national defense strong, our constitution honored and our laws enforced.  We want reduced spending, intervention in the addiction the federal government has to money and power and separation of powers in the federal government.  But, since that does not seem to be a possibility someone give me a lead on where I can purchase a pair of Utopian glasses so I won’t see the dangers looming on the horizon and can bury my head in the sand along with the millions who are oblivious to the impending destruction.

In case you failed to tune in to the sarcasm, some of what I am saying is with ‘tongue in cheek’.  However most of my friends are intelligent thinking patriots who caught it immediately.  We need a Moses, not a Christian Bale Moses but a Bible Moses to step forward and lead us out of bondage.

            God help us is my cry!  God wake us up is my plea!  God restore us is my desire!  God bless you and God bless America!

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