Blog Post A - Experience

I have heard for almost seven years now that we should have elected a president with more experience.  I do not necessarily disagree but I must ask, “Would more experience have changed Barack Obama?”  He is what he is because of his mentoring, training, beliefs, ideology and political faith not because of lack of experience.  In fact I would argue that had he had more executive experience he might have been even more destructive and dangerous not less.  He would have learned more ways to subvert the constitution, by-pass Congress and the courts.  No experience is not his problem political ideology is.

 Blog Post A - Character

That brings me to the 2016 elections and the theory of experience in the candidates.  I am less concerned about executive experience than I am character.  I am not discounting experience for I consider it a valuable tool in helping an individual hone their skills as an executive and leader but if there are bankrupt in character they will NEVER be a good leader.  They may be adept in getting their agenda enacted in to law and swaying public opinion but their heart will not be honoring the constitution and doing what is best for the American people. Character is not learned through experience it will be demonstrated and rise to the surface during experiences.  What we need is not someone with a long resume of executive experience but lacking in moral mooring and character.  It would be wonderful to have a candidate who has both experience and character and a demonstrated resolve to stand firm in their defense of the Constitution of this Republic, the United States of America.

I do believe that former governors have valuable executive experience but do not discount people from private industry or congress.  If the sole qualification is having been a governor of a state large or small then I am unimpressed.  If the sole argument against the candidate is they have not served a full term in congress or never held a political office then I am not dissuaded in possibly supporting them.  As I stated previously, the top requisites for me are:  character, conservativism, constitutionalism and commitment to America and the Constitution.  Without those we will get nothing more than politics as usual albeit the politician may be polished having honed their political skills extensively.

Blog Post A - Accountability

I heard a talk show host declare that Hillary would likely not run due to the email scandal and would decide it is just too much to overcome.  I called the show but could not hold long enough to actually get on the air to counter that hypothesis.  Hillary has observed the lack of being held accountable by the current president for going on seven years.  She came through Benghazi largely unscathed and Whitewater had little impact.  She observed her husband Teflon Bill dodge bullet after bullet politically with no real impact.  She has been schooled in the art of deception watching the IRS scandal being swept under the rug, the Veteran’s Administration issue fading into a distant memory and many other things.  She and the Democrats have invested too much into her for her to even consider stepping aside.  The media has been the Democrat lapdog and the polls (real or fictional) are indicating she would beat any of the Republicans by double digits.  If that is being sold to the American public would you step back?  Only if your character demanded you to do so and since I do not see the evidence of character in her I would expect her to run and probably be the Democrat nominee.

What experience has Hillary or any of the candidates had running a nation such as the United States of America?  She claims to have been co-president but the last time I checked we do not have such an animal in American politics or in the constitution.  So while she was first-lady or first-woman she WAS NOT PRESIDENT.

 Blog Post A - Most Important

I would argue that it would serve us well to move toward making CHARACTER the top qualification not EXPERIENCE.  We do not need an experienced professional politician who will grow government, further subvert our rights and liberties and further transform this Republic in to an Oligarchy or Tyranny.  We need another Washington, Jefferson, Coolidge or Reagan.  We need a man or woman regardless of ethnicity or experience who is articulate, committed to the constitution of this nation and will advance the policies that made this America great.

            God bless you and God bless America!

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