Blog Post 1 - Republic If

The words of Benjamin Franklin keep echoing through my mind as I view the current condition of America and the world.  I will lose some with this statement but I am convinced that without a spiritual awakening in America the Republic is not being lost it is lost.  There are a number of reasons that I believe that and I hope to address some of them and leave it to you to decide.

Blog Post 1 - Iran Terrorism

Just a short time ago Barack Obama gave an hour long speech in which he admitted that he had no illusions that the Islamic regime of Iran would use some of the money freed up by lifting the sanctions to fund its military and terrorist activities.  He acknowledged they had funded activity that killed American service personnel and harmed Americans and would do so again.  That in itself is so unconscionable and utterly outrageous that one would think that any American would be up in arms but there is no outrage.  The outrage even among conservatives is so minuscule that it boggles the mind and screams of the condition of our society.  That any sitting president of these United States would admit something of that nature and then insist that the deal with Iran is in the best interest of America is beyond belief.  Iran has declared their intentions, rejected all possibilities of verifying their activities and gave up nothing while demanding we make concessions on every point.  How is that in the best interest of America, Israel or the world?

Blog Post 1 - Planned Parenthood

            The recent fervor over a lion killed in Africa and the ho hum attitude about the Planned Parenthood revelations is cause for concern about the moral and spiritual condition of the nation.  When the brutal slaughter and the merchandising of body parts of babies is deemed acceptable and the killing of a lion in Africa worthy of intense outrage and a death sentence for the hunter how can I not be concerned about the state of our society?

When Louis Farrakhan can stand publicly and call for people of color to begin stalking and killing those deemed their enemies and no national outrage how can we not be concerned?  He cited the Quran and declared that God’s way was retaliation a message totally foreign to the Bible and Christianity.  He declared that if the federal government will not intervene for the blacks then they must take matters in their own hands.  He called for murder in violation of God’s laws.  He was not railing against black on black crime or the activities of Planned Parenthood who provides more abortions to blacks than any other group proportionally.  When the only lives that matter to people like him are black and/or Islamic lives and promotes vigilante actions and murderous rioting and there is no immediate action from the government or a moral outcry from the citizenry does that not proclaim our dilemma?

Blog Post 1 - Moral Decay

            When the Supreme Court, the president, the media, most Democrats and many Republicans can support forcing churches, businesses and individuals to not only accept same sex marriage and force them to violate their religious convictions what does that say?  When the president of these United States can proudly proclaim that America is not a Christian Nation and that we are the largest Muslim nation in the world what does that say about our spiritual condition?

There are many who are incredibly patriotic Americans that do not believe in God or do not believe that God has any place in political affairs who will possibly take exception to my assertion but look at our society and our government.  Can anyone honestly say that our moral fabric has not been severely strained?  I am unashamedly a Christian and believe that to help facilitate the progress of jihadist who want to destroy this nation and anyone who does not adopt their religion is a sign of our decline spiritually.  I believe that when a society can be unmoved by the revelations of Planned Parenthood it is an evidence of our moral decay.  I believe that when as a people we can be less than outraged by the racist call for murder the assault on our constitution and thumbing the nose at our laws is an evidence that we have become a nation that no longer has its moral moorings.  I believe that when politicians can demonstrate such corruptness and the myriad of scandals surface with not real outrage or push to evict and prosecute those committing such acts it reflects the moral moorings of this day.  I am reminded of the words of George Washington in his inaugural address, “…we ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven, can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained…”

Therefore, it is my belief that unless we have a spiritual awakening in America and return to our moral moorings the Republic is lost.  I am convinced that the goal of those who hate our American System and Republican Democracy and has been majorly advanced by the current administration.  I am equally convinced that if we realize our condition and return to the moral moorings that held us for generations we can see the Republic restored.  There is little time and maybe not enough time without divine intervention.  Regardless of your religious or spiritual views surely America is worth fighting for.  I pray that resonates with your heart and that we join together in the pursuit of keeping the Republic.

            God bless you and God bless America!

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