Blog Post 1 - FED UP

That’s right America it is my assertion that we are just not fed up enough YET!  Oh, I do not question we are irritated, inconvenienced, have legitimate concerns and fears as to the state of nation and liberty here in America, we do!  The move toward either Elitist Oligarchy or Full Tyranny has significantly escalated over the past 7 years and is cause for concern.  We do have cause for alarm, but I do not believe, as a people, we are fed up enough yet.  In the pre-revolution era those who were astute with the pen and passionate for Freedom, Independence and Liberty began a lengthy process of driving public sentiment toward Revolution.  They sought to expose the conditions, build on the concerns of the individual colonist and pull back the veil on what the British Crown was doing and would do.  Those who were capable of recruiting financiers and train the colonist in a uniform method began their work long before 1776 the Revolution began because those who knew were FED UP and they finally reached enough people in the colonies with reality that the a significant portion of the colonist became FED UP to the point that they could stand with Patrick Henry and adopt the mindset, “Give me liberty or give me death.”  I do not believe we are there yet.  We make a lot of noise but rather than joining forces we are often at each other’s throats over minors and people rather than addressing the problem

Blog Post 1 - Live Free

The founding fathers and colonist reached a point they knew that if they remained subservient to the British Crown they would never be able to enjoy the life they knew possible in America.  They had carved out a niche for themselves overcoming incredible odds and facing unimaginable difficulties and demonstrating what was possible if the monarch or government gave them space to purse Life, Liberty and Happiness.  We are unhappy but even among those most vocal I do not always sense a level of disgust and despair that says, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, I’M TOTALLY FED UP!  I hear, I don’t like this and I want you to change and if you don’t I am going to try to keep you for being reelected and verbally demand you stop what you are doing.  Of course, those advancing the tyrannical agenda ignore those voices and sidestep the few elections won or lost and keep the ship of change headed toward the port of their vision.  When we get FED UP enough they will find their unimpeded path is lined with opposition that is beyond complaints but of substance.   Some will accuse me of calling for armed rebellion and that IS NOT what I’m suggesting.  We are a nation of laws, have a constitution, a Congress and the courts what we have not effectively used because we are too busy targeting our individual pet peeves.

Blog Post 1 - Goal

            Do you think that the founding fathers and the colonist agreed on every issue or who should lead the effort?  NO!  They were in severe disagreement up to and through their hammering out the Declaration of Independence.  They were FED UP sufficiently to lay aside their differences and reject the notion that those singular issues individuals considered of paramount importance were more important the objective of Independence, Liberty and Freedom.  We tend to develop such tunnel vision that we focus on our issue(s) and if any candidate or individual does not agree with us on those issues they become our enemy.  We allow what can be only be described as pettiness to prevent us from a unified voice.  I know some will object that their views are not petty but if they become more important than the Objective of the Republic they are.  The Tea Party helped address this to a degree then factions within the movement began to splinter to their candidate or issue and we began to lose our impact and the ability to plant fear in the hearts of politicians because of our uniformity and togetherness.  We will never all agree on everything but we must all agree on the importance of the Republic, freedom and liberty.  Until we become FED UP enough that we can unify as did our forefathers and stand against a common real enemy we will not achieve our objective of restoring the Republic and preserving Freedom and Liberty for ourselves and those generations to come.

Too often we take the futile approach of, “well it’s the best we can get.”  NO!  Enough already!  It is not satisfactory to resign ourselves to ordinariness and the lesser of two evils it is time to get FED UP to the point and widespread enough that across America from Maine to California from Washington State to Florida and everywhere between we are FED UP and motivated to organized resistance at the polls, demonstrate to the courts and Congress that we are willing to lose everything to gain our Freedom.  It will be then and only then that they understand we are not just angry but FED UP and as we STAND UP, SPEAK UP and put our money, time and lives on the line for the cause of the Republic we will become a force like that of 1776.

Blog Post 1 - Liberty or Death

The reason a candidate for the GOP can be brash and even caustic and still be supported is that people are disgusted with the political correctness and ineptness of politicians. The disgust causes anyone who demonstrates a political fearlessness to draw like honey draws flies.  That person becomes like a flame to a moth and even if we do not agree with some or even much of what they are for we seem unable to resist the appeal.  We need fearlessness in politics if we are going to see America salvaged and restores as the Constitutional Republic we were given.  We also need to vet carefully those who step forward volunteering to lead us to the Promised Land.  I am not making an endorsement or leveling a criticism of the political volunteers of the GOP I am saying that we need fearlessness and we need consistency in constitutional principles which I believe will also be conservative in nature.  When we become FED UP enough we will take back our government or if we do not become FED UP enough we will watch it die in the very near future.

How long will it be before America is truly FED UP?  Personally, I do not think it will be or can be long and probably before if not shortly after this next election we will see a new level of FED-UP-NESS among legal American citizens who love America and long for our God given rights and liberties.

God bless you and God bless America!


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