Blog Post 2 - Packaging and Selling

I cannot imagine anyone, at this time, not realizing that the Main Stream Media is a political arm of the Leftist and Democrat Party.  They ignore potentially damaging items by the Left and zoom in on any real or fabricated by anyone on the Right.  They do not seem to care about facts or truth for those only get in the way of the agenda and narrative.

Take the recent hoopla over Dr. Ben Carson and West Point compared to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  The Politico article that has somewhat been walked back but is still out there and the damage is done for the Kool-Aid crowd because it was reported and no matter how much recanting by the reporters it is out there.  A closer examination of the situation is in order.

Politico reported that Dr. Ben Carson lied about being offered a scholarship to West Point, meeting with General Westmoreland and more.  Their initial report was that Dr. Carson, then a high school 17 year old, claimed to have been offered a full scholarship to West Point.  They indicated he had pursued that scholarship but no record could be found of such an offer or application.  TRUTH – Dr. Carson did not apply to West Point.  If I, as a 17 or 18 year old High School student were told that I would be given “room, board and full tuition” I would have concluded that it was a scholarship offer and in fact did.  I have said since High School that I barely missed a scholarship to the Air Force Academy when in fact it would have been appointment not scholarship.  Therefore, I suppose that nothing I say now should be believed because of my mischaracterization of what was at stake or on the table.  Please!

Blog Post 2 - Facts

Politico’s initial story was:  “Dr. Ben Carson did not apply nor was he awarded a full scholars to West Point as he originally claimed in his memoir.  In “Gifted Hands” Dr. Carson wrote that General Westmoreland extended him a “full scholarship” when they met for dinner in 1969.  They continued that West Point has no record of Carson ever applying, let alone being given a scholarship.”  Damage done.  Later Politico edited that story and stated that Carson’s campaign admitted he never applied to West Point.  Damage done.  TRUTH – Dr. Carson has stated from the beginning that he never applied to West Point.  He was told by a West Point Administrator, according to his team, “You’ve got a great record. We can help you navigate the trail to West Point.”  Dr. Carson decided not to follow that path as his dream was to be a surgeon.

How you say things or ask questions is critical in honest presentation of facts.  This story is reminds me of the proverbial, “Are you still beating your wife question with the caveat that you must answer yes or no.”   Either yes or no will damn you and so this account seems to be the same.  The wording that Dr. Carson “admitted” he did not apply rather than “acknowledged” or “affirmed” he did not apply is where the damage is done.  It leaves the perception that he embellished (which means lie in East Texas vernacular) his history.  Obviously, General Westmoreland cannot be asked to confirm or deny this account and even though there has been corroboration that the young Ben Carson did meet the General the perception of dishonesty has been advanced.  Now, some will question everything Dr. Carson says, not based on fact but based on perception.  Hillary Clinton’s Marine Corps story and subsequent clean up is acceptable but Ben Carson’s consistent reiteration of his is not.  No bias there, right???

Blog Post 2 - Hypocrisy

There has been scrutiny of Dr. Carson’s college records and virtually all the Republican candidates are put under the microscope but when it came to Barack Obama it was, “nothing to see here, move on.”  Obama spent millions to insure his records would never go public and one should wonder why?  Many of the stories told by Barack Obama in his memoirs have been debunked but the Media yawned and had no interest.  The same with Hillary Clinton and her proven lies regarding Benghazi.  The Democrats and media demonstrate total disinterest in those stories and anyone trying to lay them at the feet of the president or the former Secretary of State is blasted as racist, sexist or something even worse.  Hillary and Obama have both identified the Republicans who push back on their agenda as “domestic terrorist” and proclaimed them one of the greatest dangers to America.  The media hears the fabrications, the lies, distortions and scandals and simply yawns and moves on or participates in the cover up or attempt to put a positive spin on the event.  With the Republican, as with Dr. Carson, it is put out the unproven charge knowing the damage will be done even after the truth is revealed.

What is my hope?  That the America people are sufficiently becoming aware of the hypocrisy of the Main Stream Media and the Leftist politicians.  If we are then these unfounded accusations will bolster not hinder the advance of the cause of Constitutional Liberty in America!  I am still vetting the candidates and while Dr. Carson is the main figure in this article my purpose is to demonstrate the packaging and selling of hypocrisy by the MSM and Leftist in America.

God help us wake up, stand up, speak up and become involved in the process.  May God bless you and may He bless America again!

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