Blog Post 1 - Lawlessness

We have a condition in America today that will lead from Soft Tyranny to Hard Tyranny and it is being fueled by the lawlessness of this administration.  That’s right, LAWLESSNESS!  When subordinates in this administration can openly and blatantly break federal law with complete confidence that even if indicted would never see one day inside a prison cell they are fueling the anarchy that is sticking its ugly head from the shadows.

Lois Lerner and Hillary Clinton, to name two, have blatantly broken federal law making them deserving of federal prosecution.  They are not only exonerated by the Department of Justice but praised by the media and justified by the president as commendable public servants just doing their job.  What job?  Are they not bound by the constitution and federal law?  It would seem the answer is no!

When the president continually does an end run around Congress, ignores the constitution using his pen and phone in unconstitutional and illegal ways with virtually no push back from Congress, the Courts, the Media and few in the public it breeds a mindset in sectors of the public that ultimately produces anarchy.  When the looters and rioters in Ferguson, Missouri are given a “free pass” to loot and riot with no fear of prosecution that plants seeds of anarchy in other sectors of the nation.  Anarchy is the fruit of those seed and we are seeing it surface time and again.  Isolated situations where people fearlessly bait and attack the police knowing that there is little or no fear or prosecution produces a mindset that can only produce anarchy.

Blog Post 1 - Fear

When the public, at large, is paralyzed with fear of calling the participants of these riots and isolated incidences as terrorist criminals and terrorism, knowing that to do so would receive a swift and harsh response from the Politically Correct Police of today anarchy is being produced.  When followers of Islamic jihad know that this government will not identify what they are doing terrorism and will blame everything but their religious ideology for their actions it invites more attacks.  When the proponents of “Black Lives Matter” as opposed to “All Lives Matter” can call for the death of whites, incite rioting and looting and even declare open season on police knowing there will be no federal prosecution anarchy is budding forth and will soon become the norm in America.

When anarchy is in full bloom with daily rioting in the streets, massive killings, looting and a virtual civil war in America the federal government will be compelled to step in to gain control and maintain order.  The only hope for restoring order would be declared to be national martial law with tanks and troops in the streets of American cities enforcing curfews, confiscating private firearms, controlling travel and communications resulting in a transition from Soft Tyranny to Hard Tyranny and a complete “transformation” of America.  The end result of that would be the end of the American Constitutional Republic.

Blog Post 1 - Alarmist

Am I being alarmist?  I hope so!  However, how do you argue that lawlessness does not breed lawlessness?  How can you not see that if those in government are exempted from obeying the laws that you and I must obey some would not see this as invitation to also be lawless?  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!  When the federal government is not bound by the Constitution or tosses off Constitutional restraints why would any citizen that is desirous of lashing out not feel free to do so?  If you have been conditioned all your life to believe that you are an abused ethnicity or group and national leaders call for you to commit acts of anarchy to advance your cause and call attention to your perceived plight is not anarchy the natural result?

As long as those in Washington, DC refuse to do their constitutionally mandated duty and put an end to the lawlessness there can only be one natural result – ANARCHY!  When anarchy floods the streets of our cities Tyrannical government control will be the next step.  This is another reason that it is mandatory that we reject any and all who would advance and promote the policies of political correctness and the anti-constitutional policies of the past few years.  WE MUST RECLAIM OUR NATION in 2016 or we will have no nation to reclaim.

Blog Post 1 - Thank YouGod bless you and God bless America!

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