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Many of us for a long time have been aware of the systematic “dumbing down” of those in public primary and secondary schools and especially many institutions of higher learning.  There are so many things being distorted and the attempts at moral equivalence has become more than a potential problem it has risen to the epidemic stage.  This administration and the hard core Democrat Establishment types have either lost contact with reality or they have willingly tossed it aside in favor of an agenda to “fundamentally transform” America into something other than a Constitutional Republic.

There are more examples than a short article can introduce but let me identify some things that defy logic, common sense and are such a stretch it is almost inconceivable that anyone would believe it much less teach it.  There is a consistent and concerted effort to decry everything about America and its beginnings.  One of the most recent is the unified cry of the Democrats, some Republicans and some religious leaders to compare and equate the Syrian refugees to the Pilgrims.  In my view, that is so outlandish it is difficult to believe any rational thinking person would not reject this self-righteous manipulation of truth and history.

Blog Post - Pilgrims

The Pilgrims left their native lands seeking “religious freedom” and to avoid “persecution”.  These people left the known to go to a land they knew almost nothing about and with total uncertainty as to what would await them.  They were not promised protection, sustenance and shelter they risked everything out of a desire to achieve religious freedom.  The Syrian refugees are being rounded up, selected and flown into this nation with guarantees from our government of housing, foods, protection, sustenance and more.  What exactly are they risking?  How can you compare the Syrian refuges or militants posing as refugees to the Pilgrims?  You cannot unless you ignore reality, truth and facts.  It is the attempt of moral equivalency, manipulation and attempting to shame Americans into believing that to resist this influx is somehow Un-Christian, inhumane and Un-American.

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There is such a attempt to “justify” Islamist and Islam that some have taken steps to completely hamstring police and federal agencies to keep us safe from terrorism.  In the “Countering Violent Extremism Training” issued by the federal government.  That document places such restrictions on law enforcement while allowing freedom of movement and operation by potential terrorist it is frightening.  Basically, the police may suspect a terrorist plot but find it increasingly difficult to examine or monitor social media.  This administration has made using what the people are posting themselves on social media largely off limits citing privacy and civil liberties.  I am a strong proponent of our right to privacy and the liberties and rights afforded by the Constitution but if someone is posting their allegiance to Islamic terrorism or any terrorism as well as posts that encourage violence they should be fair game.  San Bernardino is a prime example of why this is a bad policy but one that is consistent with this administration’s defense of Islam and Islamist.  I am including a link to “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Training” – Do’s and Don’ts issued by the Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center

History is a valuable tool for predicting the future and should be a schoolmaster teaching us pitfalls to avoid.  However, when history is not conducive to the ideology of the ruling powers it is modified, distorted and/or revised to fit the narrative.  We are in a war we did not initiate with Islamic Jihadist, they did.  They have openly declared war on America and most of the Free World.  We either take the stance that we are going to address our National Security, adopt policies to combat terrorism regardless of where it originates, secure our borders, allow the Free Market to bolster our economy and return to the Rule of Law, the Constitution and once again operate as a Republic or we lose America.  It is not just a choice of Republican or Democrat it is a choice of America, Right and Freedom.

            God bless you and God bless America!


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